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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dark Realms

For a dark past that lingers, bringing in a dark present that gives way to a dark future. The sense of looking at the light which will never shines. Not even a ray is seen. Listening to the rain and every tears is beautiful. Surrender to the shadows is all I can do. Every drops of tears is like the cold rain that drips on to my skin. Asking myself is this living at all? I wonder around the surface of the labyrinth. But I knew I don't have to stay so long. But I'm sure I can't make it go away. I give in to myself. Knowing that this breathe was to hold till the heart stops. Knowing I will be right here. Like the whisper of the winds, blowing all the memories in and I remember you.

It was like a dream, so peaceful, so calm. I recall the moment I was fighting. But what am I fighting for? Its has been so long. I felt the rage within. The anger of the body that knows this still will go on. I wish to trade for your place. Every time you talk and laughter bring. But you were ever lonely. You hold it all back and not showing all as you wanted to be strong for me. I ran and ran, deeper into the labyrinth. Wish I knew a way to heal you. Which I know I will never. You wanted to be heal, and yet I wanted to end. Am I asking too much I asked. Am I not grateful? or I am just pure ignorant and being suffocating myself with the emotions that swirl around me.

The lighter souls around trying to bring me out from the trap. But I just kept running within. Letting myself go for the first time after a long time. Letting the pain flowing through my vain. The more that I ran, I knew I wanted to keep on running. No one will ever know it wasn't my choice to be the way I am. But it wasn't an excuse to be use. I came to a cross that I knew which ever I go there wasn't and never will be a right answer. No one will ever see me and the choice doesn't matter. What is certain is the deeper I go, the easier I will be lost in this labyrinth. I wanna turn back. But I don't recognize the path I came. The pain is just flowing numbnessly within me. It isn't to be right but it felt just right at this point. Knowing when I wake up I will be going this way again. Only you knew how I wanted it to end. But it will never end.

The cutting edges of the walls are like razors, slicing my heart knowingly the pain within you is beyond words to describe. It was just time to wonder. It will bring all this glorious pain to end. Your words brings me peace. In your womb I came, but yet I would go in your heart. And you will wonder in your own labyrinth. Filled with the same tears and love that feeds me. You knew the beauty of able to cry was i gift. The blood within will never ever make any difference even if I stayed. You held me now every night wanting me to come back. But my will isn't there. I lingers deeper and deeper. The only light I wanted was at the end. Which will never come. If I could trade my place with yours. If I could I would give you the chance to breathe more than I do. It is all I could do. Nothing else that will lead me out. At least for now I know it will just wonders on depper into the dark realms that is just familiar.


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