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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bizarre Dream

This is something really really bizarre and funny at the same time. I was actually lying on my bed doing some arrangement work for Oz. And somehow I fell asleep. It was one of the funniest dream I had and I have to share this experience with my readers.

It somehow begun with American Idol competition when two groups of participants boys and girls living in a mansion. And we were all getting to go to Kelly Clarkson's GIG. She somehow turn into the picture of her I saw lately like she had gone twilight fever. She turn into a vampire. It was damn damn funny. I can't really tell who were those people that appear in the dream. I felt weird and somehow I kinda change everything into America's Top Model cycle. It turn tremendously. Into St Regis Singapore Suites. With the butler and so on. And I somehow was craving for food or something and the scene turn into a mall like. I can't tell it was foodtown or it was Wal-Mart. And everyone was like into this shopping with the lowest budget given and time limit. How random more it can get right?

It will go even further! And I saw my best friend Suki. And I did not know how her mother was Latoya London! Seriously guys, please don't ask me why and how! I was enjoying the drama and so on in the dream. And I don't know how  it get, it went on to her coming out to her so call mother - Latoya that she was gay. Her mother was upset and crying. And I held her hand, wanted to tell her that it wasn't her choice to make and she is still who she was and loves her very much still. I can't really remember how the conversation went. But I know I was laughing in my sleep so hard! The best part wasn't even near yet.

I have this habit of playing music when I sleep. And somehow, her mother (which I dunno how she was a black girl) burst into this hindi alike film singing Adele's One and Only. Explaining she (my best friend) was her only baby girl she loves no matter what. In that kinda dramatic way lying on the floor with tears and telling me how much she loves her daughter. And somehow there, I open my eyes and Adele's voice kept singing this tune. That was the dream I had. How random and dramatic it was right! Now I felt how hopeless I am with my dreams! Even Dreams are so funny!

Just wanted to share with you guys about this and hope would put some touch and laughter to those who are hard at work today! :)


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