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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Island

How much I love my family. I told Mr D that they are horribly lovely! That is how I describe them. I love them to the max and nothing comes close to that. But they are all as annoying as I am. Its just runs in the blood. Anyway, I had a few rounds of heart attack given by my "Beloved" Mr D~ I woke up in the morning checking my tweets and I saw no updates. Thinking that he might still be in bed or something so as usual I didn't wanna call to disturb his rest. All of a sudden out of no where here comes a text message on my phone with just two words. "I'm Dead:"

I literally guessing that he must have pull himself to work and he is not feeling good now at work. But somehow, it was not that bad. he was actually driving back home after being shoo off by his boss back home to rest. The best part was he is now having dizziness and he has to drive a "short distance" back home which is from Kota Kemuning to Kepong. How wonderful is that. But somehow I just felt the helplessness from his voice. Trying to be cheerful and all. But I know he is taking it slow and glad you start to open up and talk. Take one step at a time. Things gonna be fine. You still got me here walking you through life. You are not alone.

Anyway, I am heading off to an Island today.Where? Lets anticipate. It's a working and leisure trip all together. All I can think of is.. I am not going to be a spoiler now. Just hold on first and you guys shall know. Somehow it is a good day today. I know it will be. Mr D showing improvements and all. Dad being as annoying as he is as usual but still love him very much. I wonder what will unfold for me there. A new way to see how life could be? I don't know and I too anticipate everything. I know things gonna be exciting and kind to me. I am grateful with what I am being showered now in life.

Anticipating the things in life to unfold.


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