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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kingfisher Airlines: The King That Never Was

“The airline business is one of the toughest businesses to be in, along with the media industry. You need passion to survive in these sectors.”

In the 60s and 70s when the jet age was taking off and flying was still restricted to the rich and famous, the air travel industry had a sense of luxury, elitism and panache attached to it. Airlines such as America’s Pan Am flew passenger jets configured in the highest standards of luxury with lounges, bar areas, social areas, and five course meal services. This was when being a pilot or an air-hostess was a job that entitled great admiration and personified a globe –trotting lifestyle.

Fast forward a few years later and things changed. America’s Southwest Airlines was the first company to bring in the idea of LCC, or Low Cost Carrier to the industry. Southwest was setup in the late 60s by Rollin W King in Dallas Texas along with his legal counsel Herb Kelleher.

Southwest Airlines during its inception followed a different type of business model in which the key to success was not targeting the rich and famous, but the general working class population and offering them air travel at cheap and affordable prices. The airline even during the early 70s had ten minute turnaround time for its aircraft, a casually dressed crew and ground staff (Southwest was the first to introduce hot pants for its air hostesses along with giving a small bottle of alcohol with every ticket purchase) and so on. All these were the characteristics of the business model that many successful LCC airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet followed in the future.

However, with Southwest’s success the luxury air travel market did not get into trouble till the 2000s, especially after 9/11 when the airline industry took a massive financial hit and many airlines either shut shop or trimmed their operations drastically.

India’s civil aviation sector, even after 9/11, was growing. After adventures and misadventures by many private players during the 90s when the sector was opened for private companies, a few successful players managed to survive and make international brands representing India in the civil aviation space.

Looking to get into the growing aviation market Indian liquor baron and billionaire Vijay Mallya launched Kingfisher Airline in 2005 with an ultra-luxury USP, selling the airline as an experience, rather than just a flight from one destination to another.

The airline, modelled around Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic, boasted of in-flight entertainment, gourmet meals, an attendant for every passenger including economy class to help him with luggage on the ground and so on. All this was offered at what Mallya believed was extremely competitive pricing.

To woo passengers in its initial stages of operations Kingfisher had India’s only surviving airline from the 90s, Jet Airways, as its main competitor. For starters Kingfisher, upon launching its frequent flier program King Club, offered completely free transfer of all miles passengers had on Jet Airways to King Club. So basically if as a frequent flier one had 20,000 miles with Jet Airways, Kingfisher would let you shift all your miles to King Club to make premium passengers change their loyalties.

Along with such offerings Kingfisher’s initial success with passengers was spearheaded by what was, without a doubt, great in-flight service matched with great on-ground service by the airline. The new fleet of A320s and A321s had comfortable seating, a generous seat pitch in economy and a general overall positive atmosphere.

However, passenger experience aside, the airline was on course from the beginning towards an over-ambitious plan of expansion spearheaded by an under-ambitious and poorly orchestrated financial design which had the airline heading towards the situation it finds itself in today.

Vijay Mallya’s main fault even before he launched the airline was that he had decided not to run it for what it is, but to run it only because he wanted a global flying billboard to advertise his brand name. Running an airline as an airline became collateral damage to Mallya’s long term plans for what Kingfisher Airlines stood for and he just chose the wrong business to execute his branding needs. If you see Kingfisher aircraft the word ‘airlines’ does not appear anywhere. While airlines such as Qatar can afford such advertising, as not only Qatar Airways is a state carrier, but it is a vital foreign policy tool for the Qatari Government and is owned by Qatari royalty, Vijay Mallya had no such royal backing other than that of the free markets.

The other major fault that Mallya did with Kingfisher was to go ahead and procure Deccan, India’s first low cost airline. Deccan was bought by Kingfisher only because of one reason, it had been operating for nearly five years and according to Indian civil aviation guidelines an airline in India needs five years of domestic experience before it can fly international.

To bypass this law Kingfisher bought Deccan so as to get almost immediate access to fly international routes. However, along with getting the routes access Kingfisher also inherited a big mountain of debt that Deccan had on its shoulders.

Following the acquisition of Deccan, Kingfisher went on an aircraft buying spree for its long-haul operations, a spree that it could not afford. The airline ordered more A320s, medium-range A330s, ultra-long range A340-500s and even the double-decker A380. By the time the first few Airbus A330s had started arriving for Kingfisher, the airline was already starting its spiral downwards as it failed to post a single day of profit since it started operations.

If the decision to order new bigger aircrafts was not bad enough, the way the airline decided to fit them out, to uphold its extravagance style in a now challenging economic environment added to the woes of the carrier.

Kingfisher Airlines Airbus A330

As more Airbus A330s started to arrive Kingfisher launched flights to destinations such as London, Hong Kong and Singapore. The A330s came fitted with comfortable economy seating, luxurious business class setting and also introduced a proper lounge-bar area which offered business class passengers a separate social recreational section. Although great to look at while boarding and such not many people seem to be using the bar on board the aircraft’s for it to be considered a necessary and successful tool. In fact the bar area on the aircraft is one of the most counter-productive accessory that the airline could have applied.

The bar section on each A330 weighs nearly 7 tonnes or 7000 kgs. It requires a specially built shell to adhere with safety standards and needs to be fixed by applying special beams into the structure of the aircraft. The space it takes could accommodate 10 business class seats or 26-30 more economy class seats which would overall be much more economically productive than a show piece.

Business Class and on board bar (A330)

The media in the past few weeks have talked about the financial options for Kingfisher Airlines in detail. One thing is for certain that the airline should not get any kind of bailout, direct or indirect, from the government.

