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Ricky's Memoirs

To love and win is the best thing.

Ricky's Memoirs

To love and lose, the next best.

Ricky's Memoirs

life indeed would be dull if there were no such difficulties.

Ricky's Memoirs

My life? is a ship docking in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Ricky's Memoirs

For me, life is a journey not a destination.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Singapore Airlines SG50 Livery

Singapore Airlines SG50 liverySingapore Airlines has unveiled a special livery celebrating the nation's Golden Jubilee that will feature on two A380s until the end of the year.

The themed superjumbos will be flown on the carrier's London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Sydney and Zurich routes from early June.

The livery includes a ten-metre-tall and 47-metre-long Singapore flag design on both sides of the fuselage, while the two inboard engines are adorned with the official "SG50" logo.

SIA chief executive Goh Choon Phong said: "Singapore Airlines' success is closely tied to the success of Singapore. What better way to celebrate SG50 than by proudly flying the national flag around the world on the world's largest aircraft."

Singapore Airlines SG50 livery flag
Singapore Airlines SG50 livery hangar
Last week, it emerged that SIA will introduce a new generation of A380 first class suites and business class seating in 2017.

The airline also showed off its forthcoming premium economy seat at a media event in Singapore.

British Airways Puts Kuala Lumpur Back On The Route Map

British Airways, the national flag carrier of the United Kingdom, has recommenced its London to Kuala Lumpur service after a 14-year gap with its inaugural flight arriving today at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

The daily service from Terminal 5 will be operated by a four-cabin Boeing 777-200ER, featuring 12 seats in First, 48 in Club World, 32 in World Traveller Plus and a further 127 in World Traveller.

Flight BA33 landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport on May 28, 2015. British Airways last flew to the Malaysian capital in 2001.

Speaking at the inaugural flight arrival ceremony at KLIA here today, British Airways Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Area General Manager Jamie Cassidy said the return of the airline was timely.

"Malaysia is now among the top vibrant economies in Asia, and the ninth most visited country in the world. It's timely, we are so happy to be back to Kuala Lumpur and are keen on helping Malaysia continue its success story," he said.

Daily flight Details:
Outbound - BA033
Depart Heathrow, T5 at 8:15pm - arrive Kuala Lumpur at 4:00pm (12 hours 45 minutes flight time)

Inbound – BA034
Depart Kuala Lumpur at 11.05pm - arrive Heathrow, T5 at 5:25am (13 hours 20 minutes flight time)

*The lead-in fares from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow are:
• World Traveller: MYR3696
• World Traveller Plus: MYR5390
• Club World: MYR15264
• First: MYR29658

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Losing My Grip

Love is wanting to help somebody be the best version of themselves.

- Julliet Barnes

Insecure - Part 008 : May 26th 2015
Listening to "Photograph" and looking back time. It started beautifully, and I kicked on a sharp edge and I bled. Love can heal, love can mend your soul. Certain things get easier, certain things is just trying. There are things I can't talk to anyone in my life. I didn't want anyone to see things differently. But now I think everything is just boiling up to a point I can't handle it myself. 

No one is perfect, and I am thankful for your imperfections. I no longer stand from outside the circle and I can't see everything that was going on clearly. I use to depend on what my gut tells me. But recently it was all gloom and dark. My mind is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me otherwise. I wished I wasn't observant. I wished I don't pay attention to small details. I wished I just don't feel everything that is drowning me. I wished I could forget the many other conversations we had. 

I am terrified of us, of you. It doesn't comes down to trust. I do trust you, more than you think I do. it is because I do, it scares me even more. You have my heart, you're capable of destroying me. The pace moving to a rhythm I can't keep up. I am telling myself that I am mistaken this time. Nothing I felt in my gut was right. Those were just cowards and they didn't even have the balls to write to me in their real identity. It was all just rubbish and I have nothing to be afraid of. But why this cold chill runs down in me? 

I wanted to learn, I wanted to just let it all go. I just wanted to remember the time when it was just so pure and beautiful. I am everywhere, and I don't know what to do. I just wanted to mend the broken in me, and living the now. I can't survive either way. I can't run away, I can't move. I can't breath and I don't know what I could do to overcome all these. I don't have a way to move forward. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Malaysia Airlines Rolls Out New Business Class, First Class Menu

