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Thursday, February 9, 2012

String Of Crazy Events.

I kinda am like amazed with the fact of thinking something and it just somehow came true. I somehow been having this idea of my baby would be trashed. Was even joking about it with a friend earlier on and soon later, my wish kinda come true. Sad? No. Confused? Yes.

Somehow there are some little things in life that I am kinda like dealing with now. Things that is outta my control. To share that at the moment, I am not very sure about it. I kinda need some time to digest what is going on at this very moment. But what about this post is we sometimes are living in that world of uncertainties. Anyway, to all my dear readers who may read this post in a different kinda emotions and thinking I am sad or whatever. I relatively feeling kinda neutral to be honest. To be surprise of what happen to me? No, because somehow I am kinda use to my life which always gimme this kinda "interesting" events.

First thing in the morning, I was kinda use to the fact that things are unpredictable yet everything happen for a reason. I woke up at a very weird hour. Lets not get to the time shall we? And first, I thought I was drooling the whole night. Which was weird as I haven't drool in bed before. But to my amazement, all I saw was something I don't wish to see. At a very weird kinda emotions, I just reach out for my Pringles which was suppose to be by my bed, it was just filled with pasta. AGAIN! PASTA!!!! Not to react to it, I just grab a ciggy. It was funny how would I react to it. I couldn't believe how was my reaction naturally. For 28 years in my life. I was never like this before. When I open my eyes in the morning, all I felt was a sense of frustration and just pull my blanket over my head and wanted to continue sleeping.

I jump out of surprise after like a few second reflecting what my action was! And that is how I woke up this morning. Crazy! And I am suppose to be on my way back to KL today. And I shall not elaborate what happen. Picture speaks all. But I am all well. So nothing to worry. Just kinda zoomed out while driving. Don't ask me why, I am still figuring out that part. But its all good.
This is how it looks like. I guess it time for some plastic surgery for her.
Anyway I guess enough of all this crazy negative energy~ Here is a sneak peak on what I am gonna post. Sex & Money! Another discussion post! I can't wait myself!

This is kinda a more crazy to talk about. Lets see! I got like a million weird ideas now.


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