Air India is already proving to be a burden for the tax payer that can’t be get rid of, the last thing the economy needs is to carry around a business which failed due to exuberance, poor management, miscalculated ambitions and only till a certain extent, suffered more due to archaic governmental policies…. only till a certain extent, being the pivotal point here.

Vijay Mallya had managed to copy Richard Branson on his style, and that’s about it.
Kingfisher chairman Vijay Mallya

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lufthansa New 747-8 Intercontinental

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (DLAKY, LHA.XE), launch customer for the new Boeing Co. (BA) 747-8 Intercontinental, said Thursday that Washington Dulles International Airport would be the first scheduled destination for the revamped jumbo jet.

Lufthansa Chief Executive Christoph Franz announced the move during a speech in the U.S. capital, and it comes weeks before the expected arrival of the first commercial passenger version of the new jet after years of delays caused by design and production issues.

Lufthansa has 20 of the new jumbos on order--the airline is by far the jet's biggest customer--each equipped with 386 seats, compared with the 340 fitted on the Boeing 747-400s currently used on the Washington route from its Frankfurt hub.

The airline flew its first Airbus A380 between Frankfurt and New York, and the choice of Washington for the 747-8i also carries symbolic value for Lufthansa.

Washington will, by next year, be the first and only U.S. city served by all of the big three Gulf carriers--Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways--whose expansion has been sharply criticized by Lufthansa.

Franz took another swing at the trio Thursday, describing the "gigantic state-financed growth" of airlines in the Middle East, though didn't identify any specific carrier.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Aboard To Oz - The Star


It takes more than magic and munchkins to bring The Wizard Of Oz to stage.

IT all began with a kid watching The Wizard Of Oz on television. Having directed the much-lauded Cabaret last May, Nell Ng was on the lookout for a new project for her Pan Productions to take on. But after working on that dark musical, she dearly wanted something “fun and colourful”.

“And then I saw a child watching The Wizard Of Oz, how delightful the experience was, and I thought, why not?” Ng says. And from that moment on, there was no stopping her following that yellow brick road (not even when executive producer Alizakri Alias pointed out how expensive staging it was going to be!).
Pan Productions is presenting a stage adaptation of the 1939 screen classic The Wizard Of Oz.

The homegrown production tells the tale of Dorothy, who is carried off with her dog Toto to the magical land of Oz by a cyclone, where her house crashes on the Wicked Witch of the East. Desperate to get home, Dorothy is sent to see the powerful Wizard of Oz by Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Along the way, she befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, each of whom have a wish they want to ask of the Wizard too. But hot on their heels is the Wicked Witch of the West, who wants to avenge the death of her sister and get the powerful ruby slippers that Dorothy is wearing.

“It is our biggest production so far, and especially when you consider that our first show two years ago, Always In Wonderland, had sets made of recycled materials, we’ve really come a long way,” says Ng, pointing out that besides the elaborate costumes and makeup, the show will feature the various setpieces central to the story, such as Dorothy’s house, Munchkinland and the Emerald City. Bringing these to candy-coloured life are sets by Melissa Teoh and costumes by Rickyy Wong, coupled with makeup by M.A.C Cosmetics.

“When it comes to the creative aspects, my team gives me exactly what I want. And I think I have a dream cast!” adds Ng.

Adapted for the stage from the beloved 1939 film musical, Pan Productions’ offering brings together some of Malaysia’s finest performers to bring the iconic characters to life, including Stephanie Van Driesen as Dorothy, Tria Aziz as the Wicked Witch of the West, Suhaili Micheline as Glinda and Mano Maniam as the Wizard.
The Wizard Of Oz will see Stephanie Van Driesen playing Dorothy and Tria Aziz as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Of course, the show would not be complete without the unforgettable trio of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion, which are played by Peter Ong (who also serves as executive producer), Radhi Khalid, and Zalina Lee, respectively.

Featuring a live orchestra, an ensemble cast of 17, and 27 children playing various roles – not to mention the adorable Wolfgang as Dorothy’s dog Toto – The Wizard Of Oz is set to completely immerse you in the world of Oz.

Ng says she isn’t too worried about her version being compared to the movie.

“There’s no right or wrong to the characters, and I let my actors create their own interpretations. That way, they can emote better because they can relate better to the roles,” she points out. “Of course, certain elements from the movie which are extremely memorable, will be there in our show too, but certain things will also be different. For example, while we’ve maintained the essence of the character, you’ll be in for a very different Glinda. Tria’s approach to the Wicked Witch too, is rather wacky and different, but it really works.”
Nell Ng directs the production while Alizakri Alias (seated) and Peter Ong are playing parts.

Of course, every true-blue fan ofThe Wizard Of Oz knows that the songs, such as We’re Off To See The Wizard and Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead are as much a part of the story as the characters; and who can forget that classic numberSomewhere Over The Rainbow? Fleshing the movie script out into a full-scale musical, however, required the addition of new songs, composed for the show by Eric Hah with lyrics by Ng.

“Obviously, the songs had to fit into the script and tell a story,” explains Ng. “We’ve done one more song for Dorothy, and Uncle Henry and Professor Marvel each have a song. Tria sings beautifully, so we’ve come up with two songs for her, and I really wanted a pretty song for Glinda, so we did that too.”

Much like twists and turns of the tale itself, Ng says every day brings something new to the production.

“We’re just taking it one rehearsal at a time at the moment. But we’re already flying, so I think the audience will definitely be in for a magical time!”