Business class passengers bound for Australia with Malaysia Airlines will now dine like the country’s royalty on flights departing Kuala Lumpur, including all of the airline’s services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.
Also in for a treat: pointy end travellers in either business class or first class (as offered) to London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Auckland and selected destinations across Asia including Bangkok and Jakarta – although not short hops across to Singapore.
Developed in collaboration with Her Royal Highness (HRH) the Crown Princess of Pahang, one of the culinary highlights is Nasi Tumpang with Jelatah, layering Sambal prawns, chicken curry, fish and chicken floss and julienned omelette in a banana leaf cone aside picked vegetables:
Travellers can also look forward to Udang Masak Merah: stir-fried prawns in a blend of dried chilli and red onion with tomato Basmati rice and sautéed okra with onions…
… Dadar Pahang: deep-fried crêpe rolls stuffed with minced beef and potatoes and joined by a mesclun salad and cherry tomatoes...
… grilled beef tenderloin patty with boiled new potatoes, sautéed asparagus, cherry tomatoes and onion sauce…
… and a simple ‘minced beef on toast’ underneath an egg cooked sunny side up, plus chicken sausage, asparagus and grilled tomato:
 “The State of Pahang is a Malaysian food paradise waiting to be discovered,” said Malaysia Airlines Executive Chef Zahiddin Dris.
“Along with dedicated chefs from Malaysia Airlines and our catering partner, Brahim’s Airline Catering, we tried up to 20 recipes during a special cooking demonstration session before the final eight dishes were hand-picked.”
These dishes and more are the result of a 10-month culinary journey to every district of Pahang, and will appear on Malaysia Airlines flights through the year’s end.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy For Airbus 380, Boeing 777, A350

Singapore Airlines will launch its new premium economy seats from August 9 on key Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER routes including Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Paris, with a rapid roll-out to SQ's other top-tier destinations.
The double-deck superjumbo will be fitted with 36 premium economy seats while the long-range Boeing 777 will have 28 seats; in both aircraft they'll be arranged in a 2-4-2 layout.
The new seats will also appear on Singapore Airlines' first 20 Airbus A350s, which will take wing in early 2016.
Crafted for Singapore Airlines by JPA Design and manufactured by seat-makers Zodiac Aerospace and ZIM, the leather-clad seats will be up to 19.5 inches wide, the airline promises, with a pitch of 38 inches, compared to a 19 inch width and tighter 32 inch pitch in standard economy.
For inflight comfort there's an 8 inch recline on the seatback plus a flip-up padded legrest.
Each premium economy passenger will have access to their own AC power socket (with a universal design that'll take all common plug types) adjacent to the legrest – not the ideal position, but a familiar location even on many business class seats.
A USB plug is more conveniently located just behind the armrest, along with a socket for airline-supplied active noise-cancelling headphones for the 13.3 inch HD video screen.
A side-pocket recess will allow space to perch your tablet or a compact laptop, or indeed other carry-on items such as a book or reading glasses.
Other creature-comforts will include Singapore Airlines' popular 'Book the Cook' service to order your inflight meal in advance, champagne on the drinks menu, an amenity kit, access to priority check-in and baggage handling, with a checked luggage allowance of 35kg, up from the 30kg of economy.
Frequent flyers will also collect an extra 10% more KrisFlyer miles when travelling in premium economy.

Singapore Airlines premium economy 'Book the Cook' service

Made famous in SQ's first class and business class cabins, Book the Cook lets you choose your inflight meals before you fly, with a wider range of dishes – and, generally speaking, of superior quality – to what you'd be offered onboard.
Singapore Airlines has now released the Book the Cook menu for that first raft of destinations, with will see both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER with premium economy from early August through to the end of September.
You'll typically be able to pre-order your main course for all meals served during the flight – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or supper.
Premium economy selections for all flights from Singapore (except those to Kuala Lumpur) will include:
  • Rosemary Beef Brisket (shown above)
  • Roasted Chicken in Garlic Cream Sauce
  • Seafood Pasta in Creamed Tomato Basil Sauce
  • Roasted Chicken Rice
  • Spiced Chicken Nasi Biryani
  • Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken
  • Assorted Dim Sum
  • Minced Pork Congee with Century Egg
  • Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Scrambled Eggs (below)
Heading out from Sydney? There's not much that's economy about this premium economy menu, with dishes like:
  • Lime Sauce Pan Fried Fish Pasta
  • Butter Chicken and Jalfrezi Vegetables
  • Seafood Thermidor Saffron Rice
  • Lamb Shank Korma with Basmati Rice
  • Roasted Chicken Thigh in Creamy Mushroom Sauce
  • Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce
  • Beef Carbonade, Fresh Mash Potato and Roasted Vegetables
  • Szechuan Beef with Vegetables
  • Stir Fried Char Siew Noodles
  • Apple and Cinnamon Crepes
And if you're leaving London, the choice is dizzying: 
  • Full English Breakfast
  • Vegetarian Breakfast
  • Vegetarian Entrée
  • Beef Fillet with Potatoes
  • Seafood Thermidor Pasta
  • Chicken Kiev
  • Chicken and Rice
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry
  • Oriental Marinated Fish with Fried Rice
  • Fish in Saffron Sauce with potatoes
  • Pad Thai
To check out the complete set of menus for all of Singapore Airlines' premium economy launch routes, click through to SQ's Book the Cook page.

