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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Holiday

This would be on my event of the year list. On a particular person's birthday this year. There is something I wanted to do for him.  This is just a celebration marking what a beautiful life it has been having him in mine. While sitting here thinking of what to write, I decided to do something more personal. Sharing my plans.

You made me walked the impossible, you made felt what is like having someone who only see you for who you are. I hope this would put a smile in you. I know somehow there is something going on in you that I may not understand. But I want you to know, you are not alone. When you are ready to talk, I am here for you. Remember what we had the other day in Singapore? Just us being ourselves, looking at the beautiful skyline, talking about life and how beautiful it may be even it is as hopeless as it is. That is where we are heading. It was something no one will ever understand. At the most painful time in my life, you were there telling me it will be alright. Let me be there too when time comes.
Even this may look so wrong but it is a picture I do find very personal yet real. Love has no greed yet just wanting each other to be well and being there whatever time comes to us. Life is good.

What I have collected for far was what he loves and like to do. It will be a week plus to two weeks trip. Just to enjoy each others company and thanking to have each other in life. Even at the hardest time in life, I always knew you were there for me and I will I. Lemme share something about this mystery guy. Many of my readers of course know who but just hush! Act like you do not know. He loves a mixture of modern day architectures and old ones. A balance of both, and just doing nothing but to blend into the cultures. I know as exciting he is reading this, but I shall keep the final destination a secret till the time comes.

These are the picks I have been thinking and putting serious consideration. Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong or Shanghai. All four cities above have the same concept. The new and old part of itself. And of course nice weather to be. All has perfect coffee spots for us to just be ourselves, talking crap and spreading love. I guess this would be also a present for both of us. Knowing every step we take now in life are as hard as it can be. We know that we are happy because we don't have the best of everything in life. But we both definitely made the best out of everything we have. You somehow gave me the best birthday memory I would not dare thinking of. But just the reason of what we have in life, I wanna make yours special. Cause you are special in every single way to me. And it is something worth doing.

Hong Kong




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