The Wizard Of Oz will be playing at Pentas 1, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) from April 28 to May 6 at 8.30pm, with additional matinee shows on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets, priced at RM85, RM105 and RM125, are available at KLPac (03-4047 9000) and The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (03-2142 2009). For more information, search for “The Wizard of OZ comes to KL!” on Facebook. A Charity Gala Night in aid of Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah will be held on May 1 ( for details).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Journey On The Yellow Brick Road

I know it has been a while since I last blog. There are so many mails I wish I really had time to reply everyone of you. I would say that I am doing better with a change of meds and all. I am just recently extremely busy with the rehearsals and preparing for the orchestra to get ready for the final work.

We are not 5 weeks to show time. Only 6 shows left. I am working out on the time and all to get everyone ready for the show. The finale song was finally out. Thanks to Alexander for companying me the whole night and see me write that song. Thank you for the company. Love you loads!

I will be posting less post for this coming few weeks. Every night when I am on bed, I drop dead totally. Just tired. But in a good way. We are already on the press for our magical journey. Tomorrow will be our very own press conference in Berjaya Hotel Times Square. I am anxious but I know we will be great for tomorrow. We will be having our first practise session too tomorrow night. I can't wait to gather all the musicians together. It will be great to have all of us together and work things out.

For my readers in KL, and those who are interested to come to the musical. Please do get the tickets at KLPAC box office or call the hotline now. Tickets are selling fast. For more info, everyone can refer to the following link.

I promise to keep myself updated. And thank you for all of the love you guys given me. I will reply all the emails as soon as possible. Do gimme some time. It is now crucial time but I know we gonna be great! Please do come and join us on this magical journey to Oz.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boeing 787 Delivery To Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines, second customer for the 787, will contractually take delivery of its first 787 on March 25 before a flyaway departure to Tokyo the following day. The final regulatory hurdle before delivery was cleared earlier this week when the Federal Aviation Administration gave final approvals to both the original Block 4 and PIP1 GEnx-1B engines. The two GEnx configurations will be interspersed among the early GE-powered 787 deliveries.

JAL will not take delivery of not one, but two 787s on Sunday, the program's first dual delivery. Delivery of Airplane 23 (JA822J) is firm at this point, while Airplane 33 (JA825J) may be slated for a late afternoon Monday flyaway as well, say program sources.

Pratt & Whitney PW1500 certification trials
The PW1524G, Bombardier's CSeries CS100 engine, has begun major FAA certification trials with icing runs at the engine-maker Manitoba, Canada facility. Certification tests official began in mid-January with low pressure turbine stress tests. The engine has undergone more than 1,350h of full testing and nearly 250h under the wing of the company's Boeing 747SP test bed. As of last week, P&W had completed 2000h split between the PW1500G and MRJ's PW1200G engines covering more than 5,000 cycles.

Trent 1000 reliability tops 99.9%
Five months after its introduction with All Nippon Airways, the Trent 1000 engine has topped a dispatch reliability of 99.9%, says Rolls-Royce. The engine-maker notes it is the best introduction of a new RR engine, which has flown more than 4,000h since its late October service entry.

On 22 April, the carrier will start nonstop services between Tokyo and Boston with the aircraft.

Later this year, JAL will also launch a nonstop Tokyo-San Diego service operated with the same 787.

The carrier, which has 25 firm orders for the 787-8 and 20 for the 787-9, plans to deploy the aircraft on routes between Tokyo and Beijing, Moscow, New Delhi and Singapore once the aircraft are delivered.

JAL also unveiled the cabin configuration of the aircraft. There will be 186 seats - 44 in business class in a 2-2-2 configuration and 144 in economy class in a 2-4-2 configuration.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Realm

Looking around in the darkness, the sensation arise with anger and fear. Being fallen into pieces and with time stop at the last finger struck. The beauty turns into a darkness. With the warm blood glowing with ruby shines. Feeling every single sensation that flows from within. I held my head high welcoming every single breath that is with me. Seeing everything passing through the winds. I look into the eyes of fear.

Holding up the anguish fire within and standing tall with no weapon. Love has abandon faith. Faith has abandon hope. The moment of holding a goodbye. But it will never come. I was holding on hope. Trying to reach out but no one hear me in the need of moment.

I fall into the realm where earth and sea combine. Trying to adapt to breath between this two elements.
It felt like drowning but yet I found myself comfortable in that realm. But I couldn't breath the air. I need to hold on but I was in the waters. The whole environment was dark and pitch black. I wanted to see but I just felt it was all peaceful. I was struggling but yet peaceful.

I turn into darkness where I only follow the glimpse of the earthly shadows.
But you were just not there any more.
Where am I?

Standing where two realms that never co exist together. Fire will never be peace with water. Earth will never combine with heaven. Ice will not live in the heat of the desert. But it felt right. At the place where I will never understand why am I in. It was frozen.

Arenaa Diner - A New Sensational Place To Be

Arenaa Diner - From the photo you see, who will ever think that this is a place located in the heart of KL. Yes no kidding. The out look at it gives us that feeling that we just some sort come out from a Broadway show and looking for a burger joint for a place to bite in the 50s. But no we don't need a time machine to go back in time to a place like this. 

Newly opened by a friend of mine. This place is located in the heart of KL. Jalan Tun Perak. No one will ever missed out this place along the road. Bright purple neon lights and with the setting and all. No one will ever say "I didn't see it.". It is a Japanese style Diner in Malaysia Specialise in Burger, Pasta, Japanese Rice Bowl and Late Night Supper

So far twice I have been there without planning. Out of being random. It was really funny story. Anyway, with the setting and all, I would say it is really awesome. To my Malaysian readers, please get there like NOW to know what I am talking about. You won't be sorry that you took the time to go. Did I mention this place is a open 24 hours? Yeah, you didn't read it wrong. It is now operating 24 hours a day. 

