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Ricky's Memoirs

To love and win is the best thing.

Ricky's Memoirs

To love and lose, the next best.

Ricky's Memoirs

life indeed would be dull if there were no such difficulties.

Ricky's Memoirs

My life? is a ship docking in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Ricky's Memoirs

For me, life is a journey not a destination.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Emirates 2 Class Config

Emirates is forging ahead with plans for two-class Airbus A380s: dropping the airline’s prestigious first class suites and showers from some of its superjumbos, while also shrinking business class in favour of more seats for economy passengers.
As previously reported, the two-class A380s will debut on Dubai-Copenhagen flights from December 1 as EK151/152 as well as theEK376/377 Dubai-Bangkok service from the same date.
This will be followed on January 1 2016 with the EK9/10 service between Dubai and London Gatwick as well as Dubai to Kuala Lumpur (EK342/343).
The seat map for Emirates' superjumbo sans first class shows that the economy passengers will now find themselves at the pointy end of the plane, with the 14 first class suites at the front of the upper deck – and a sizeable chunk of the business class cabin – making way for 120 economy seats spread across 16 rows.
18 of those business class seats have been axed, trimming the revamped A380's premium cabin count from 76 seats down to 58.
Seat numbering will still begin at row 6 (below), however this will be physically located where row 11 is now.
The five-row mini-cabin at the rear of business class has been rebadged to rows 19-23 in place of rows 22-26 on the three-class A380s.
The airline’s inflight bar and lounge for business class passengers will also be retained at the very back of the upper deck.
The new upper deck economy cabin begins at row 24...
… and is joined by two extra sets of economy seats on the lower deck in rows 52 and 53, taking the place of a galley used by the crew on all three-class A380s:
It also seems that Emirates' new two-class A380 birds won't include the ‘ultra long-haul crew rest’ on the lower deck, which ordinarily replaces the centre group of economy seats in rows 85 through 87:
This walled-off space contains nine bunks, each with a curtain for privacy and a personal entertainment system to help pass the time.

Emirates 2-Class 615 Seater A380 Service to Kuala Lumpur

Emirates today (28JUL15) continues to roll-out Airbus A380 schedule adjustment. Planned A380 service resumption on Dubai – Kuala Lumpur route, EK342/343, remains unchanged effective 01JAN16, however the airline will now be operating 2-class 615-seater Aircraft, instead of 3-class.

EK408 DXB0245 – 1345KUL 77W D
EK346 DXB0410 – 1515KUL 77W D
EK342 DXB1015 – 2125KUL 388 D
EK344 DXB2155 – 0855+1KUL 77W D

EK343 KUL0110 – 0430DXB 388 D
EK409 KUL0945 – 1255DXB 77W D
EK345 KUL1100 – 1420DXB 77W D
EK347 KUL1910 – 2230DXB 77W D

Friday, July 24, 2015

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' New Boeing 787-9 Business Class

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will begin flying the first of 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners in October 2015, featuring the airline's new World Business Class seats.
The seats lie fully-flat, with a 1-2-1 layout so that every passenger is one small step away from the aisle plus a large side storage area and 16 inch HD video screen.
The design sees each seat covered in a different shade of KLM's warm base palette, with large pillows and blankets for when it's time to bed down.
"The design of the interior of the aircraft creates a typically KLM mood, layout and character onboard the Boeing 787-9" the airline says.
"The point of departure for the cabin interior was to maximise comfort and privacy for passengers, while maintaining KLM’s brand values."
30 of the World Business Class seats will be installed at the pointy end of the plane.
Also on offer: KLM's first inflight Internet service, which has recently been trialled on other aircraft in the fleet.
KLM hasn't shared any photos of the economy seats, but says they recline 40% more than their current counterparts, and also feature an 11 inch HD touchscreen and USB power socket.
So when will KLM's Boeing 787 Dreamliner take to the skies, and where will it fly?
The inaugural is pencilled in for October 25 from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi and onwards to Bahrain, although the roster shows subsequent runs starting November 2015 to Cairo and Xiamen, with Fukuoka, Rio de Janeiro and Chengdu in early 2016, followed by Tokyo and Shanghai mid-year.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Next Stage?

Leo   : Baby, my friends asked me when are we getting married.

Ric    : Hmm.. So what did you say?

Leo.  : I didn't. But I don't think it's a problem for us. I could just marry you anytime. 

Ric    : really? Are you sure?

Leo.  : yea.. I think so.

Ric.   : ok, lemme ask you these few questions.

