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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stereotype - Sex Sells

Ok now, many may wonder why these few weeks I have been posting some semi nude or some steamy softcore pictures on my blog. I conclude that SEX SELLS!

Somehow it also concludes that we are all stereotypes in our very own way. Which is not a happy thing to agree with. This is my findings after 2 weeks of posting simulating photos on my posts. Whenever a post without or which doesn't have steamy hot guys of softcore images, on average a day my readers would be 900-1500 readers a day. But however I just posted something about something that stimulates our very own human nature, I have on average 1500-2000 readers in 2 hours! Hilarious isn't it?

Honestly, I am not writing any kinda exotic hot steamy stories. My post mostly are just emotions and interest me in life. But somehow we can't deny we live in a culture where we are grow to be this way. Whenever our instincts tells us. But I really wonder sometimes, are we all this way? Look what are we surrounded with in life?

Even in the real economy world, look at how A&F are. Selling point are men! How do they sell themselves? Through sex. I am not saying that it is a bad thing. I do think they are seriously good in their marketing strategy! I am not saying all these are a bad thing or what. But just a realization that we are this way. Our in depth of understanding of what triggers us in real life.

I still remember the conversation I had with one of my angels earlier last week. About judgement and how people label you in life. But somehow it is a culture that we are living in. As the first instinct that reflect in our mind are the things we are build to be in this world. In another perspective, we can still live in this culture but put out the judgement part of someone. I know sometimes it is really hard for us when anger and frustration and even bad emotions we have. We tend to lose control. But what I am trying to say is sometimes we can really make a smile than making others feel inferior in life. What do we gain? Pride?

Honestly, I would say I am a person who has the lowest self esteem in life. I don't even feel good when I look in the mirror. I judge myself. But somehow I try to change this in myself. Trying everyday to tell myself that I love how I am. (Which honestly didn't work at the mean time) but I know I will get there one day. We are living in a stereotype world we do not deny. And it is not a bad thing at all. But sometimes when it comes to words, just remember we can really change all those barbs into roses. Even judging ourselves. I am just a normal regular guy who loves life as it is and I wanted to make myself feel better everyday. I know I am no where near at the moment, but I know one day I will get there. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You may like it you may hate it. But guess what, the person that judge you sometimes may not even remember who you are after saying so. Or even the most beautiful person in the world may even be judge for something. But everyone is free to be who they are. If they are happy with it, let them be.

And I wanted to emphasize on one thing again! I am not comparing the world and saying this culture is bad. It is just a way we see things. Sometimes, even the ugliest thing may be the most beautiful thing in life. It is all about perceptions. Love has no rules, love have no boundaries, love have no judgement. love is everywhere. This is a beautiful life to be in if all of us could just sometimes put ourselves aside from all we see from our eyes and let love take over once a while It is a beautiful place to be in.


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