On the menu itself, I would say it is just perfect. The burger is sensational. I would also say, one of the the best place to find milkshake and chilli fries. Yeah me and my american choice. I will not deny I am bias towards this. It was really good. I love how the chilli fries is being served. In a cup. And I would say the burger was really awesome. For those who doesn't really fancy american food, they also have a great selection of Asian cuisine. I haven't tried their breakfast menu, but I think it is as awesome from how the way it looks like. I can't wait to get down once more for the food. 
I love the Strawberry Milkshake! 

I am still waiting to go dig myself into the pasta and the breakfast menu. Here are the information of this awesome place. I hope you guys will find it a new awesome place to hang out with friends. I know that is a place I will always suggest to go if I am with a bunch of my buddies. Can't wait to go there again. And they also have a beautiful stage. And the next target to go with is with Nell. 

Basic Info

Location23, Jalan Tun Perak,, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food Styles
American (Traditional)
Fast Food


Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Good For Kids
Take Out

Parking Lot

Public TransitMasjid Jamek Station, Pudu Sentral

Contact Info



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Last One

I can't believe that I can let it go.
The difference you make completely changed me.
I can't believe that I let you know.
Oh today it's gonna change, and rearrange me.

Cause time stand still now and we are the last one.
Cause everybody changing, and we may indeed make ache go.

I can't believe I didn't told you so.
I see your face and everything you shine so and
oh I can't breath you were so blind to see
oh the difference you make turn back the tables at me

Cause time stand still now and we are the last one.
Cause everybody changing, and we may indeed make ache go away.
Upon receiving the call from Ron to tell me The Last One was included in the album I was in heaven the moment I hear it. This song symbolize hope. A world that no one would understood. I can't wait to post this song for all of you to hear. Cornflakes, this is for you.

Batman did this song perfectly. The brighter side of life when we are in the dark. Trespassing will indeed be a hit. An album with flamboyant dance hits, rock, a little metal and some soul touching ballads. It is the album I am anticipating for a long time. I am so glad that I have this chance to learn so much from all these beautiful souls.


Sometimes it is just a a perspective how we see things or feel things. I know sometimes I get all emotional with my post but some of it wasn't really emotional at all. At point to point in life, we tend to grow with it. Just a better way for others to know what I am really writing about. I am a very annoying prick in real life who loves to irritate my friends around me. But on my perspective in life, even for one of my post about a "Good Goodbye" It wasn't really something emotional and sad. It was me having a proper closure of a past I use to have. Yes that song is kinda emotional and all. But in real life, I am not feeling sad nor anything.

It is some sort more of a celebration of freedom for me. I bound myself with a love that wasn't mine to hold. But I did talk about this to a friend a week ago. The only thing I was holding on to was myself. And the biggest part of me was not able to let go that past. Even I say it is a closure. Common people, we are earthly bound beings. We have our emotions and so on. But the fact is we are also learning in life. I would say our past, it is something that we will never able to let go. But treat it more of a memory that keeps us going being better and better. I know some people tend to hold on, some tend to just move on, some even tend to have rebound, or the most common one is ignoring the past. Everyone has the right to decide what they wanted in life. Especially in love, there is not right or wrong.

Even for myself, I am in love with someone who was a past and became my present and future. But what does that love have to be? A love that gives hope? Settling down with that person in life and so on? Or I should say that it is something on our own accord? Being in love is a gift. Being able to love is what we are made to be. So how does that perspective put in place? My answer is, be what you wanna be and love the way you can love. There isn't a right thing or a wrong thing to be. Life is a bitch but I could say we are bigger bitches than life. We can't always have the best, but what we can do is make the best out of what we have. Life would stay in a more beautiful perspective.

I know I was a pain in the ass at my earlier part of life. But looking back and seeing what I am now, I guess I would say I am good with what I have in life now. Even how I wanted to be and loving that person I have now. It is just a way of life that makes me complete. So, no complains. I am good.

Good Goodbye

Here we are again, all alone.
Standing here with you, now I see.
We fought so hard, and there is just one thing to do

This is our good goodbye,
Coming around for sometime,
We gotta let go of the lies
We gotta move on with our lives
This is our good goodbye,
It's never a good goodbye

Here we are again, I just don't wanna face it.
Cause I know your heart, belongs with someone else.
We ran so far, and there is just one thing to do

I know I know we are both are not meant to be together
I know I know I guess I just love you more.

But this is our good goodbye.

After buying Diana DeGarmo new release on iTunes today. Listening to it make me realize sometimes, it is just me holding myself back and not letting myself go. There is something I really do feel tired I was holding on a certain reason which I never understand. I know it felt so right whenever you are around but the fact is the lies I told myself that it will be different.

I guess in many ways I just don't wanna hold on to something that wasn't mine to begin. It was all history repeats. I am so tired that it will always be that way. Letting go of myself that is. I knew somehow I had a little too much on my plate to just keep myself from not going on with what life has to offer.

I somehow should let go and see what I am really worth holding on to. I know I have a great family that supports whatever I do in life. I have friends who will always be there for me. And someone I love to support and be there for. I should have make the best with what is with me. Time to let go. For me to let go of myself for something that never meant to be.

