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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wizard Of Oz Coming To KL

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there is a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. 
When this is sung, what do we think about? Judy Garland? "Over the Rainbow" (often referred to as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow") is a classic Academy Award-winning ballad song with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. It was written for the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, and was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale. Over time it would become Garland's signature song.

Judy Garland first pre-recorded the song on the MGM soundstages on October 7, 1938, using an arrangement by Murray Cutter. A studio recording of the song, not from the actual film soundtrack, was recorded and released as a single by Decca Records in September 1939. In March 1940, that same recording was included on a Decca 78-RPM four-record studio cast album entitled "The Wizard of Oz". Even though this is not the version of the song featured in the film, Decca would continue to re-release the so-called "Cast Album" well into the 1960s after it was re-issued as a single-record 33⅓ RPM LP. Garland always performed the song without altering it, singing exactly as she did for the movie. She explained her fidelity by saying that she was staying true to the character of Dorothy and to the message of really being somewhere over the rainbow.

It was not until 1956, when MGM released the true soundtrack album from the film, that the film version of the song was made available to the public. The 1956 soundtrack release was timed to coincide with the television premiere of the movie. The soundtrack version has been re-released several times over the years, including in a "Deluxe Edition" from Rhino Records in 1995.

At the time of Garland's original release, hers was initially not the most commonly played version in jukeboxes, where versions by dance bands such as Bob Crosby and Glenn Miller's predominated, however, 'Over the Rainbow' would eventually become the signature song most closely identified with Garland and she would perform it for the next thirty years, until her death in 1969. In a letter to Harold Arlen, Garland wrote:

"'Over the Rainbow' has become part of my life. It's so symbolic of everybody's dreams and wishes that I'm sure that's why some people get tears in their eyes when they hear it. I've sung it thousands of times and it's still the song that's closest to my heart."

Well, my dear readers, I am about to drop a bomb on you. Especially those in Malaysia. Wizard of Oz is coming to KL. Proudly presented by Pan Production. An epic local theatre production company that has bring many wonderful musical to us such as "Always in Wonderland" and last year's "Cabaret" This year I am proudly to say that we will bring the magical land of Oz to KL. I am thankful to Nell, who is our director giving me this opportunity to be the musical director for such a wonderful classical musical. So far, doing this musical is such a big challenge to me. But I know we will pull it through. As beautiful as the classical Over The Rainbow to the Originals that we will be including. It will be one magical and wonderful trip to Oz.

Even on the cast, we have great beautiful voices. And I can't wait to share the beautiful video promo we are now doing. It will be a fantastic and beautiful event of the year. Featuring a line-up of Malaysia's best stage and musical theatre talents including Stephanie Van Driesen, Peter Ong, Radhi Khalid, Zalina Lee, Tria Aziz, Mano Maniam, and Suhaili Micheline.

For those who are in love with stage musical, please please do not miss this event. I would assure you that this is a life changing performance for many. The emotion intensity. Even no one will ever come close to Garland's rendition of Over The Rainbow,but Stephanie did made me tear-up when I heard her singing the version. I wish I could share it now with you guys. But hold on to your seats. It will be one event that you wouldn't wanna miss. Below is the link to our page. Let the journey to Oz begin!


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