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Friday, May 31, 2013

Feels Like The End

For some reasons, I guess it is just time for me to face the world that things will never go the way as we planned. I know it has been some time now since I wanna stand here and feel the way I am right now. Closing a door from the unknown is just a small part of being alive. I suppose so.

Many things has gone from okay to disaster. And it doesn't just affect one person but many that had been in this way. The moment you told me that it hurts and felt the tears running down your face. All I really wished I could do is to hold you in silence. I know nothing could make things better at this point. It feels like the end. For a moment there, it felt like nothing in the world could make anything right. But it always will be just alright. Maybe it is just that faith I have been holding on for a long time. Something that is worth for me to hold on.

Then a perfect harmony of imperfect voices. I just wanna be lost in the mist of the melody. For some reasons, it always makes me feel better. I have been sitting and starring in front of my empty manuscript but no notes came out. Writers block? I really don't think so. Maybe just I didn't feel anything for me to put it out. I wanted to, but nothing was there.

It has been a crazy week for me in the whole. Since I lost my iPad, I felt like I am sorta a cripple in a way. Adaptation to what I have now seems easy, but it is just a way to go on. Can't sit there and mourn over it right? Just like how life is I suppose. Just making lemonades from the lemons.

For now, maybe recovery is a long winding road. But just gonna live now till I could get hold to that Ricky who is just somehow missing. Well, at least I have a few scripts to accompany me for see what projects I am taking on in 2014/2015 season. So, I guess it is just one step at a time.

I wouldn't lie that it doesn't hurt cause it really does. Just somehow a way of coping I suppose. 

UK's first 787 Dreamliner Delivered To Thomson Airways

Ladies and gentleman. The wait is over. The Thomson 787 Dreamliner touched down on British soil for the very first time at 11am, having flown from the Boeing Everett Factory in Seattle. It will be followed with the delivery of a further three Thomson 787 aircraft this summer.

The Dreamliner is set to revolutionise air travel and leave holidaymakers more relaxed and refreshed than ever before, with comfort and wellbeing features on-board reducing the effects of jet-lag. It can also fly much further distances than similar-sized aircraft and is more environmentally friendly, using 20% less fuel.

Thomson Airways will fly the state-of-the-art aircraft from London Gatwick, Manchester, East Midlands and Glasgow airports, on long haul routes to Sanford, Florida and Cancun in Mexico, starting from 8 July 2013.

To coincide with the launch of this superb aircraft, we’ve created a visual history of flight, all the way from the myth of Icarus, the original passenger plane, the aircraft that was used for Queen Elizabeth’s first flight, through to Concorde, and now the 787.

Malindo To Receive 5 Dreamliner From PT Lion

Malaysia's first hybrid airline, Malindo Air, will receive five Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from its parent, Indonesia's PT Lion Group, in 2015.

Malindo chief executive officer Chandran Ramamuthy said the airline will deploy the aircraft on six-hour routes, such as to the Middle East, North India, North Asia and Australia, from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

He also said the airline is considering flying the B787 Dreamliner to North China from Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

"We requested for five B787 aircraft. Initially, we may get three while the other two will be given to Batik Air," he said after the launch of its ticketing office at Skypark Subang Terminal yesterday.

Malindo has planned to expand its network in three phases that include domestic routes, five-hour radius routes and medium-haul routes, which have a radius range of about eight to nine hours.

Chandran said under the first phase, the airline will will fly all of its Peninsular Malaysia routes from the Subang airport.

He added that Malindo will step into the second phase in the second half of the year.

"We need to have the domestic footprint first. Our aircraft is focusing between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia, whereas our ATR (turboprop operation) will focus on the shorter routes, which are the one-hour flights from Subang to Penang, Kota Baru, Johor Baru, Alor Star and Langkawi," he said.

On its current performance, Chandran said the demand is going strong and it has carried about 125,000 passengers since May 22.

Malindo's jet operations achieved a 70 per cent load factor in its first month of operations.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boeing-Airbus Split $17 Billion Singapore Wide-Body Jet Purchase

Singapore Airlines (SIA) said on Thursday it will buy 30 Airbus and 30 Boeing aircraft in an order worth more than $17 billion dollars.

"Singapore Airlines has agreed to order 30 more Airbus A350-900s and 30 Boeing 787-10Xs in deals valued at more than US$17 billion," the airline said in a statement.

For Airbus, the deal includes an option to purchase 20 more planes in addition to the 30 firm orders. The options can be converted to firm orders for bigger A350-1000s, it said.

The agreement with Boeing comprises 30 firm orders and is conditional upon the US aircraft maker formally launching the B787-10X programme, the airline added.

"Today's aircraft orders are among the biggest in Singapore Airlines' history, helping to ensure that we retain our industry leading position," said chief executive Goh Choon Phong.

"They demonstrate our commitment to the Singapore hub and our confidence in the future for premium full-service travel."

He said the new planes "will provide opportunities to grow and renew our fleet and enhance our network, benefiting customers by offering more travel options and the latest in-flight cabin products".

SIA is battling strong competition in the premium segment from Middle Eastern carriers and on the economy side from budget airlines, which have grown in number in the region.

The Airbus firm orders will be delivered from the 2016/2017 financial year and the Boeing planes from the 2018/2019 fiscal year, it said.

Rolls-Royce's Trent XWB is the sole engine type for the A350-900, while an engine selection for the B787-10Xs will be made later, the airline said.

SIA said it will use the Airbus planes for its medium and long-range routes and the Boeings for medium-range services.

Price Tag

The A350-900 has a list price of $287.7 million. Boeing hasn’t yet published list prices for the 787-10X, which would cost more than the smaller existing versions of the Dreamliner. The 787-8 retails for $206.8 million, and the 787-9 for $243.6 million, according to Boeing’s website. Airlines typically get discounts, particularly as launch customers.

