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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rocking On!

Today was really getting me going and on. I do seriously think music is a strong part that can move emotions. I have been blasting full on all the rock songs I have on my iTunes. I don't know about you. But sometimes when there is a choice in life what to feel. I know with all the stressed and all, I could easily fall back to my misery. Blasting of with Kara Dioguardi, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, My Chemical Romance and many many more. It just somehow made me keep on wanting to work on!

I guess all of us are prone to the negativity as we feel in life. But as of now what I see, what's wrong with a little rain. Without it we couldn't possibly get our rainbow isn't it? I know for the past few weeks I have been down and dark. But now all I feel is full force on my upcoming musical and working everything out. Yes time is on our way but I know I will pull through.

And on a rainy Sunday, some may feel that it is such a waste to not able to get out or do anything. But for me, I think it is kinda awesome to be. At last I am able to have some of my personal time writing the original songs than working out all day on other things. Yes it is kinda scary when it comes to this. It is like all aspects I need to cover this. It is scary for me as the working culture here is very different. But what the hell with it. I am not complaining about the work load. Just sharing out how I feel. But yes, saying that, I need to thank Nell for expose me to the musical stage scene. It is crazy and mad but yeah, I love the experience very much.

One more great news. After June, I will be start touring with Batman! The dates has come in. I am really awed and thankful to be included to his glamoureous tour! Seriously, look back at what I have been through this 2 months. Its kinda scary but yet its awesome. 2 months now in 2012, so far so good. I come to acknowledge a loving family, and friends, walked back into the river of love. Having the most awesomest angels who totally understands me. What more I wanted? And my loving brother's wedding this coming April. Time to get hard on work and start getting things in life right.

I know what we are surrounded by the evilness of desire. But at times like this, clearly you will see those that appreciates you and never doubted you in life. Being there and walking you through with faith and love. I am blessed to have all the love given to me. I am now just gonna lay back and do what I have to do for myself. For others that I have been too generous of giving till not being appreciated, you know what? I don't really care any more. I know I am rocking on with my life now and YES I WILL ROCK THE WORLD! I will be grateful to those that all I have never thank enough. You guys means everything to me.

There was once my angel told me this.
Don't hold on to those who doesn't cherish you. Hold on to those appreciate you and means the world to you. They accepted all the love and care you have given. Those are the ones that will stay in your life for a life time. 

So lets Rock On!!!!
This is how you rock your life on! Crazy and yet embracing the awesome in life!


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