Leo.  : shoot

Ric.   : is your career stable now? Do we both have enough reserve? Let's not talk about kids first, just the two of us. Do we have enough insurance to cover all? How does do we go with my medical expenses? Where should we settle? New York or L.A.? Does our house whole income enough for mortgage? What are the carreer options? Can we make ends meet?

Leo.   : (-.....-) ok noted. 

Ric.    : don't get me wrong, I will marry you one day. It's just there are a lot more to think about and a lot we gotta do to make things happen. What if things goes side ways? And so far in our relationship, we are still having our honeymoon period even after nearly a year now. I know sooner or later, that will come. I just want us to build up a stronger foundation before we proceed to the next stage. I don't want us to one day come to a relationship fumed with resentment. I want us to have a strong and beautiful relationship so our kids one day will grow up in a loving environment.

Leo.  : You know that I love you and hate you at the same time right?

Ric.   : I do know that. :P


Just a very typical type of conversation we usually have. Surprisingly, it's still all lovey-dovey till today. It is all kinds of weird but I will take that as a win. Being in love with your best friend does really helps. We know each other in and out and there is literally nothing to hide. You don't have to impress each other. You are just being really comfortable with each other. Things are a lot easier.

As i think now things are progressing well between us. Him juggling with his new position, means more working hours and responsibility, and me... Mostly just coping with chemo and treatments as studio time is not in the books this year as of now. I thought why not slowly introduce him into my family. Mom has the idea and kept asking me about Leo from time to time. Things would go smoothly I hope. We booked a family trip to Cambodia next year. Yes, a family trip with Leo together. All mom's reaction was,

You both get one extra room, you give me the suite and you two stay in deluxe room.

How epic my mom can be sometimes. But I'm glad things are really working out. Yes there would be bumps , and coping with my cancer and him working may be tough at times, but we make do. I wouldn't say our relationship is the easiest of all, but compromisation is the thing we that is sticking us together. Even we know each other in and out, but we are totally opposites. The food he loves, I hated it, vice versa. Music he loves, and what I love is totally off. Things he loves doing on free time and what I love doing doesn't sync. The only similarity we have is... Yes you read it right, it's singular.. DURIAN! 

I guess the only thing I wouldn't compromise is when we get married, I would want to be registered in New York. There is no way I wanted my kids to be a Californian. New Yorkers all the way. Lol.. I'm just saying, cause I know you will be reading this anyhow. 

Well, as life always be. Nothing is predictable and smooth. It's just how we make the best of what we can have. Marriage is more than just a verbal commitment to me. I want us to be ready for that. I love you and that's a fact, but we should take one step at a time. For what is worth, we already named our kids even before we are having them. I would wanna for once in my life, make that dream come true with you. 

Yours, #3 Always - Muscle

Monday, July 13, 2015

British Airways' New First Class For Boeing 787-9

British Airways will showcase its new first class seats and cabin when the airline's first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner takes to the skies in October.
The new-look BA First has been created specifically for the Boeing 787-9 and will see just eight seats nestled into the Dreamliner's nose.
Each of those seats is a measured upgrade to BA's A380 First, which was itself finessed from the original First concept introduced on the airline's long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets (below).
Developed for BA by London design firm Forpeople, BA says the seats take into account extensive feedback from its regular first class travellers.
BA has yet to release any photos but here's what we know so far.
  • The new BA First suites include additional storage areas where passengers can park their inflight gear, with a new ottoman next to the adjustable footstool offering room for shoes, handbags and other personal items.
  • A locker positioned at eye-level is intended for smaller personal effects such as tablets, reading glasses and amenity kits.
  • The jackets and coat locker is now accessible without passengers having to move from their seat, while a mirror has been fitted to the inside of the locker door.
  • There's another nook next to their armrest where you can stow a smartphone or tablet while it's being charged by the nearby USB port.
  • The large 23 inch screen is partnered to a smaller touchscreen controller with an independent display, and unlike the current design (shown below) the monitor is fixed in position so that movies and TV shows can be enjoyed on a 'gate to gate' basis rather than having to stow the screen during taxi, take-off and landing.
Although BA is trumpeting the Boeing 787-9's first international flight from London to Delhi on October 25, a spokesperson for the airline says the jet will first enter service in a three-class configuration on flights to Austin and Toronto.
In this configuration it'll have an extended Club World business class cabin at the pointy end, but prior to the Delhi debut will be wheeled back into the workshop for the new First suites to be installed.
The next destinations on the 787-9's dance card list will be Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Kuala Lumpur, although BA doesn't yet have start dates for those Dreamliner services.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Starwood To Open First St Regis in India

Starwood Hotels and Resorts has announced it will open it first St Regis property in India later this year.

