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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Favour Of Love Returned.

Back home where I belong. I do find a sense of peace. Knowingly love would able to really change the fact of whatever hardship we are going through in life. I find myself in a cocoon filled with love. An inspiring talked to someone I cared and love last night. A beautiful wish from my angel this morning. Gimme the strength to keep fighting on and having faith in life. And to keep on fighting the fight for someone I love. Even its a losing battle, but it is worth fighting for.

I am very proud of Arakin San (even I find him annoying with his cuteness act) Being able to stand up and feel what he wants in life. Saying no to certain things and knowing what more he is worth. I was very touched when he said something to me yesterday.

I just realize that this thing isnt for me. I don't know bout quitting cos its not my trait but I know bout love .And I want you to be proud of me in that sense. I will be proud of myself and i know you will be too! I need you to stay proud and around for me. 

Honestly, when I read this, yes at first I was blurred but after that, my heart was filled with so much warmth. Knowing that you have grown so much. Being a man that you have become. Even that little kid in you is still there. But I do not know how to put it in words how proud I was with that. Love does conquers all. I wanna share this with all cause I know somehow just need to inspire one person at a time. One more thing was you told me about how I changed you in life. But I didn't do that. We changed each other. I showed me how much love there is in this world even at that point I only find life is meaningless. You brought me back. You made me know it is ok to fall. You just needed time to stand up again. And I do not understand and will never understand that connection you had. Somehow you just know I wanted to go on even with all the signs are not showing. I will be there to be proud of you. And I will try to adore that cuteness that annoys me so much. And yes I will try. I really cherish what we have now. It really means the world to me with everything you say to me.
You made me realize how important my life needs to be. I changed not only in perseverance but also wholly in work, perspective of love relationship and also self manage.

I return this to you. It was you who made me realize life is worth living even there is nothing in this world at this point tells me its worth. But you made me realize that somehow love will be a thing that link us all up and this is how we will cherish each other.

And to the other person I know who will be reading this. I am always standing at the position being by yours side. The last thing I really need is pushing me away and feeling hurt alone there. Love is given with the heart. All I wanted now and ever will is you being to heal. I know at times now you have been quiet and trying to swallow every single thing alone. And wanting to be strong for me. I wanted the same for you. I really hope you would see this.

Love has no boundaries, love have no discrimination, love has no fear and judgement. Love is fair. Love is kind. And please, don't act that you think its someone else I am talking about. You know who you are.

And the morning greeting from Nell just shine everything. Yes, again I fell asleep while talking to her. But just I was tired. I know you understand. I can't wait to see you again soon. With all the love I receive, I wanna do something to share this love back. Do keep following closely. Something big is on it's way. I can't wait to finalize and making this change.


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