How Everything You Are To Me

If the day should ever come
That the love we found has come
And the dreams we shared have drifted away
Though I know the golden sun
Still shines down on everyone
My cold world would never be the same

So I'll send a prayer
One day you'll see
Someday you'll realize
How everything you are
How everything you are to me

I can't expect you to know
Something that I never show
But the whirling of the world gets in the way
And it's not that I don't care
And it's not that I don't wanna share
But some of these words are just too big to say

So I'll send a prayer
Someday you'll see
One day you'll realize
I'll send a prayer

Someday you'll see
One day you'll realize
How everything you are
How everything you are to me

Sunday, March 18, 2012


It was a beautiful day to wake up to. Even though that yeah I agree with all my friends 4 hours of sleep is not enough. But sometimes, when we do what we love to do, it just make sense. Things will fall into place. I am surprise that within 2 hours, I finish all the listed work I need to do for the day. So time for me to go back to bed? I am not sure I wanted that.

Sitting here wondering how are you doing at the moment. I look at my phone but I foresee the reply you would say. Convincing to have a little more faith everything will be alright. But there are some sad news that comes to me today. I wanted to surprise you with the F1 Rocks Malaysia Concert with Kylie & Kelis coming and all. But I am sad to say the organizers decided to call it off. I was looking forward to put that big smile on your face after all the things you are facing in life now.

But no matter what life goes on. At least I didn't go break the news and seeing you with that disappointed face. Somehow I am at twitter waiting for some sorta news from you. I know it will be a tough week for you. And seriously, I got no idea how your body is coping at the moment. I am now listening to "Crying Is Beautiful" and letting all the emotions flows in. breathing in every breath of air, praying that you gonna make it.

I prove one thing right. With the passion and perseverance on what we are doing, we can make things happen. I know I am blessed with all the beautiful souls around me. I just hope to get through this and make my life right again.

To my Cow, Somehow this emotion let me write something beautiful. I know you will be reading this. I know you will be the only one to feel the emotions I am feeling now and sing it with that soulful voice of yours. I can't wait to see you next week. I miss you so much.

I know now I am infected to write a post which doesn't make sense with the topic. Sorry~

Holding You Tightly . 用力抱著

I had a almost 2 hours conversation with one of my angels tonight. In a way, she was tired and couldn't hold to her own faith. I am not talking about her problems here but I wanna dedicate this to her. Ms Tan, this is for you! Out of no where, I came across this beautiful tune by 梁靜茹-用力抱著. I realize I haven't been listening to chinese tune for the longest time ever. Somehow I felt what she felt tonight after the conversation.

First, I have to admit I am impress with the energy level of mine that kept me going till now at 3 in the morning. But I promise I will be going to bed right after this. Thinking of someone I love at this very moment. Somehow I miss you very much. Maybe you would not even know I do at times like this. I know something wasn't right but I don't know why. All I know when you wanna talk about it you will. All I could do is being there for you whenever you need me. I am thankful to even have you in life now.

Listening to Ms Tan tonight, it made me realize what loving someone means to me. In many ways, it isn't about changing for someone we love. But just accept the person for who he is. Which leads me to this topic. I am not saying this because I love you. But I wish sometimes, you would see what is life about and how beautiful it could be. But having said that, I know loving you is something I need to learn is letting go. I know to many of my readers it won't make any sense. But to those who knows what is going on. I think this will be putting a big smile on your faces. Even I know you guys were thousand miles apart from me.

Letting go in what sense many would ask. Letting go in myself. I should be forgiving myself. Because loving you is not a curse. It is a blessing. With that I am facing in life, it makes perfect sense. I know we will have each other till the very end of time. All I have to do is to reach out. In a way I know for weeks I didn't. As beautiful being in love is, I know in many ways, it was something we would never understood why and it is something that I would never know what the answer will be. But when I stood in your shoes, it just makes perfect sense. But like I say before, when no one is there to understand you, I will try my best to do so. When you think no one loves you, I am loving you in every breath I take.

There are ups and down in life that is for sure. But all I can say is I will play my part being there for you. I believe maybe it is all fate that brought us together. It was something I will always hold on to. like how the song put it together. I know love has brought life back in me. And in the near future, I will have a big change in life. I know you will stand just right beside me when I tell you I needed you. Holding me and telling me it will be ok. Even when now we are apart, the only thing you always wanted is me being happy and so do I wanted that for you. Every day, when I wake up, I would see are there any massages or mails from you. It gives me a sense of home. Something I couldn't put in words showing you how much it meant to me.

Someone once told me and I strongly still believe.
Love is the only thing that keeps the earth goes round.

Social Network 2.0

I do not know why this thing always get to my nerves. I really think sometimes I hate logging into Facebook to see so dumb stupid post that really insult our intelligences and yet people still share it. The most idiotic thing I have ever come across today was using the pricing of a Toyota Camry that is in Malaysia and in Dubai. For goodness sake people. I do not know what is wrong with the people.

The thing is I am not a pro government or any party here. Yes I do hate the fact that corruption and all. But using this to take down your opponent? God, I don't need another dumb ass to run this country. But do I have a better leader? NO! I mean people, get your brains working. To be a first world country and the sustainabily, to achieve a high income status country there are a lot more factors than this. Do you guys who share those news out think that seriously the opposition will able to bring down the pricing of the cars to what Dubai is doing? Common people, what is our economical income comes from? It is just hilarious. I was just talking to a friend complaining how the US government have their debate like kids! And here we are sharing something that doesn't make any sense.

I seriously doubt how many people would know what is our current country economy is running. As of the current data for Malaysia are as below

Malaysia's latest data (Feb'12) 
Inflation: 3.0% | Poverty: 2.5% | Unemployment: 3.0% | Forex reserves: US$134.1b | FDI: US$9.4b (2010), US$14.3b (Jan-Nov'11) | HDI: 76.1 | GDP growth (Y): 5.1% | GDP per capita (PPP): US$14,670 | GDP per capita (Nom): US$8,423 | GNI per capita (Atlas): US$7,900 | Credit rating (S&P): A | External/Public debt to GDP: 28.5%/53.8% | Total trade value: US$422.6b | Tourism: 24.71 mil | Urbanisation: 73% | Market Cap: US$438b | Competitiveness: 21st | DBR: 18th

I know many of you know what the data is all about. But many out there don't give a damn about this. But seriously just don't care is an attitude for us to hold? Should we just keep on expecting? We are not Dubai. Look at their reserve. Of course with that they could actually have a total number of 90 Airbus A380 on order. They don't need a full load to even start to care. 