“Boeing welcomes Singapore Airlines’ interest in the 787-10X, and we look forward to continuing discussions to satisfy their fleet requirements,” the company said by e-mail.

Boeing has designed the aircraft to replace its 777-200 and compete with the Airbus A350, which is due for its first flight within week.

“The 10X does about 90 percent of all of the missions flown today by a 777-200ER and it does it significantly better,” Ray Conner, chief of Boeing’s commercial airplanes unit, told investors last week. It will beat the per-seat operating cost of the current Airbus model, the A330-300, by 25 percent, he said.

Largest Variant

Adding the 787-10X, a so called double stretch on the initial 787-8 in service now and the -9 due next year, may force Boeing to add Dreamliner production capacity, Conner said last week. The -10X would seat about 43 more than the 250 to 290 passenger -9, Boeing has said.

The deal with Airbus, with deliveries from the 2016-17 financial year, is the third time the carrier has bought A350-900s and brings the total commitment to 70 jets. The company has not previously ordered the larger -1000 variant.

Airbus has booked 616 firm orders from 34 customers for its A350 family through April, including 110 firm commitments for the largest model, the -1000, with a deal from British Airways parentIAG SA (IAG) to take 18 not yet in the backlog.

The commitment continues a turnaround for the largest Airbus twin-engine wide-body that saw orders shrink to 62 last year after Etihad Airways PJSC canceled six. Since then, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and Qatar Airways also have signed for the plane, along with Steven Udvar-Hazy’sAir Lease Corp. (AL)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Malaysia Airlines Increases Frequency To Mumbai

Malaysia Airlines is increasing its frequency from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai to 12 times a week from June 3. Following greater demand from the market, one additional service will be added, the airline said.

From June, flights from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai will depart every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday is the new day in the schedule.

The flights will depart Kuala Lumpur at 9.20 am and arrive in Mumbai at 11.45 am. On the return leg, the flights will depart from Mumbai at 12:40 pm the same day and arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 8.20 pm.

Hugh Dunleavy, Malaysia Airlines, Director of Commercial, said, “South Asia, especially India, is a key market for Malaysia Airlines. We are deploying the B-738 aircraft on this route.”

The airline flies 93 times a week to cities across South Asia such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Dhaka, Colombo, Male, and Kathmandu.

Last Minute Deals on Malaysia Airlines Nationwide Sales Campaign

In conjunction with the upcoming Gawai and Kaammatan harvest festivals, Malaysia Airlines will be extending its domestic promotion on the Nationwide Sales Campaign that started from 6 May 2013 – 24 May 2013, to now until 10 June 2013.

Malaysia Airlines Regional Senior Vice President Malaysia, Muzammil Mohamad said, “We are delighted to offer our customers last minute deals in conjunction with these festivities”.

“With flexible travelling dates from 27 May 2013 to 31 March 2014, we encourage customers to take advantage of these offers and plan ahead for their holidays and balik kampung trips”.

“This is also a good opportunity for customers to grab these value deals and at the same time enjoy convenience and comfort travel on Malaysia Airlines,” he said.

Customers can travel on Business or Economy Class from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar, Penang, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Johor Bharu and Langkawi from as low as RM599 and RM150 all-in return respectively.

Economy Class travels from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching starts from RM160 all-in return and Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, Miri and Sibu start from RM200 all-in return.

Customers can also book their flights from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau from RM280 all-inclusive return, whilst Kuala Lumpur to Labuan, Sandakan, and Bintulu start from RM300 all-inclusive return, both on Economy Class.

Business class fares from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Sibu, Tawau, Labuan, Sandakan, and Bintulu start from RM1099 all-inclusive return.

Other routes include Kuching to Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Kota Kinabalu to Tawau, Labuan and Sandakan which start from RM599 all-in return on Business Class and RM200 all-in return Economy Class.

Besides the special offer, guests travelling on Malaysia Airlines will also experience enhanced services.

The airline is allowing cabin baggage in Business and Economy Class of up to a maximum of 7kg instead of 5kg.

Guests on Business Class are permitted to carry two pieces of cabin baggage of a 7kg each maximum weight, whilst Economy Class passengers will be allowed to carry only one cabin bag. Measurements of each baggage should not exceed 56cm height, 36 cm in length and 23cm width.

Customers can avail these fares at, or visit the nearest Malaysia Airlines’ appointed agents, ticket office or call Malaysia Airlines’ call centre at 1-800-88-3000.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

China Southern Airlines To Be First Airline Operating Boeing 787 & Airbus A380

China Southern Airlines company officially announced on the 27th, China's first Boeing 787 Dreamliner program at local time on May 31 officially delivered to China Southern Airlines, June 2 , printing of 'Wings of Dreams' painting Southern 787 Dreamliner will fly to Guangzhou.

In April, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), respectively, approved the B787 Dreamliner battery improvement program .5 23, 787 issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China was formally approved type certificate, This marks the B787 aircraft already have entered the Chinese civil aviation market qualifications(

It is reported that Boeing [microblogging] China Southern Airlines has installed the first aircraft B787 aircraft improved battery, and through the corresponding test. Southern Technical Expert Group is being conducted in Seattle intense inspection.

According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority, the introduction of new models, the need for validation flight China Southern Airlines B787 aircraft after delivery, which began verification test, the verification test time at least 25 hours to complete all the pre-run verification, you can get Run qualifications, officially put into commercial operation the first Boeing 787 aircraft will be in China for some time, put into operation in international routes.

It is reported that China Southern Airlines B787 aircraft will use the classic three-cabin layout with four first class, 24 business class and 200 economy class, a total of 228 seats.

Malaysia Airlines Enhances Brand In Indonesia Via Music

The national airline had lined-up 12 top Indonesian artistes for 12 concerts named "MH Moments Acoustic On Board" in Jakarta and Bandung from May 31 in a bid to win the hearts of Indonesians in the 20 to 50 years age group.

