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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Within The Labyrinth

Yet the sudden wilderness of the sensation haunts me. Breaking my frame that I have kept composed. I was awaken by the past that I never forgave myself for. Feeling the chills and wind blew through my face. At a moment there I thought I was just a mere idea. Nothing concrete, nothing tangible. But I was as real as it gets. No more tears came through me any more. Am I use to the razors within this labyrinth? Or I just simply bleed too much till I feel nothing any more. I have been walking in the same way, missing the cracks and pavement. Memories are fresh fleshing in front of me. I panic and held myself to the cold floor.

Within this labyrinth, I wasn't afraid. There isn't any fear. I some how was just too tired to stand up. Am I just looking for what is buried deep down the labyrinth? I knew the pain was inevitable but yet the will to find what is there for me. The lights around me seems unreal. I felt only safe when I close my eyes. Feeling the heart beat, and warm blood flows. I still feel very much alive. The rage builds up and wanting to run and run. But I was too tired to get up. Letting me lying on the slippery cold floor. Let it come, let it be. But I know it will never take me. I will still be abandoned here. Unwanted~ It will never take me which I will never know why. And being abandon isn't a new thing to me.

Lifelessly wish I would open my eyes and see a different world. But I do not want to. I found a sense of peace lying deep down here. Where no one will find me, no one will see me, nor no one will feel me. The moment I knew all were just right at times which is wrong. There will be no one to feel, and the air was thick. Lying down here feeling every drop of me flowing out of me. I wish it would come find me here. But I know it will never come. And I just do not wanna go on looking for it any more. I just wanted to wonder around and within this labyrinth. Some how I found the peace where no one is able to see me. I just don't wanna open my eyes. Fearing it was just a dream.


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