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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


At 12.51am 22nd of Feb 2012, my baby Nellie is born! Many may wonder why and how is this possible right?  My first song for oz is finally completed. It put me to tears when I listen to it. It was beautiful. At least to me. But our lead cast, Stephanie Van Driesen made it so beautiful. I am naming this after the person who made all this possible. Nell Ng.

At first I was worried the arrangement wasn't good enough. It felt so empty. But at the point when Nell sent me the clip. I am like a very proud father. I didn't know what to do! This song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow meant something and it mark a part of my life. Stephanie Van Driesen  made it even special. I was Gaga over it. I told Nell can I hug her?!?! I was like this crazy fan of hers. I am now waiting for the whole video is done.

I really can't wait to share to all of you. It is a beautiful magical journey to Oz.

Work has start to swapped me at the moment. I wish I had more time to blog. Thank you for all the wonderful emails. I love you guys so much. I am taking one step a day. I know things gonna be fine. Thank you for all the supports. Without all your love, I would be doing this at a tougher pace. I love all you. Thanks. And stay tune on this page. I will be the first person to blog this magical event. Till then my dear readers! With love.


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