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Friday, February 17, 2012

Perfect Coffee

Argh, I was miserably tired when I arrive in KL this morning. With my huge luggage it is just a little too much drama for ma. And I kinda accepted the fact that carelessness leads to misery! But yet after all the drama, alli really need is a cuppa coffee to make everything right.

Anyway sitting down here at Chilla Cup, with the nice cold weather, it took me a while to set in. I really kinda realize my friends really follow my tweets. To my disbelieve even after Arakin San told me people do follow. I kinda use it as a tool to talk crap and things I like or on my interest. I was kinda being abandon this morning. Due to my own carelessness. No one to blame. I tweeted about my frustration. And within minutes, someone called me with his husky sleepy cute voice just wanted to know everything is ok. Honestly, I'm kinda touched with the friends around me. I remember once months back, when I was totally lost, after tweeting some shitty stuff, my angel Arakin San called me almost immediately. Knowing how blessed I am it just put a smile on my face. Imma gonna just relax and chill a little before heading to Dutamas for work. Today is the kids audition for Oz. and will be heading back home to the hospital for treatment and straight home to bed. Another important meeting for me tonight. I can't wait to put together my team of musicians and start to rehears for the upcoming musical. Loads to be done! Arrangements is gonna take a toll on us but I believe we can do it! What an awesome way to start a day with the perfect cuppa Caramel macchiato! Till my next post! Have a wonderful weekend guys!


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