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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today will be my last day having my treatment. And it is Valentine today. Before heading to the hospital I woke up really early to make something warmth and beautiful for the love birds. I somehow find some peace celebrating their love. It was somehow just beautiful. To me at least. When I was on twitter, I see a lot of hate instead of love. But I know how I will do it in my own beautiful way. I came across one of my friends tweet about sharing the love with someone who matters in our life. It was just pure beautiful. It reminded me that it doesn't really matter how the time is spent. It was just love. No time is able to measure. Even there is something I wanted to say to you that I know I will have to hold on it.
Thank you for being here in my life with me. There is no measure of time that will let me find words to tell you. But let's start with forever. Happy Valentine.
The only thing now holding me back was my body. But I know I somehow will come out from this. It will be. Being able just to put that smile on you is just perfect. That was all I wanted. That was all I ask for. I know that I wasn't able to be there but just it wasn't my choice either. Somehow you would just indulge in work and not letting anything come your way. I wish I was able to change that but not this year I suppose.

I am not gonna sit here and write about how am I feeling this valentine. All I know I wanted to do now is to share what I have. I am now busying with making small lovely strawberry heart shape cakes. Even it was intentionally for you but we were hundreds of miles apart. So I would take this and share with all those sharing their love at home. I know they would love it. Now thinking should I share my own recipe with my readers. The last time I shared a recipe was months ago. Lemme see how it goes. if it is a success, I think I would. Here is a sneak peak of what I have been up to in the kitchen the whole morning. While waiting for the baking and have the frosting on it. I guess now is off to the hospital again. Sigh... Happy Valentine to everyone!


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