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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lily and I

It's the way you speak to me,
And the way you smile at me,
It's the way you handle me with care,
Like you're an elegant divine Lily
that peers to be cared for.

And so you always get put in water,
So that you can breathe without hesitation,
Without trouble,
Everyday you get this special treatment,
It's something precious and valuable
I cannot live without,
It can't be replaced by any sort
of acid or "Magical water,"
Like a Lily and I,
we both need care and love to live.

I hold you diligently,
devoting my life to keep you safe,
From the hottest summers;
to the coldest winters,
I will eternally love you for that.

Your sensual touch illuminates my heart,
Yet it's innocent,
We'll endure this forever.

Your enchanting gaze that brings passion
into my eyes and lips,
You release so much tension,
It builds inside until you bring me closer and closer,
That tension soon can no longer carry itself,
You let yourself go and I do the same,
We remove the space between our faces.

I love you.


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