Singapore Airlines A380 premium economy

On Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 the 36 premium economy will be located on the lower deck, nestled between first class suites and economy.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 premium economy

On the Boeing 777-300ER there are 28 seats behind business class and ahead of economy.
In upgrading the Boeing 777-300ER to this new four-class configuration Singapore Airlines has also halved the size of the first class cabin, dropping from eight of its latest ‘next generation’ suites (show below) to four...
... but adds six more of its latest luxe business class seats.
In addition to being fitted to 19 Airbus A380s and 19 Boeing 777-300ER jets the premium economy cabin will also feature on the first 20 of Singapore Airlines' new Airbus A350-900 jets which are expected to debut in the later half of 2015.
Singapore Airlines pegs the total investment in the project as US$80 million.
While long skeptical of the value of a 'better than economy but less than business' cabin, holding that its economy class was more than good enough, the Singapore flag-carrier joins other airlines which have embraced premium economy including Qantas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and most recently Lufthansa.
However, Cathay Pacific is now shrinking the size of its premium economy cabin on selected routes while Qantas has opted not to include premium economy on its upgraded Airbus A330s to Asia.

Sydney first for SQ premium economy

Singapore Airlines' first premium economy flights will be on the daily Airbus A380 SQ221/222 service between Singapore and Sydney starting on August 9, to be followed on August 12 on the SQ231/222 as the Boeing 777-300ER flight.
Here's the full schedule for 2015 (subject to change), which shows a fast rollout to all of SQ's major routes:
  • Sydney from August 9 (Airbus A380) and August 12 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Hong Kong and London Heathrow from August 28 (Airbus A380)
  • Hong Kong from August 31 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • London Heathrow from September 2 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Beijing and Shanghai from September 18 (Airbus A380)
  • Frankfurt from September 24 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Paris from September 28 (Airbus A380)
  • Delhi from October 13 (Airbus A380)
  • Mumbai from October 21 (Airbus A380)
  • Auckland from October 25 (Airbus A380)
  • Tokyo/Los Angeles from December 1 (Airbus A380)
  • Munich/Manchester from October 20 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Frankfurt/New York from December 14 (Airbus A380)
  • Zurich from December 27 (Airbus A380)
  • Dubai from January 5, 2016 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Seoul/San Francisco from January 6, 2016 (Boeing 777-300ER)

Singapore Airlines: New A380 First Class Suites In 2017

Singapore Airlines will unveil all-new first class suites and business class seats for its Airbus A380s in 2017.
Speaking at today's launch of its new premium economy class, Singapore Airlines confirmed the new suites and seats would feature in the airline's next raft of superjumbo deliveries.
"We are working hard on a new ground-up first suite and business class product that will be unveiled when we put into service the next batch of A380s which are coming in 2017" said Singapore Airlines Executive Vice President Commercial, Mak Swee Wah.
However, Mak wouldn't be drawn on details of the new cabins, including if SQ would add shower suites to the pointy end of the plane.
"I don't know about showers" he told Australian Business Traveller.
"We have to do what is sensible and what the customers want, and come out with product which fits the market segment who wants exclusivity, privacy and comfort, and not just the suite but the whole package." 
As for the new A380 business class seats, Singapore Airlines is expected to draw inspiration from the airline's current design for the Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A350s.
"Certainly we won't change just for the sake of change, but it will be superior to what we have now" Mak said of the new A380 business class. "Product development is an ongoing process."
Singapore Airlines kicked off the modern wave of first class suites as the worldwide launch customer of the Airbus 380 in 2007, but faces increased competition from Etihad's revolutionary three-room The Residence on the A380 (below).
Emirates is also working on its own first class suite upgrade, which the airline says will be "more like a private railway cabin."
Credits to AUSBT

Qatar Double-daily Airbus A350 Flights to Munich

Qatar Airways is adding another pin to its Airbus A350 route map with the debut of double-daily A350 flights to Munich.
From October 1st 2015 the A350 will join Qatar's other next-gen flagship, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, on the Doha-Munich schedule – but as of November 1st that second flight will also be upgraded to the A350.
Qatar launched its A350 with flights to Frankfurt in January and March this year and earlier this month began an A350 service between Doha and Singapore.
By the middle of August, all three daily Doha-Singapore flights will run on the advanced A350.
Qatar's A350 sports the airline's latest business class seat, which makes best use of the A350's extra wide design to create a spacious premium travel experience.
Each set converts to an 80 inch fully flat bed and has its own 17 inch high-def personal video monitor.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Korean Air Launches New First Class

Korean Air's new first class Kosmo Suites play the privacy card with higher partitions and sliding doors.
They'll be launched on the airline's Boeing 777-300ER jets, which will feature eight of the new suites, to be followed by newly-purchased Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, Boeing 747-8i jumbos and the Airbus A330-300.
However, the suites won't be fitted to Korean Air's Airbus A380.
Each suite gets a large 24 inch HD video screen with a handheld touchpad controller.
Earlier this year Korean Air revealed the latest generation of its Prestige Suite business class, which extends to a fully-flat bed and adopts a staggered 2-2-2 layout so that each passenger enjoys suite-like privacy along with easy access to the aisle.
The seat is 21.6 inches wide but gains an extra inch in flat bed mode, with an armrest that automatically slides down to increase bed width.
Each traveller is treated to an 18 inch HD video panel and touchpad controller.