I am really not sure what I will do this upcoming election. I do see the power of social network could get to a person and even bringing down a country. I am not blaming anyone but the education system and environment. We are a democratic country. Even before the conspiracy case of Anwar. Before judgement everyone says he will be guilty even before the trail. But what was the outcome? I literally rub that on my dad's face and I did try to talk sense to him. YES WE NEED A CHANGE! But it has to start with us. 

Many just don't realize that their actions just kinda slap themselves in their own face. I can also just don't bother about this issue and just move on to other post. But the fact is I do think as a citizen I would want a real change for my own country. This is my responsibility. I really do urge that let's stop all this hilarious jokes and stop make ourselves look like a fool. Take pride in our country. No matter who we wanted our leader to be, do it the right way. Take ourselves seriously. Make that change. Change what we want our country to be. Speak for yourself. Not follow blindly what others may say. No one should take pride of showing what a fool we are. We are ready to take the status of a develop country from a developing one. We are ready to have a stronger economy status. Change what we have to do. Start from ourselves.

Hardship In Love

After a long day dealing with the upcoming musical. I finally reach home and lying down getting ready for bed. I am surprise with the energy level I have today. Somehow I am still able sit here and blog with just 3 hours sleep  in 50 hours. I was just going through some blogs that I follow. And when I come across this. I find I have to share with all of you. Honestly I find it very beautiful.

There will be a big change in my life within these few months. Knowing clearly where my direction is. Had a good long talk with my cow. She is as angelic as she is. Listening to her annoying voice on my iTunes while writing this. How ironic that could get. Anyway, not to stray from my post, sometimes I look at a beauty side in life now and accepting the fact of able to get the things I do with just a little more faith in myself.

Honestly in the past, I would still end up in my bed at times like this. Feeling weak and all. But I choose not to let in with it this time round. Got up and make things out of the best I could do. Loving the fact what I was doing. The songs are in place. The tedious part of arrangement is mad. But I have two awesome protégé who make this even better. From Tango to Bosanova. Ballad to up tempo dance. Things are just crazily good. But having that faith in the things we love doing. I think I found a perfect way to know what I wanted in life make everything fall into place.

This leads me to the blog I read. Which caught me in so many places. The love of what we are passionate about. To a thing we do to the person we love. It was just purely the love we are able to make this change. I know by the power of love and having faith in those we love, it gives you a pure energy to make it all right. I know when my working mode is on, I am a little extreme. But in a good way I would say so. As what I would feel or how I feel, just come watch the musical. I believe everyone will leave with a surprise and a sense of touched to the heart. That I would promise.

Just to share what I read earlier with you guys. Like I use to quote.

Love is fair, Love has no jealousy, Love see no discrimination, Love do not put us in difference of age, sex, gender and religion. Love is kind and Love is patient.

With all the hardships and pain
laughs, long talks
sometimes we drive each other insane
but when it comes to loving you
I do
no one could ever compare
because no one is as support, caring, and true
with all my heart
I love you more and more
from start to end to end from start
our loves grows
with every breath we take
you are my love my hear my soul
no matter what the price
or risks I must take
or even what I have to sacrifice
you are my best friend
I will be here with you until the end.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Listening to Mariah Carey's Hero. Listening to how she put in her own words. Knowing the fact this song is to inspire everyone with a dream. Honestly, I am thinking of a certain someone today. The whole time in fact. I am not sure what happen but I am hoping that everything is well. Maybe you were tired or something. I am not sure at all. But honestly, I really am thinking what happen. Trying not to worry. Just praying that you are well.

The lyrics for this song was perfect. You were my hero that is all I can say. I just wish you were here again. Honestly, I miss you very much. Somehow I do not know where are you now, but I do miss talking to you. Miss you being that cute annoying little boy around. I don't know, every time when I think of you. I will smile and it brings me some peace no matter what I am going through. All I could say was I am helpless sometimes that I couldn't lessen your pain. I really wish I could just hold you close to give you the warmth and care you deserved.

I am moving on to a new place now in life. A point where I will start a new beginning. After months and months after all the pain I was having. I decided to start on the meds now myself. I know for a longer journey. I wish to see you smile day by day. I wish to see you happy with someone you love and kids around you. I held myself close and I know that was all I wanted. To honor my hero, I know I will not be afraid of what I am. There will be an answer if I reach in my soul and all the sorrow will melt away. And here I would say, good night and to have my rest as I know that was always a wish of you to see me well. But I just wanna say out loud. I miss you very much.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Before, After, Now.

Before I was a loner
Always brooding in my own shelter
Thought love would never stop by ever
As I couldn’t find that special lover.
Then I met you one summer
For hours we sat and talked to each other
Like old friends we were, I remember
Funny that I could find a soul mate in a stranger.
I knew then I have found the perfect partner
Someone I could love and cherish forever
Now, my love has only grown deeper

After I was a lover
Always having a home to go back to
Thought love would never ever leave me ever
As I found you in my life.
One summer I was straying away from the side walks
Then Satan brought me together with a past
We were like strangers once more, I remember
Funny was I didn't think it would hurt me
I knew I was to lose you even you were perfect
Someone I could love and cherish forever
Now, my love has failed only deeper

Now I was blessed again.
Having my own shelter and a home
As I have all the love again.
After years being a loner and one winter
I found you in my life again.
Funny that we met in that weird way that you never knew me
But in many ways, I knew I was blessed, I remember.
Even life has it's own way 
I know now nothing I will do to not see you smile
Just cherish every moment that we may have.
Someone I could fall on and spread my wings to have you safe
Now that is a love that I will never dream of.