The St Regis Mumbai will occupy the building currently home to the Palladium Hotel in the city's Lower Parel neighbourhood.

Due to open in the third quarter after an "extensive" rebrand, the 38-storey hotel will contain 386 guestrooms, including 60 suites.

Facilities will include an all-day dining restaurant, four specialty restaurants, a club lounge, three bars, a swimming pool and a fitness centre.

There will be over 5,200 sqm of meeting and event space including a 4,200 sqm ballroomn.

Jim Petrus, global brand leader at St Regis, said: "Starwood is maintaining strong growth momentum in the region and the arrival of St Regis in Mumbai reinforces our commitment to growing our luxury portfolio in this important market."

St Regis Mumbai is owned by Pallazzio Hotels & Leisure.

Starwood currently operates 43 hotels in India, with an additional 37 in the pipeline.

Earlier this year, the group announced plans to open more than 40 new properties across Europe in the next five years, including four St Regis hotels in 2015.

United New Amenities

Passengers flying with United Airlines in ‘BusinessFirst’ (business class) and Global First (first class) can soon enjoy new amenity kits with products from Cowshed Spa: a premium spa and lifestyle brand from London-based Soho House & Co.
Taking wing from August 1, the new kits will appear on United’s flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Los Angeles and also from Sydney to San Francisco, along with the airline’s other intercontinental flights.
Guests in both classes will receive Cowshed moisturising hand cream, Lippy Cow natural lip balm and a chamomile refreshing towelette, while passengers in Global First will also get a Cowshed quinoa hydrating daily moisturiser and a jasmine toning eye balm.
Amenity kits will too contain the obligatory socks an eye mask, along with tissues, ear plugs, a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.
Styled to reflect the scents of an English country garden, United hopes the new products will help to relax its premium travellers, with a selection from the Cowshed range also found in many of the airline’s United Club lounges and in the restrooms on-board.
“Soho House’s Cowshed skincare products will be a fresh addition to the products and services we offer premium-cabin customers on United,” said Tom O’Toole: the airline’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.
“This is another step in enhancing our customers’ experience in flight and on the ground,” he added, with other improvements including new United Club lounges for Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and a complete overhaul of its terminal and lounge facilities in Los Angeles.

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER

Step inside the first Swiss Boeing 777-300ER, featuring all-new first class suites and business class seats, along with super-styled cabin interiors.
Shaped by leading design house PriestmanGoode, the new seats are a natural evolution of Swiss' award-winning cabins – but with more space, more storage and greater privacy.
The colour palette throughout the cabin has been updated to richer, more sophisticated tones, while keeping very much on-brand for that unmistakeable Swiss look and feel – even in the entrance to the Boeing 777, which is a little more like a reception area.
"We took inspiration from Switzerland’s design and craft heritage, as well as Swiss’ own brand identity, including the airline’s headquarters and flagship lounges in Zurich" says Nigel Goode, Co-Founding Director of PriestmanGoode.
"The resulting cabins are luxurious, elegant and timeless with a lightness of touch, precise craftsmanship and attention to detail that embody the Swiss brand.”

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER First Class

Eight spacious private first class suites are nestled into the nose of the Boeing 777.
Each exudes a warm 'colour and materials' palette of browns, greys and accents of European oak wood, while soft walls, woven fabric bulkheads and curtain screens help dampen noise in the cabin.
There's a 50% increase in personal storage compared with the previous first class seat, including dedicated storage for amenities.
Luxe touches such as a 32 inch video screen, reading lamp and cocktail table surface with integrated lighting – plus electrically-adjustable blinds if you're at a window seat – help turn each suite into your own inflight haven.
Each passenger has their own personal wardrobe, with a sliding door which creates a partition between the seat and the aisle to offer greater privacy.

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

The 62 business class seats represent a measured evolution of the current and highly-regarded design rather than a radical make-over.
New features include headphone hangers and straps for storing tablets and magazines, along with more personal stowage.
"The current product is a good product, but of course there are always little things you can optimise," Swiss CEO Harry Hohmeister.
For comparison, here's the current-gen Swiss business class: still superb, but now something a little less so...
As you'd expect, each seat converts into a fully flat bed that's over two metres long.
Also on Hohmeister's plan for premium passengers are "more individual services on board and in the lounges. It's a huge investment in the customer."

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class

Travellers down the back of the bus can visit a self-service kiosk stocked with drinks and snacks.
The 270 economy seats each have a large touchscreen monitor plus USB sockets.

