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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blank Empty Moments.

I realize when dark moments comes into my life, I just got no more place for me to write. I somehow felt that at this moment, I felt so empty, hopeless,and things are just relatively just shattered into pieces.I realise now at points now in life, I couldn't find words to write any more. Because there is no other way to write any more. Knowingly this, I would just close my eyes and sleep. Many may wonder why I posted an empty post. To those who happen able to read , I really don't know how to express more. The heart is too heavy to carry on.I sometimes just wish life giving me a second chance. But when I have that, my time is not with me.I know one thing that I still felt guilty for all the pain I have cause James. I will never forgive myself to have hurt someone who love me that way. And I guess it is just Karma. My love will never be answered. No one to blame. Just knowing the only thing is my body doesn't and will never gimme this chance to make it right. Sleeping through the pain day by day. This is just a broken soul will have to pay his dues. My tears flows where no one will ever see. Taking all up as a man.


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