As I sit and let my thoughts drift
Calm and contentment take hold of my mind
Because each time I let them adrift
They always come back to you, I find.
Our love came deep and swift
So special to have these feelings that bind

Or will it be a curse?

Holding tight to myself,
Letting it filled me with all the sensual bind
I let myself in while holding on something which was never to start with
They always come back to you, I find.
Our love wasn't ours
It was special to have these feelings that bind
Till everything wasn't right any more.









Thursday, March 15, 2012



听着歌,伴着雨滴拍打车窗的声响,火车的隆隆声,还有过隧道时的一种特别的呼啸声,因为那仿佛让我短暂地存在属于山的某个秘密地 方,或者幻想着用爱因斯坦的相对论用超光速将我抛到另个时空。
















Listening to the only tune bring me some peace. I had a good 23 hours without any pain attacks till now.
Trying to distract myself from the pain. Had my meds and waiting for it to take effect.
Trying to let myself go in my own realm. With Sarah Connor singing in the background.
Her rendition of Hallelujah brings me to a calm state. Closing my eyes, I see you face beside me.
Holding me and telling me to hold on. But once I opened my eyes you were not there any more.
Holding myself close to myself on the bed. Trying to get all the pain away.
I was once again I tried to close my eyes. Feeling you holding me closely telling me everything will be ok.
I try to let go of the sensation within. Thinking back that moment. I am asking myself why am I doing this again.
I really couldn't hold on to my own faith. I felt helpless but I know all will be over soon.
I emailed my Cow and telling her what I felt. All she did was telling me to hold on and it will be over.
At times, I wonder where and when will it be over?
Somehow I don't wanna know any more. Holding on to myself again close, feeling my own warmth.
I know it will be. Up above he will always look down upon me.
It has been 12 years. But it seems like yesterday I was sitting in JFK waiting for your arrival.
This is something I will never get over no matter how long the time could take.
I miss you very much Isaiah. My brother. We all missed you dearly.

Certainties Fades

Where do we go from here?
This isn't where we intended to be
We had it all, you believed in me
I believed in you

Certainties disappear
What do we do for our dream to survive?
How do we keep all our passions alive,
As we used to do?

Why are you at my side?
How can I be any use to you now?
Give me a chance and I'll let you see how
Nothing has changed

Deep in my heart I'm concealing
Things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away

You must love me

Whenever I listen to this song, maybe it is because I am close to what the character was in. It was certainly being in love with a heavy heart. I wonder sometimes, is it because of this I try not to feel that much? Or should I say the passion that was burning within. Many times, when you are in love, what do you feel? Looking back at the lyrics. That is somehow what being in love is. I do not deny or I am not saying that this is a healthy thing to be. But when you are in love, somehow that is how you feel. Yes, with the part that life is, we certainly enjoy the beauty part of it. But we tend to look pass that hard part. I don't know. Maybe that was part of how I screw up a beautiful marriage. I know this may be something personal. But just something that really hits me. 

In the lyrics I guess I never knew how does the character feels till I am facing it today. At many points, I know by saying this I am giving a slap in my face. I do push the person I love away whenever I am in a bad position. I know that from time to time, I should be getting use to it considering it is 7 years now. But till the moment I met Mr D again. I felt nothing I am going through in me could compare to what he is going through. I know somehow we are very much alike but yet very different. Whenever we are in our own world, we just tend to get sucked into this black hole that no one ever see. Somehow, I guess because of this, I wanna be there at all times. But in so many ways, I felt helpless whenever I am sick again. It was like yesterday. But I am glad he is alright.  

And at the chorus of the song. I guess Arakin San will be slapping me non stop whenever I say this. I know your effort and I know all the beautiful things you have inspired me. But just sometimes, at down points, I am also like you in that way. But I am not as strong as you are to face it in many ways. Yes I do find that that it is hard. It is not because I refuses to change. But I do not wanna deny the fact I am just the way I am. I am not saying it is a very healthy thing. But I did try to change. But in the end, I was more miserable. I don't wanna end up at my death bed knowing I didn't gave my all to make myself happy. In many way, I know you guys would understand. 

What's wrong with me with songs and emotions nowadays. I need to post more commercial stuff. Sorry for filling in so much emotional post these days. This is just something I wanna share.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I lay beside you, I can't sleep
And you don't even know about me
My back is turned a world away
And you don't even know
These tears are falling
And all my life, and all this time
My love for you has added up to this
It's unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

I've lost your thousand silent screams
I'm coming down this brutal mountain
I'm ready here to try again
Standing in the light from the darkness
And all my life and all my time
And all the hurting and all the working
It somehow made me stronger in the end
It's unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

And all my life and all this time
And all the prayin' and all the meeting
And all the beating, it somehow makes us better in the end
It's unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

It was a gift. It was beautiful. It was love. It was like echo in the rain. I will always here it.
I listen to the point where love begins. I never knew it was such a great place to be. In a way, I had a talk to a close friend not far from the past. Life has treated me well. But in also many ways, life had brought me through a little too fast. At the age of 28, I sometimes felt it was 40. I am not complaining much on what I am now as it has brought me into a way much I wanna be. Sometimes just seeing life it was really a great journey. It was unbroken. Everything that I went through makes me realize how fast life could do in such a short period. Closing my my eyes and breath in everything. Sometimes, I really realize what a jerk I use to be. Somehow I still don't really see the how could I move on from then. Many ways and many things lead me to a certain point of endangering myself. I wonder many times, why do I get myself into drug problems in the past? Why do I screw up everything when I have all to start with.

