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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just A Dream

I slept last night,
It's been awhile,
Since I've turned off the light,
Woke to my sheets in a pile.

I dreamed that night,
Of mass ordeal of destructions,
Of vultures in flight,
A world of no lies.

My imagination took me,
Places I'll never go,
I experienced a hell,
The world will never know.

I wandered into a field of thorns,
Fire in my eyes; then you,
Love is a rose, you were a thorn,
I need you to know, it's my fault too.

With your hands in your pockets,
Your eyes pulled closed,
I felt a small rain droplet,
While others soaked my clothes.

I finally forgive you,
For all that you have done,
The things you'll continue,
For I still have not won.

Slowly you came over to me,
And took me into your arms,
Whispered, "Why can't you see?"
"I never meant you any harm."

I awoke with a start,
To my sheets in a pile,
To the pounding of my heart,
For the first time in a while,
I thought of you with a tear.

knowing all was just a dream. 
I miss you my brother.
But hating the fact you left me in pain alone in this world with your responsibilities.
To Isaiah~ I love you and miss you. But I still can't forgive you leaving me alone behind.


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