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Saturday, February 25, 2012


After a crazy long mad day, I was kinda thinking at times when we are waiting for that moment to arise. Being a little emotional tonight. But I think it is a good kinda of emotional. Somehow listening to many of my unreleased tracks does bring a lot of comfort. I guess somehow I feel complete that I have walked down that lane whatever the end result is. Sometimes life does bring us in and out of this part. I guess all of us will ask sometimes why and what happen. But with some faith, things will unfold itself.

I know somehow it feels weird. But I guess as many of us will just give up hope at times like this. It feels like missing winter. Winter has finally ended. Ah.. thinking of all will be gone when I head back to New York. But I will be looking forward to the next winter! I just love that first snow showers~ It will be just perfect. Missing my life back there.

Listening to a very very old song I wrote 8 years ago. Saving My Heart For You. I guess that is the best part of living. Let ourselves into the memories, and feeling nostalgic with it. What was really in my mind now is I really do wish I had much more memories with you. But somehow glad I still have you in life. At times, we don't really have to talk. We just know sitting there and being there means everything. Honestly, I miss you very much. This song reminds me so much about you. I am grateful I am living now. If I ever gave up my life I will not be proud to feel all this. It really does kill me to know you were so far but I think this is the best for us.

I think I am really being infected by the randomness of my buddies. Writing something that don't really relates. But what the hell with it. I think what I am trying to say that no matter what happens. I will always be here. Waiting what life installs for me. I know now at this very moment, all I needed is some good rest and keep going. I wish I had more time to focus on my personal life at this moment, but I have to put all my attention on the upcoming musical. Sorta having writing blocks at this stage. I needed inspiration. I needed a way to walk out. But somehow I know I will. It will be a beautiful way to wait for it to unfold.

So, signing off for the night peeps. Do have a beautiful weekend my love!


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