When (and where) Swiss will fly the Boeing 777-300ER

Swiss will fly its first Boeing 777-300ER in January 2016 – "only six months to go!", Swiss CEO Hohmeister smiles like an eager kid counting down the sleeps to Christmas – with five more to follow by August, "and then three more during 2017-18."
The first Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet will take wing in January 2016, and after European proving and familiarity flights the large twin-engine jets will start to appear on routes to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Los Angeles, plus some flights to San Francisco, São Paulo and Tel Aviv.
"The Boeing 777-300ER changes our economics compared to the Airbus A340, which is giving us more opportunity to engage ourselves in Asia again, because the Asian markets are very much under pressure by the Middle East carriers," Hohmeister explains.
2016 will be about "a 1: 1 rollover" as cities served by the fuel-guzzling four-engine A340 are upgraded to the Boeing 777-300ER.
"We want to bring more efficiency to the destinations we are flying to already, and from there we have to see where else we can develop the network. Based on higher efficiency and high profitability we also can grow to new destinations, but that’s not something for 2016."

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Airbus A350 First Class Cabin Concept

Airbus is cooking up something special for airlines buying its next-gen A350 jetliner – a first class cabin with a single aisle instead of the standard two aisles.
The design could potentially allow a small first class section to be nestled into the nose of the mid-sized A350-900 as well as the larger A350-1000.
An Airbus spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that "the new first-class cabin concept... replaces the two aisles in the original first-class cabin with one single aisle which allows access to potentially four first-class suites."
"By reducing to one aisle it enables the first-class cabin to offer more space to passengers (or makes extra floor space for additional cabin equipment)."
We'll grant that the mock-up doesn't look especially spacious – there appears to be no more room than in some recent business class concepts such as Zodiac's Fusio suite...
... and the B/E Aerospace Breakout, which turns a business class seat in to a sky-high corner office.
That said, the Airbus mock-up is just that – a piece of early concept art meant to help airlines reconsider conventions and rethink how their premium cabins might be designed.
Of course, this isn't the first single-aisle treatment for the pointy end – Etihad pioneered the single-aisle layout with its chic first class Apartments on the Airbus A380.
Airbus has inked close to 800 orders for the A350 family from some 35 airlines.
Vietnam Airlines took delivery of its first A350 last month, joining the jetliner's worldwide launch customer Qatar Airways and ahead of Finnair's A350 debut in October.
Next on the schedule are Singapore Airlines, which expects to see its first A350 in January 2016, with Cathay Pacific's first A350 in February 2016 also being used to launch new business class and premium economy seats.

Credits to : AUSBT

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vietnam Airlines New Airbus A350

Vietnam Airlines will become the world's second airline to fly the Airbus A350, following launch customer Qatar Airways at the start of 2015.

The SkyTeam member today takes delivery of the first of 14 A350-900 jets to be delivered through to 2020.

After a series of regional 'running in' flights, the A350 will step up to international service in September/October with flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Paris.

Each A350 is configured in a three-class layout, with 29 seats business class seats which convert to fully flat beds; 45 seats in premium economy; and 231 in economy.

Looking at the photo above, you can immediately appreciate how roomy the A350 is, especially with its high flat ceiling line.


Vietnam Airlines A350 business class

Business class gets a familiar off-the-shelf design from seat-maker EADS... It's the Sogerma Solstys model, which is not only a 'go-to' business class seat for dozens of airlines around the world but was also Airbus' own choice for its early A350 test aircraft (below).

That's all for good reason: it's a clever staggered design which gives each passenger direct access to the aisle...

... along with a wide bench where they can park personal items during the flight.

There's a decent amount of leg room...

... and the seat extends into a long fuly-flat bed.

The fold-down table is large enough to let you work away on most modern laptops...

... with an LED reading lamp and a water bottle recess which where you want them to be.

It's worth noting that Vietnam Airlines has chosen an entirely different (yet still off the rack) business class for its Boeing 787-9, that being the popular Zodiac Cirrus seat (seen below).

Vietnam Airlines A350 premium economy class

Behind the A350's business class sits a small premium economy cabin of 45 seats.

Again, there are no surprises here.

There's a video screen for each passenger... ... which includes a USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet in flight.

Vietnam Airlines A350 economy class

The rest of the A350 is given over to a sea of 231 economy seats. As expected it's a 3-3-3 layout, which means Vietnam Airlines will offer those 18 inch wide seats which Airbus is so eager to spruik in the name of passenger comfort.

(That said, Airbus admits that at least one airline has ordered the A350 with a tighter-squeeze 10 across layout [3-4-3] where seat width is reduced to 17 inches.)

Even the cheap seats get a personal video screen, of course.


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