Afghan , Andre Hehanusa, Ari Lasso, Rossa, Raisa, Pasto, Sandhy Sondoro, Marcell, Tompi, Duo Maia, Once and Rio Febrian would meet fans once a week.

"MH Moments is Malaysia Airlines way of building stronger ties with our guests and friends from Indonesia.

"Our friends and followers on Malaysia Airlines facebook and twitter will get more details on the concert," said Malaysia Airlines area manager Roslan Ismail.

Roslan told a press conference in South Jakarta today, Afghan will kick-off the concert at Vin+ Arcadia, Central Jakarta on May 31.

He said acoustic performances will take place weekly in selected venues in Jakarta until Sept 27 with Bandung as the last location.

Malaysia Airlines flies 49 times weekly from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur and provides the best facilities for flight connections to Europe, Asia, Australia and Northeast United States.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kingdom Tower - Tallest Building In The World Under Construction

Dubai can accommodate a tower taller than Burj Khalifa, said Mohammed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties.

Dubai is already home to the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa, which attracts millions of visitor every year.

Speaking at a conference in Dubai on Wednesday, Alabbar said to build a tower which will be taller than Burj Khalifa and the Kingdom Tower which is under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He said: "Technology has really improved the value of tall buildings which are really important commercially. We have learned how to make money out of tall buildings."

The Burj Khalifa, nestled in the world's largest mall, Dubai Mall, has become a major tourist attraction, and reaffirmed Dubai's name on the global tall towers map when it was unveiled in 2010.

Dubai is also home to the tallest residential skyscraper cluster in the world. Not only does Dubai boast of the tallest building in the world, the imposing Burj Khalifa, but also the tallest residential tower (Princess Tower), the tallest hotel in the world (JW Marriott Marquis Dubai), among many more.

According to Emporis, a global provider of building information, Dubai has 909 high-rise buildings , including 448 skyscrapers (comprising 40 floors or more).

According to, Dubai has 387 towers that are more than 99 metres in height, of which 84 are more than 202 metres tall and 26 are 301 metres or more in height.

Speaking at the Africa Global Business Forum 2013 being held in Dubai, Alabbar said Emaar will continue to launch new projects and properties on a regular basis.

Outlining Emaar’s vision, Alabbar said the property company intends to “keep launching projects every week,” and that the developer is doing all it can to control flipping of properties in the market. Flipping, or resale of off-plan properties at a higher rate to make quick gains, has been blamed for the property price crash of 2008-09.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blue Devils All Star Drum Line to Compete in Malaysia This July

This July 4-7, the Blue Devils All Star Drum Line will be competing and presenting special performances at the Malaysia World Band Competition in Kuala Lumpur. Having taken a group of 30 members and teachers to Malaysia in December, 2011, the Blue Devils are excited to once again be a part of the Malaysia World Band Championships.
The Blue Devils All Star Drum Line is comprised of recently graduated members of the World Champion Blue Devils A corps drum line and select members from the famed RCC Indoor Drum Line and will enter into competition with drum lines from across Asia and Oceana, including groups from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Having just returned from a successful series of clinics and performances in Lithuania this past May, the Blue Devil All Stars will also give a special performance at the closing ceremonies for the Malaysia World Band Championships on June 7 at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.
"Mr. Datuk Zulkifli Ishak and his team at ZI Communications Sdn Bhd operate a magnificent event and we are very proud to be invited back to participate" says Blue Devil Performing Arts Executive Director David Gibbs. "In 2011 we did a series of performances and System Blue Clinics in Kuala Lumpur for the MBWC and had an outstanding experience. We are thrilled to head back to for the championships."
To learn more about the Malaysia World Band Championships, visit

AirAsia Still Wants Jets After Record Orders

Discussion of an order for another 50 A320-family jets, worth US$5 billion at list prices, comes weeks ahead of the Paris air show and five months after the Malaysian carrier added 100 jets to its order book to lift total purchases to 475 planes.

AirAsia plans to launch an airline in India in partnership with the Tata Group to cash in on rising demand for domestic air travel among India's expanding middle class. It would start with planes already on order but potentially trigger new orders.

"We're looking at putting in almost a plane every month. We decided that sometimes when we pussyfoot around it takes too long to catch up so we decided just to go for it," Fernandes told Reuters in an interview.

"We've bought a lot of planes but we're still short, we're still leasing planes at the moment, so I was right buying these planes, and we may have to put in another order...(for) 50 or something like that," Fernandes said.

Fernandes said the affiliate, AirAsia India, was recruiting to be ready to launch in the fourth quarter, subject to final clearances. He denied a report the launch had been delayed from September, saying he had always planned the final quarter.

Fernandes was speaking ahead of Sunday's Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, where his Caterham racing team is trailing behind a field that includes cars of Indian drinks tycoon Vijay Mallya - whose Kingfisher Airlines has been grounded by cash shortages.

"I think we run a better airline and he's run a better Formula One team," Fernandes said, asked how his airline would make money in a market known for losses and bureaucracy.

"My point is, we're two very different models. Two very different leaders and you can't compare one with the other."

Fernandes said the sector's boom and bust cycle, which prompted India to open up the sector to foreign airline investors, had given way to a healthier business climate.

"I said that I will come into India when all these guys have paved the way and made their mistakes."

Although Fernandes still wants to buy planes, analysts say AirAsia is mostly shifting from a period of rapid expansion into new markets and placing huge orders, to taking delivery of those planes and focusing on making its routes profitable.

While Fernandes calls business in Indonesia, home of rival Lion Air, "very good," a Japanese venture has disappointed.

AirAsia posted a 39.23% fall in first-quarter profits on Wednesday, hurt partly by loss-making AirAsia Japan.