But this is life. I am glad so many great souls were with me to keep my spirit up. A life where things are just beautiful as it was even at some point I still wonder why. Like even now, I do ask that question why me? Why now? Why all has to be now. But no matter how much I asked, nothing will gonna change a single thing  now. So I just am going to make the best out of everything I have now. No matter what I am going through. It is still curable. I know one day soon. Things will be better.

I know now I miss you very much. But I couldn't just show it out. As the deeper it stays in my heart. I know one day all will be well and it will be better. I know my faith and hope are broken after knowing the news from the doctor. But what the hell with it. I have been fighting so long. Just need a little more faith. It will be well. I know it will.


1:38pm Malaysia Time.

Lying here after reading a tweet. My heart was pumping up and down.
I couldn't stop thinking what went wrong. I don't know what happen.
At this very moment, I am lost and it was like my heart just stop.
I know you are somehow still alright. But just can't keep my mind calm.
I kept wondering what kinda accident you have got into.
I called and text. Should I keep calling? Should I ask for help?
That tweet was 37minutes ago. I still need you to be there for the musical.
I need you to be proud of me. I am really freaking out. But I couldn't move. I am helpless.
I wish I am well and healthy at this moment. I felt useless. I couldn't do anything at all if the worst happen.
Not just to you but to anyone I cared and love.

1:47pm Malaysia time.
"Ah, finally you are back."
A text received. It felt like all the colors has come back into the world.
I didn't even know what to do or how to react. I somehow knew it was due to the effects of certain meds.
I knew there ain't anything at all I would able to do. Looking at all the people around that is lying lifelessly.
It was like a lullaby. I close my eyes wishing it was just the sun set and knowing you will be alright.

Safe & Sound is playing in the background, I felt a soothing breeze touches my face. I know I should stop worrying and don't let the shadow that killed me overpower my only will. You will be alright. No one can hurt you now. The music kept me going from one place to another. I felt my body giving me a sense of strength. I knew the rest was all would lead me on. Breathing the air and feeling the soft wind touches my skin. One day, that day would come when I am able to see you again. When I look like a healthy and happy person. Once more, it will be a part of a journey. I have to go on. I have to.

Remembering a moment when I was at the Brooklyn Bridge, I look out at the river and have that wish. I will see that come true. I just want you to be there when that happen.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


At the opening of a closing. I am defeated at last.
Somehow the only thing that had me going was the heart that beats.
I learn it the hard way, and let it never let it go that far.
My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't whole to start with.
I am beaten up by faith, I am broken by hope.
The only weakness I have was in my eyes.
I saw pain and fear waiting to greet me.
But maybe there is another road I might just catch a glimpse them..
Looking at the blood flowing out with life. 
Closing the only way passway that you see me.
The only damage has been done. Thinking of all the love I will lose.
My conviction was blinded by your spotlight.
I can't fight no threat, as it was no use to go anywhere now.
This would be the last song I would write here as time comes to an end.
It was never easy to say goodbye for me. 
Closing up the whole chapter at the very end.

If I seem distant
Baby I am
Words are like scissors in your hands
And there is no script to follow
So I just close my eyes
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

I feel just like an actor
Up on the stage
I cant believe
What Im hearing myself say
And the porch light is my spotlight
So I play along with this life
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

Did you ever love me?
Does it even matter?
Did you even notice the whole world shatter?
I just want to hold you til you know Im sorry
But I just keep it all inside
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

My heart feels like a circus
Its to much to take in
Its hard to lose love
But you were my best friend

So I walk this high wire
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

Monday, March 12, 2012


The only thing today that made me smile was the promo video of our production.
Lying here on a strange bed. I was trying to find some peace with my own. 
At points today I couldn't even sit up to start with. I don't know what is going wrong with me. 
I am feeling a lot of cutting edges from within. Beside blogging and looking at the news feed from Facebook, I couldn't do much. Starting to feel a little helpless as I was.

I look out from the window, the evening skies is so beautiful. 
I wonder again, how long will it last? The other person lying beside me is having way much more pain to handle compare to what I am going through. I close my eyes and telling it is ok.
I ask my mother to leave me alone today. I couldn't bare her to see me this way. 
Even I know there is way much more she could do but I just don't want her to see me this way.

At times I wonder how long more I need to actually do this. Eventually I will get tired and just don't wanna do this any more. But there will always is a but. I wish somehow there isn't at all.
Trying to keep things positive for myself, I am now listening to Coming Home by Gwyneth Paltrow. 
Somehow it gives me the warmth whenever I am feeling down.
I will be going on meds in a few hours. Hopefully I would stop all the sensation which is going through me now.

Yes, I am still thinking about you. Somehow I felt I was just naive enough to kinda do something stupid.
All I could do is looking at twitter waiting for some news.
And the versa " I am finally coming home " came playing. It made me think where is really home for me?
I know somehow I don't wanna put up with all these tune. It is beautiful and yet strong in words. 
And I know that it was the time of breaking. For the first time for the longest time, all the strength in my body is like being vacuum out from. The only thing I could move is my head and fingers. 
The body felt the coldness of an old friend. Closing my eyes, I am telling myself repetitively,
I cannot break. Not at times like this. Waiting for all the pain to go away. I know I will see you again. Soon. Real soon...

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