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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Randomness Positivity

Sometimes, it just needed some courage and take that step in life. Honestly, thanks to my angel of love and faith. He really showed me about how things can be much easier and life is beautiful as it is. I guess the things that my angel was facing at the moment, yet he took the courage and come clean to me about something in life. But I guess for him to do so, he took the first step and tell me made him somehow realize that what he was doing and why that decision was taken. I know that it is not easy for you and yet I understand how that feeling is. Just want you to know I am very proud with you and what you have done! I would cherish that for life. Just wanted you to know that no matter what, that faith I have in you. You know how I always see that in you.

Anyway, somehow the courage for me to take that step just to share with him about how things was now and the positive energy been rolling from there. I was just purely filled with the acceptance from him of myself. To my surprise, I was like big time loser or something. I even told that "Someone" I love him and there is no shame of doing that. Somehow when you are clear of what you want in life, you tend to be proud of what you have in life. I know and I am proud to be in love with you. But what makes me happier was I was so clear what I wanted. I just wanted you staying healthy and happy. That is all. Just wanted the best and you being loved. Somehow the burden you are carrying is not a simple load everyone carries. I just don't even wanted you to do anything or react to it. Cause I am just so clear of what I wanted in life.

Mr Shinigami, I love you to the max! You are the only person that will always understand and not judging me for anything. I am crawling over to camp! Lemme plan! I needed a hide out to just ramble what we haven't done for a long time!

On the other hand, the drama in life keeps building. As I know now that I have someone who is very capable to handle it for me! I love you gurl! I know I can't live without you. You are like the most awesomeness planner I can ever find. You just make everything right for me. Cornflakes, was there and showing me why are the differences I had in emotions when I was here and there. But true enough. I should take no nonsense from anyone! I should not care that much and care about myself before anything goes on. Why does this sound so familiar? I am wondering is Mr Shinigami and Cornflakes made a pack to repeat the same sentence. Anyway, I know you guys love me and care for my welfare than anything else first.

I guess I am back to that bitchy me with a little compassion in life that I always see. For now, all I am going to do is just ignore all the negativity around me and focus on work. I need to finish up all the songs for oz. And like WOW! I see my director getting stressed over a lot of things. I can understand all that she is going through. I really do admire her on her vision. I somehow am being inspire and I give full respect that she was able to do something like that. I am not going to let you down. Oz, here we come! Opening night is in 2 month plus! Let the show begins!
This was something Mr Shinigami said that hit me and make me realize what I have to make that change. I love you so much! Thank you for making things right! You always do in your own weird way!


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