Fernandes said AirAsia hoped to resolve differences with its partner All Nippon Airways in the next few weeks but did not exclude a break-up of the venture, which allows each partner to pull out with its investment protected by the other.

"The model will work. But I'm not sure our partnership and the way we will run it would necessarily work. We've got to be aligned on that and we're hoping to be aligned. I'm moderately optimistic that we can make it work," he said.

"If we agree in a couple of weeks time then we just go do it. All our other affiliates have made money, Japan should be no different." AirAsia Japan started operations last year.

Asked what would happen if the two sides failed to reach an agreement, he said, "Then we'll have to part ways, I think"

Sri Lankan Air To Buy 10 Airbus Aircraft

Sri Lankan Airlines has signed a provisional deal with Airbus to buy 6 A330-300 and 4 A350-900 aircraft for delivery between 2014 and 2023.
The airline, seeking to modernize its fleet to cut fuel costs, will opt for Rolls-Royce engines and use a lease-back arrangement to conserve cash, chief executive Kapila Chandrasena said in an interview.

"The total cost altogether is going to be around USD$1.3 billion. But deliveries are progressively from 2014 to 2023 on a staggered basis," he said. The carrier signed a memorandum of understanding on the purchase with Airbus last Friday, he said.
Sri Lankan Airlines now operates a 22-aircraft fleet including seven A320-200s, seven A330-300s, six A340-300s and two Twin Otters.
Chandrasena said the national carrier needs to replace all six A340-300s with A330-300 aircraft and all seven A330-300s with A350-900s.
Chandrasena said the airlines considered offers by both Airbus and Boeing. "We looked at who is giving more value for us. In that discussion, it was apparent that the Airbus offer of A330-300s in the interim and long-term A350-900 is much more favorable than the Boeing," he said.
"Boeing did not have interim aircraft. They were only interested in the long-term offer, which was the 787."
"We don't have cash," Chandrasena said. "So what we are doing is a sale and lease."

Strand Aerospace Malaysia Handles Critical Work For Airbus

From its experience gained in its work for Airbus and other clients, Strand Aerospace Malaysia is currently developing Aircraft Structural Integrity (ASI) capability led by specialists with more than 20 years’ experience.
From its experience gained in its work for Airbus and other clients, Strand Aerospace Malaysia is currently developing Aircraft Structural Integrity (ASI) capability led by specialists with more than 20 years’ experience.
THE most impressive feature of the world’s largest passenger plane, the A380, is its supersized wings. Each wing is just 10m short of an Olympic-size swimming pool. The weight of each wing (roughly equal to five African elephants) is supported by three massive beams that house the landing gear, flaps, air brakes and thousands of other critical parts.
When the plane flies through turbulence, the beams are subjected to tremendous forces, causing the wing tip to bend upward or downward by up to 1m or more. This creates small cracks in almost every A380 flying today.
From the beginning, Airbus has enlisted engineering offices in Europe, North America, India and China to design and calculate the complex variations in flying conditions to ensure that their flagship plane remains their safest carrier.
What’s not so well known is that Airbus has entrusted a big chunk of the complex, mind-boggling work – for example, analysing the growth of cracks in the A380’s wing – to a group of engineers working in Menara Bata in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.
“Imagine a table where there are 10 kids jumping on it for 10 years. The forces exerted on the table will vary as the kids vary in weight over time. The table will undergo stress and fatigue,” said Naguib Mohd Nor, gesturing toward the A380 model on the table of his well-lit office.
“When the A380 is in the air, the wings are twisting, bending, flexing. You have to imagine every conceivable scenario for stress and fatigue. We were responsible for analysing the strength of the rear spar, or beam. The spar is one of the most critical parts of the aircraft. If the spar fails, the aircraft goes down,” Naguib said.
Naguib (pronounced as Najib) is the chief operating officer of Strand Aerospace, an engineering services company based in Malaysia. Since it started in 2006, Strand has grown from a team of five to 160 engineers.
On a typical day, the engineers use complex mathematical software to design aircraft structures, calculate the amount of stress those components can take, and identify flaws that could compromise an aircraft’s safety. Over the past seven years, Naguib and his team have done work for Airbus passenger planes, the Sikorsky S61 helicopter and the A400M military airlifter. Strand also provides services for the oil and gas, automotive and satellite industries.
When I visited the company on a sunny day in May, I was struck by how quiet things were. All I could hear was the clicking of computer mice and the squeaking of swivel chairs: that’s the sound of a hundred engineers thinking.
While Naguib’s demeanor reminded me of an affable neurosurgeon, I still felt shaken by what he had told me earlier in passing.
All set to surf: There’s a big wave heading Malaysia’s way in the highend engineering services sector, says Strand Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd COO Naguib Mohd Nor, and we have to be paddling out to the deep water to catch it.All set to surf: There’s a big wave heading Malaysia’s way in the highend engineering services sector, says Strand Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd COO Naguib Mohd Nor, and we have to be paddling out to the deep water to catch it.
“Are you telling me that every aircraft I fly in has got … cracks in it?” I asked.
“This is normal,” Naguib said. “Aircraft are designed to have cracks.”
Airbus flew into a crisis early last year when hairline cracks were discovered in the wings of several new A380s flown by Qantas Airways and Singapore Airlines. Airbus said the cracks were “non-critical”. An official explained that the cracking was linked to unforeseen stresses during the manufacturing process – and not to a design problem.
In fact, Naguib said, Strand Aerospace’s specialty lies in its ability to calculate the growth of cracks in aircraft. “The limit of the crack’s growth determines the lifespan of the aircraft. So we analyse the growth. We design the strength of the structure so that the cracks will grow at a certain rate,” Naguib said.
Thanks to their research, it may one day be possible to double the life cycle of the Airbus A320 – a favourite aircraft for low-cost airlines.
A scholar-athlete-prefect at SMK St John, Naguib studied aerospace engineering at Cranfield in Britain, earning a Master’s in aircraft design.
For fun, he read Plato and Kant, surfed, and hiked the 15 tallest peaks in Wales. Despite becoming a general manager at a Britain-based aerospace company, Naguib returned to Malaysia in 2006 with only RM12,000 in the bank. “I was looking for experiences, and I invested all my money there,” Naguib said with a laugh.
Naguib’s first job for Strand, back in Malaysia, was to calculate the strength of thousands of objects hanging on to the A380’s rear spar. Naguib hired four people who worked 40 hours a week for 1.5 years to produce the analytical reports that certified the rear spar to be safe for use. Since clinching their first big client, Strand has gone on to work on the fuselage, landing gear and tail plane for the entire Airbus fleet. The company also provides services to Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, BAE Systems and CTRM.
“I was one of the four who worked on the spar,” said Hafeiz Hassan, now general manager at Strand. “From the start, we focused on the high end of engineering. We have created a European type of engineering environment in Malaysia.”
Addi Faiz Adnan, a client manager, returned to Malaysia a year ago after working inBritain. He was the youngest Malaysian to be certified to sign off on Airbus components. “People used to think of engineers as kerja kilang (factory work). But look around you. Besides computers, there are no machines here – only a photocopy machine!” Addi said.
The team at Strand Aerospace has a balance of youth and experience. COO Naguib’s big plan is to eventually compete with countries like India at the highest end of the engineering services spectrum.The team at Strand Aerospace has a balance of youth and experience. COO Naguib’s big plan is to eventually compete with countries like India at the highest end of the engineering services spectrum.
At 37, Naguib is one of the oldest guys in an office filled with Gen Y engineers. And he’s hoping to play a much bigger game. Backed by Pemandu, he aims to create an ecosystem for engineering services that will generate a gross national income of RM3.5bil and create at least 12,000 jobs for Malaysia by 2020.
The goal is to compete with countries like India for the highest end of the engineering services spectrum. India already has more than 12,000 workers in engineering services – a market projected to be worth US$1 trillion by decade’s end.
“Strand Aerospace is a world-class company that’s creating jobs in the highly specialised field of aerospace,” said Eugene Teh, a director of business services at Pemandu. “Malaysia has had 20 years of experience in manufacturing aircraft composites. But in terms of design capability, we are still far behind. Naguib’s helping us to build a critical mass of engineers who have the skill and scale to put Malaysia on the world map,” said Teh.
After participating in a two-month lab organised by Pemandu, Naguib was given a grant to train a few hundred engineers in Malaysia whose skills would attract international firms – and therefore create a virtuous spiral for engineering services.
The work is starting to pay off. Last year, French engineering firm Altran set up in Malaysia after observing how Strand’s local engineers were able to effectively engage with their European counterparts. Altran officials were also struck by the Government’s focus on developing this industry.
“There’s a big wave coming our way,” said Naguib, a novice surfer. He estimates that by 2020, nearly half of Airbus sales will be in South-east Asia, with companies such as AirAsia snapping up the planes.
“Airbus has already sent manufacturing jobs to Malaysia. Now they want to do it for engineering services. Companies such as Airbus need people who can do the work in the same time zone. That’s the wave. And it’s coming.”
And the only way to catch the wave at its crest – and go surfing – is to go into deep water, he added. “You need to be paddling out there, fast. Malaysia needs to get there to meet this wave. If we don’t do it, someone else will be out there.”

