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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angels Are Always Watching Over Me.

In the beauty of life itself, the power of balance are what that is to make it and break it. Honestly, I felt blessed with what I have in life. At the low point in life yet again, all it takes is to let those that care for you to come in. Yes at times like this, I never expect that giving a little attention to those that needed who you care and love makes it so big difference. And for the first time during the conversation I am kinda proud of myself that I admitted myself I fell in love with someone I cared for. I was thinking of a nick name for you as I think it is not right to expose the identity. Thinking of it, at this point, you shall be Mr Shinigami! hahaha...

After a long talk at the place I am hiding at this moment, that 55minutes call was just it takes to make things right. I finally understood what you were talking about to love oneself for us to enable others to know what we could do for those we love. And I agree with you that you are right. I neglect myself. And the source of aura to love was weak. But when I face my fears and what I am lacking the past few days, at least I know I took the first step to admit to Mr Shinigami that I fell in love with someone! And seriously I am really blessed with having people that don't judge me at all. Staying true and communicating whatever they have in mind. And after so long, while talking to Mr Shinigami, I kinda tear up while talking about a certain topic. But I think he didn't notice. (Hopefully) but yeah, honestly some random topics and heart to heart talk about life. I really gotta plan my trip to visit Mr Shinigami. I nearly wanted to type he place and that is not good. Hahaha. . . Kinda needed a place to be with a friend who cares and just see you for who you are. Taking everything off the mind.  Thanks so much.

And in the afternoon, Cornflakes was the saviour. And I think I should stop rambling about this or else I would be as random as someone else. And now listening to Kelly's cover of Adele's Make You Feel My Love, it just somehow got deep down. I wonder all of this is karma? I don't know and I shall just embracing this. All I know now even its kinda too late, but falling in love with you is not a need to and it is also not the excuse I take because you are in need or so. It is just something the heart couldn't deny. Mr Shinigami, thank you for making me realize and supporting me this way.

In ways now, I see the beauty of life with the love I could share and give. All those energy doesn't matter any more. The colours of the world just filled back whenever I think what I could just make you smile. I know now my way in life. I start to appreciate myself more. At least today is also the first time I stood up for myself and fight what is rightfully mine. Ricky, you are doing good! Keep it up!

Anyway, 2012 is kind to me. I know what I should do and deserve to be. Al we have to do sometimes, is take a step back and look from the outside. I know what I wanna do for the next few months. I will stay true to myself. Loving the one I love. No caring whatever you gonna do to push me away. I am not asking anything in return. Just want you well and smile. That is what I pray for every day and every night.

You walk your own life. You decide who to give your love. You decide every step  in life.


  1. Nani !!!! Watashi wanaidesu Mr Shinigami ... Watashi namae Arakin San!! Wakari Eric-kun !!!??!



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