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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Beautiful Day

I think I got my groove back. Somehow accepting myself isn't that hard. Thanks to a certain individual. I learn how to do that. I now feel the awesomeness in life yet again. Yes the stress of work is getting to me, but what the hell without some drama in life right?

For the past few days I was contemplating on the fact how people treated others. Maybe I was just naive. Kept believing in the goodness on a certain person in life which I know its utterly just a waste of my time. I guess time is something we need to digest everything. I think for now, it is time for me to get back to my friends and love ones. I know at times and points I abandoned them. Many may not see it that way as they understood I was going through a rough time. I think I owe all of you a big hug.

I come to one point now that I really don't care much of the non important things that kept bugging me. I feel that I have misplaced my faith in other issues. But coming back to where I am, the worst was I felt I wasn't a good friend at all. I know that Mr D is extremely sick these past few days and I didn't had the courage to even ask, how are you in the morning. Sometimes I stared at my iPad thinking should I sent that morning greeting in the morning. I know of all people you would totally understand me.

A few days ago, I was actually having this anxiety about one of my big 3. He suddenly just went missing. But out of tiredness. I totally could understand that. But I still hate you for going missing! But yes, it made me crazy over your where about.

I was having a meeting and coffee with Nell yesterday. And suddenly, ( As usual for her randomness ) she just pop out and ask me about how things are going and have I met anyone new? I was like.. Stunned for a moment. Honestly I find myself confining myself for the reason I don't even know why. Then it got me thinking. Maybe I am contented with what I have? or maybe I am just too drained out from everything that is happening in life? Honestly, what the hell with it. I guess being alive everyday is what we need to do. I feel the awesome love from my angels and friends. Even Ed Ed, who flew in from NYC just to catch up with me. How am I not blessed. Even at home doing work, I am like anticipating one of my "Music Kaki" - MK to post his awesome choice of music that always make me feel good about it. And I am really have to make our meeting possible this time round. I don't know, it is just someone who understands you in music. Isn't that awesome?

Sitting in the sun right now, feeling my bare legs on the fresh grass, it makes me wanna do what I do. Continue giving back. I guess I can officially say that the bitch is back in action! I am blasting my original music loud for oz on the headphone. I think everything is falling into place. I am really seeing the bigger picture. I know the best thing in life is when everything goes wrongly. Accept that everything in life happens for a reason. Life is too short to worry about these kinda nonsense! Firstly I wanted to do is to give more love to those I love. And nothing is gonna stop me. No matter how far are you. I love you with my all! Second is I think being nice doesn't really suits me. I am going back to the bitch I am. I know some of you may think that when I was nice I was not, then too bad! I am just Eric and he is back to his two feet. Third and more will be updated as I do not know now which is what I wanted now. But taking every step in life with pride and love.

And here by another thing I wanna introduce here in my blogging world is Voon Foong. Some rare gem Mr G found me to help me out on the musical! I am like OMG with his passion! He just reminded me so much of myself when I was younger. No doubt the potential in him. So Malaysia Music Scene, beware of this big star in the making! I will assure that great things to come from him. I will be meeting with him to talk further on our show! Beware! Wizard Of Oz comes to KL by Pan Production will be the most awesome musical of the year~ I can assure you of that! Thank You Nell for the directions! I love you so much!
This picture reminds me so much of the joy and love I had during my Wicked Birthday in Singapore.


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