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Minions To Invade Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

imageminions 1
If you’re a fan of the Minions from the movie “Despicable Me”, here’s the good news for you - The Minions are coming to Pavilion KL this school holidays! With their comical antics, a wide array of fun, excitement and amazing surprises await in Pavilion KL’s School Holiday Special “Hooray Hooray, It’s Minions Cool Holiday!”

The lovable minions from the upcoming movie, Despicable Me 2, will spend two weeks of their summer holidays creating absolute mayhem in the heart of the city.

From 22 May to 4 June, Pavilion will bring the spirit and adventure of the summer holidays to it’s Centre Court as it is transformed into a galore of sun, sea, sand and cheeky minions too! There will be thrilling game booths, exiting cool rides, special minions performances, exclusive minions meet-and-greet, photo booth and gift redemptions.
Wait, here’s the special thing, if your name Agnes, Stuart, Tim, Jerry or Lucy, same as the movie character, you can get your self a spacial gifts from Pavilion KL, and it’s limited numbers!

Brace yourself and release your inner childhood with these cute, stuffy, yellow minions! They’re just way too cute! Have fun with the minions and rememeber to watch the movie!

For more information, follow Pavillion on Facebook or Twitter

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Things In Life

I told myself I will not rant about the physical pain any more.
I told myself, live the life I should be.
I told myself that it is worth smiling at life no matter how tough the road will be.
I told myself be thankful.
I told myself the world is beautiful.
I told myself I have all cried out.
I told myself life is good.
I told myself everything happens for a reason.
I told myself live now.

All those little things we use to ignore in life, the things we think that aren't important to us once. It all matters. Leo just asked me why I could remember all the dates exactly when things happens. My answer was simple, I use to ignore them, until I know the day comes that it will be just a mere memory to me.

I miss the life I use to have. Without worries, without any thing to fear. I am not saying that it is bad now. I just missed it. Everything that is happening around now, is just like a moving train. Everything moves and you sat there and see how it passes you.

Sometimes, we have to just remember that tough times will pass. But tough people are the ones that is still holding on. People tend to ask me why am I so active in charity and giving back to the society. I usually will just smile and let it go. Take a moment, when you realize what we have now, it is what that makes us alive. It isn't about how much money you have, it isn't about what brands you hold or what your achievements are.

Well, maybe it is just me, I don't know. What I really cherish most now in life is that sense of peace I have right now. I know I am being loved, I know I have wonderful friends, I know I have my dream job and most important is I know I am alive. Every radiation and chemo treatment now doesn't really bugs me much. Of course the on and off emotional whirlwind but I have nothing to complaint about right now.

And what really matters to me are all those little memories that makes us smile all the way till where I am right now. I am just thankful and loved. Life gets tough on the way we take every step. We will wanna be alone from time to time. But when you know that if you try reaching out, that its all it takes to continue the journey. And all I can say is, I am smiling.

Vast Oklahoma Tornado Kills at Least 51

The injured flooded into hospitals, and the authorities said many people remained trapped, even as rescue workers struggled to make their way through debris-clogged streets to the devastated suburb of Moore, where much of the damage occurred.

Amy Elliott, the spokeswoman for the Oklahoma City medical examiner, said at least 51 people had died, including the children, and officials said that toll was likely to climb. Hospitals reported at least 145 people injured, 70 of them children.

Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore was reduced to a pile of twisted metal and toppled walls. Rescue workers were able to pull several children from the rubble, but on Monday evening crews were still struggling to cut through fallen beams and clear debris amid reports that dozens of students were trapped. At Briarwood Elementary School in Oklahoma City, on the border with Moore, cars were thrown through the facade and the roof was torn off.

“Numerous neighborhoods were completely leveled,” Sgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department said by telephone. “Neighborhoods just wiped clean.”

Debris and damage to roadways, along with heavy traffic, hindered emergency responders as they raced to the affected areas, Sergeant Knight said.

A spokeswoman for the mayor’s office in Moore said emergency workers were working to assess the damage.

“Please send us your prayers,” she said.

Brooke Cayot, a spokeswoman for Integris Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City, said 58 patients had come in by about 9 p.m. An additional 85 were being treated at Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

“They’ve been coming in minute by minute,” Ms. Cayot said.

The tornado touched down at 2:56 p.m., 16 minutes after the first warning went out, and traveled for 20 miles, said Keli Pirtle, a spokeswoman for the National Weather Service in Norman, Okla. It was on the ground for 40 minutes, she said. It struck the town of Newcastle and traveled about 10 miles to Moore, a populous suburb of Oklahoma City.

Ms. Pirtle said preliminary data suggested that it was a Category 4 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which measures tornado strength on a scale of 0 to 5. A definitive assessment will not be available until Tuesday, she said.

Moore was the scene of another huge tornado, in May 1999, in which winds reached record speeds of 302 m.p.h.

Television on Monday showed destruction spread over a vast area, with blocks upon blocks of homes and businesses destroyed. Residents, some partly clothed and apparently caught by surprise, were shown picking through rubble. Several structures were on fire, and cars had been tossed around, flipped over and stacked on top of each other.

Kelcy Trowbridge, her husband and their three young children piled into their neighbor’s cellar just outside of Moore and huddled together for about five minutes, wrapped under a blanket as the tornado screamed above them, debris smashing against the cellar door.

They emerged to find their home flattened and the family car resting upside down a few houses away. Ms. Trowbridge’s husband rushed toward what was left of their home and began sifting through the debris, then stopped and told her to call the police.

He had found the body of a little girl, about 2 or 3 years old, she said.

“He knew she was already gone,” Ms. Trowbridge said. “When the police got there, he just bawled.”

She said: “My neighborhood is gone. It’s flattened. Demolished. The street is gone. The next block over, it’s in pieces.”

Sarah Johnson was forced to rush from her home in Moore to a hospital as the storm raged when her 4-year-old daughter, Shellbie, suffered an asthma attack. With hail raining down, she put a hard hat on her daughter as she raced into the emergency room and hunkered down.

“We knew it was coming — all the nurses were down on the ground, so we got down on the ground,” Ms. Johnson said, from the Journey Church in nearby Norman, where she had sought shelter.

At the hospital, she said, she shoved her daughter next to a wall and threw a mattress on top of her. After the storm passed, she said, debris and medical equipment were scattered around. She said she and her daughter were safe, but she had yet to find her husband.

The storm system continued to churn through the region on Monday afternoon, and forecasters warned that new tornadoes could form.

An earlier storm system spawned several tornadoes across Oklahoma on Sunday. Several deaths were reported.

Russell Schneider, the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, said the risk of tornadoes throughout the region remained high going into Tuesday.

Some parts of Moore emerged seemingly untouched by the tornado. Bea Carruth, who lives about 20 blocks from where the storm struck, said her home and others in her neighborhood appeared to be fine.

Ms. Carruth had ridden out the tornado as she usually does, at her son’s house nearby, the hail pounding away on the cellar where they had taken shelter. Tornadoes have long been a part of life in Moore, she said.

In 1999, the last time a storm this size struck, Ms. Carruth again was lucky and the home she lived in then was spared. She ended up buying an empty plot of land where a house destroyed by that tornado once stood. Her house now sits on that plot.

“This is just awful,” she said. “It all just breaks my heart.”

Nick Oxford reported from Moore, and Michael Schwirtz from New York. Leslie Metzger and Kathleen Johnson contributed reporting from Norman, Okla., and Dan Frosch from Denver.

Reblog - Downright Zero Compassion - AirAsia


AirAsia sets Downstraight Zero Compassion Policy!

Yesterday AirAsia X – AK1455 from Ho Chi Minh to Kuala Lumpur abandoned two of the passengers citing an infant has chicken pox condition which under AirAsiaX’s policy it is prohibited for the mother and the baby to boarding the airplane.
A regular doctor traveling as passenger announced to AirAsia’s ground staff of the baby’s condition that is safe for traveling had fallen on deaf ears.  AirAsia’s ground staff continued acting as medical personnel and had the mother and her child quarantined; grounded in Ho Chi Minh city for another 5 days. Below is the statement from its CEO – Aireen Omar.
AA45A very unfortunate encounter with AirAsiaX for this family. Twelve (12) members of this family traveled by AirAsiaX to Ho Chi Minh city but only ten (10) members were allowed to board AK1455 returning home to Kuala Lumpur. The mother and her child were abandoned by AirAsia’s ground staff cited the aviation policy prohibited from carrying a passenger with infectious condition.

Is this necessary?


And what Tony Fernandez say about this?

Baby7If really following the book; AirAsia’s plane should have been overhauled every 30 days instead of every 45 days which AirAsia is presently practicing. Heyy..Tony Bastard; stop being so inhumane to your fellow own Malaysians.
Baby8The National Carrier – Malaysia Airlines have extended assistance to the mother and her infant above on a compassionate ground. Now Everyone Knows AirAsia is Brutal!

Where AirAsia Fails, Malaysia Airlines Performs

Malaysia Airlines have received numerous queries with regards to the predicament faced by Izan Suhaila Mohd Ali and her baby, Maryam Sofea who were denied boarding on another carrier yesterday.

This statement is to record the chronology of events that transpired at the Malaysia Airlines office at Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam that led to the national carrier’s decision to fly them back to Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines learned about the unfortunate situation of Izan and 14-month-old daughter Maryam from Tourism Malaysia. As it is a standard procedure for all passengers with symptoms of contagious disease to get a fit-to-fly certification from a doctor, Malaysia Airlines made the decision to take Maryam Sofea to a doctor. This is to ensure that no one passenger puts the health of another passenger at risk.

As such, Malaysia Airlines staff picked up Izan and her baby from the hotel they were staying in to be brought to the clinic. The doctor examined the baby and confirmed that she was no longer contagious. It was said that she was out of the incubation period and that the black spots are actually just dry scabs.

Immediately after that, Malaysia Airlines worked on preparing the travel documents for Izan, Maryam and two other relatives. They were booked onto flight MH759 that departed Ho Chi Minh yesterday so that they would not have to spend another night in Saigon and incur more costs.

It was Malaysia Airlines staff from Saigon who drove the family back to the airport from their hotel. As they reached the airport at 1550 (3.50 p.m) hours, the Airport Services team had all the necessary documentation ready to ensure a fast check-in. A ground staff was especially assigned to escort the family through Immigration & Customs.

This was important as there was a query on the immigration stamp in their passports due to the previous day’s incident. Izan, baby Maryam and family managed to board Malaysia Airlines flight MH759 and departed Saigon for home at 1640 hrs (4.40 p.m).

Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said, “We are glad that the team in Saigon displayed 100 per cent Malaysian Hospitality in this situation. The ability of the team to act beyond their normal duties is to be highly applauded.”

“It is also commendable that they did not break any rules of the standard procedures that we follow but yet managed to go out of their way in displaying a true spirit of compassion and empathy. I would like to personally thank all the staff that was directly involved in this case,” Ahmad Jauhari added.

Safety of customers is of paramount importance at Malaysia Airlines and thus all measures were taken to help the stranded passengers and at the same time ensuring that no other passengers’ health were put at risk.

Malaysia Airlines flies three times daily to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Monday, May 20, 2013

Malindo Air To Start Turboprop Ops On June 3

Joint Malaysia-Indonesia airline Malindo Air, which has been granted the air operators certificate (AOC) by the Department of Civil Aviation to operate turboprop flights out of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Selangor, is due to receive its first ATR 72-600 today and start its first scheduled flight out of Skypark Terminal on June 3, 2013.

Checks on its website showed that Malindo Air is offering twice daily flights from Subang to Penang, Kota Baru and Johor Baru, competing head on with incumbent Firefly which currently plies on these routes.

Fares for the three destinations include promotional offers from as low as RM69 one-way. Its regular pricing range as displayed on its website is between RM149 and RM169 one-way.

A cursory glance showed that all flights on offer in the first week of operations are sold out.

In comparison, Firefly – the turboprop-operating unit of Malaysia Airlines that has had a monopoly on turboprop operations in Subang airport for the last six years – offers 12 flights a day to its first hub, Penang.

Firefly, which had launched its Everyday Low Fares campaign on Thursday, is offering a promotional fare from as low as RM35 one-way between Subang and Penang. Regular pricing ranges between RM109.95 and RM149.95 one-way.

A source close to Malindo Air told SunBiz that the ATR 72-600 arriving at AIROD Aerospace Technology's base in Subang today, is the first of six turboprops due for delivery by the end of this year from the Lion Air group.

Malindo Air, a joint venture between Indonesia's PT Lion Grup and National Aerospace and Defence Industries Sdn Bhd (Nadi), will take delivery of its second aircraft this month, and one aircraft a month thereafter until September.

Malindo Air is believed to have entered into a leasing arrangement with Lion Air to take over a portion of the deliveries initially intended for the Indonesian group's turboprop arm Wings Air.

In February last year, Lion Air had placed an order for 27 ATR 72-600s, which when all are delivered in 2015 would make its regional subsidiary, Wings Air, the world's largest ATR operator, with a total fleet size of 60 comprising 20 ATR 72-500s and 40 ATR 72-600s.

Wings Air was established in 2002, and predominantly operates regional and rural routes and blends into Lion Air's network as a feeder airline.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

September Debut for Jetstar’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Jetstar will take delivery of its first Boeing 787 towards the end of September, marking the start of an extensive fleet renewal for both the low-cost carrier and its parent Qantas.

However, a date for the beginning of commercial flights remains to be set, due to the various tasks to be carried out between the plane’s handover to Jetstar and its entry into service.

Jetstar will pick up a further two 787s by year's end, and while the airline has yet to reveal its 787 launch routes, Jetstar Group CEO Jayne Hrdlicka says the Dreamliners "will operate to destinations like Honolulu, Phuket and Tokyo which are currently serviced by our A330 aircraft."

The Dreamliner’s Australian debut comes five years after Qantas originally expected to begin flying the next-gen jet.

A series of delays assigned to the aircraft’s revolutionary design, including extensive use of carbon-fibre composites instead of metal, resulted in Boeing paying Qantas $150 million in ‘opportunity cost’ compensation due to Qantas being unable to fly the fuel-efficient 787 and put its older aircraft out to pasture.

Qantas also cancelled its order for 35 Dreamliners, although the airline has options on as many as 50 Dreamliners from 2016.

While those 787s will be shared between Qantas and Jetstar, the first 14 Dreamliners winging their way into the Qantas Group are all earmarked for Jetstar, which intends to make the most of the aircraft’s improved fuel efficiencies, reduced maintenance and increased passenger comfort.

Virgin Australia also has the 787 on its shopping list, alongside the Airbus A350, to replace the airline’s Airbus A330 and Boeing 777s for transcontinental and international flights from 2017.

Earlier this year Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti told Australian Business Traveller that the choice of which of the big birds to buy will be “an end-of-year decision”.

“We’re taking our time, there’s no need to rush into this” he said, adding that the Dreamliner’s well-documented woes “haven’t dented my views on how good I think the 787 is. I think the 787 is a wonderful airplane, just as much as I believe the A350 will be.”

Will the Airbus A350 Series Match Up to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

On Monday, May 13th, Airbus brought out their new A350-XWB with a fresh set of paint from their company’s paint shop on their headquarters location in Toulouse, France. This plane, along with Airbus’s A350-800, A350-900 and A350-1000, are designed to rival the 787 Dreamliner of Boeing.

The body of the Airbus A350-XWB (“Extra Wide Body”), like Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, is carbon-composite, making the aircraft lightweight to boost fuel efficiency. Initially Airbus’s A350 program, birthed in 2007, was a rushed, impulsive response to the 787 Dreamliner. Now, the two companies are going head-to-head in the world of commercial aviation.

The first three test A350s used lithium-ion batteries, but in light of the recent lithium-ion battery issues with Boeing (two planes were grounded due to fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries, one in Boston in a plane owned by Japan Airlines, the other an All Nippon Airways aircraft in Japan), Airbus has decided to equip it’s A350 series with nickel-cadmium batteries.

So far, Finnair was the first carrier to order an Airbus A350-XWB, and Aer Lingus, Singapore Airlines, Aeroflot and Qatar Airways have also made orders along with other carriers. Qatar Airways, originally a customer for Boeing, has already lost $200 million in revenue because of Boeing’s production interruptions and two groundings of their 787 Dreamliners, and now Qatar Airways has a potential $3.6 billion dollar deal with Airbus and may buy fifteen A330 jets from Airbus.

Airbus’s A350 line is due to come out this summer, though no date has been set yet.

Since 40 years ago, Boeing and Airbus have been in a battle of superior aircrafts, starting with Airbus’s A300 that was followed by Boeing’s 767 airliner. When Airbus created their A330 and A340, Boeing constructed their 777, and when Airbus came out with their Toulhouse-Hamburg A320, Boeing responded with their Seattle 737. Now with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus’s A350-XWB, the competition is still persisting. 

The Airbus A350-XWB has a price of $254-332 million, while the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ranges from $206-243 million. Boeing offers discounts for bigger orders for Airlines. The Airbus A350 line will be able to carry between 250 to 400 passengers, and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner can transport between 210-290. Boeing is currently ahead of the game with 56 customers holding at least 800 orders for the Dreamliner, while Airbus boasts a smaller customer base of 35, and an order number of 567 for their A350 series.

Billboard Music Awards 2013: The Full List Of Winners

Well! It’s the Billboard Music Awards tonight, which features majorly star-studded performance from some great artists, and some ones you don’t care about at all, and a lot of inexplicable appearances from the stars of ABC sitcoms you’ve never watched! Oh, what a wonderful party it is.

Top Rap Artist: Nicki Minaj

Top Digital Song: Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe”

Top Touring Artist: Madonna

Top Billboard 200 Album: Taylor Swift, Red
Top Female Artist: Taylor Swift

Top Male Artist: Justin Bieber

Top EDM Artist: David Guetta

Top Hot 100 Artist: Maroon 5

Top Hot 100 Song: Gotye feat. Kimbra, Somebody That I Used To Know

Top Duo/Group: One Direction

Top New Artist: One Direction

Top Digital Song Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift

Top Radio Song Artist: Rihanna

Top Social Artist: Justin Bieber

Top Streaming Artist: Nicki Minaj

Top Pop Artist: One Direction

Top R&B Artist: Rihanna

Top Country Artist: Taylor Swift

Top Rock Artist: Fun.

Top Latin Artist: Jenni Rivera

Top Dance Artist: Madonna

Top Christian Artist: tobyMac

Top Pop Album: Adele 21

Top R&B Album: Rihanna Unapologetic

Top Rap Album: Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded

Top Country Album: Red

Top Rock Album: Mumford & Sons, Babel

Top Latin Album : Jenni Rivera, La Misma Gran Señora

Top Dance Album: Madonna, MDNA

Top EDM Album: Skrillex, Bangarang

Top Christian Album: tobyMac, Eye On It

Top Radio Song: Gotye feat. Kimbra, Somebody That I Used To Know

Top Streaming Song (Audio): Gotye feat. Kimbra, Somebody That I Used To Know

Top Streaming Video : PSY, Gangnam Style

Top Pop Song: Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe

Top R&B Song: Rihanna, Diamonds

Top Rap Song: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz, Thrift Shop

Top Country Song: Taylor Swift, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Top Rock Song: Gotye feat. Kimbra, Somebody That I Used To Know

Top Latin Song: Michel Teló, Ai Se Eu Te Pego

Top Dance Song: Baauer, Harlem Shake

Top EDM Song: Baauer, Harlem Shake

Top Christian Song: Matt Redman, 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

Billboard Top Artist 2013 : Taylor Swift


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