Alitalia To Launch New Livery, Uniforms on June 4

Alitalia will reveal new livery and new uniforms on June 4 as the airline begins to reinvent itself with the backing of Gulf powerhouse Etihad.
Silvano Cassano, CEO of Alitalia, says the airline will "preserve the tail with the Italian flag, even if updated in an elegant and modern (way)" – so expect the same tricolour pattern of green, white and red but with a stylish update, in keeping with Cassano's aim to transform the ailing carrier into a 'five star airline'.
For a chic uniform with Italian flair, Cassano has turned to prestigious design schools the Marangoni in Milan and the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, which will collaborate on a final uniform "that wants to look at (the) future and the new generations."
The twin reveal will kick off a new brand campaign with an emphasis on "passion and technology" and aimed at the airline's home market as well as the US and Asia.
"Consumers are saying: give us an excuse to come back to you" Cassano recently told Bloomberg as he charted the challenges ahead. "They want the love affair to start again."
Much of that love will be fuelled by Etihad Airways, which in January this year handed over €560 million (A$790 million) for a 49% stake in Alitalia.
Also on the cards for Alitalia is all-new business class seating and inflight Internet in all aircraft by 2017, along with better food.
"Alitalia can only thrive as a five-star airline,"  Cassano says.
Alitalia will adopt new branding with a unique 'look and feel', along with new products and a "five star service experience", with support from stakeholder Etihad Airways.
New uniforms and aircraft livery will be part of the make-over, along with better food and lounges, promised Alitalia CEO Silvano Cassano.
"The new Alitalia will symbolize the best of Italy" the airline says. "Food, wine culture, fashion, style, architecture, design and technology."
New aircraft are also on the cards, with Cassano saying he would tap into Etihad’s deep orders with Airbus and Boeing if necessary.
The beleaguered Italian airline is seeking to not only recreate itself but, with the help of Etihad, return to profit by 2017.
Alitalia has been unprofitable for years and in 2013 received a €500 million (A$727 million) bailout from the Italian government.
Etihad Airways adopted a 49% stake in the ailing airline from January 1st in a deal worth €560 million (A$790 million), giving the Gulf carrier a strategic foothold in the European market.

Europe's sexiest aviation brand?

"We wouldn’t have invested in Alitalia if we hadn’t thought the industrial plan would be successful," said Etihad CEO James Hogan. "I’ve been told not to say it but I do believe Alitalia can be the sexiest brand in Europe in aviation."
Alitalia will also increase flights from Rome, Milan, Venice, Catania and Bologna to Abu Dhabi to tap into Etihad's international network, and forge closer links with Airberlin.
New routes will include Rome to San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai and Korea, while fashion capital Milan will see direct flights to its Asian counterparts Tokyo and Shanghai
But there would be "no free kicks," Hogan said. "We don’t have an endless reserve on cash. We work alongside, provide support, but the direction of the company is in the hands of the Italian team."

Etihad To Fly Boeing 787 Dreamliner On Singapore-Abu Dhabi

Virgin Australia partner Etihad Airways will upgrade its Singapore-Abu Dhabi flights to a Boeing 787-9 from August 1 2015.
Taking the place of the current Airbus A330, the Dreamliner introduces Etihad first class to Changi Airport: in fact, eight of Etihad’s brand new first class suites, complete with a chilled mini-bar and the option of adjoining seats or total privacy...
... which Brisbane residents can also enjoy from June 1 when its own flights are upgraded to the Dreamliner.
Also aboard, the new Business Studio business class cabin, which provides all of its 28 passengers with direct access to the aircraft aisle and a fully-flat bed that's perfect for an overnight flight...
... and in economy, you'll find 199 comfortable smart seats with a 'fixed wing' headrest to maximise your space without ending up on your seatmate's shoulder.
The daily EY473 service will also be re-timed to depart Singapore at 8:10pm to reach Abu Dhabi at 11:45pm on the same evening.
On the return leg as EY470, travellers will be wheels-up from Abu Dhabi at 10pm to arrive into Singapore at 10:15am the next morning.
Etihad will bring its flagship A380 to Sydney from June 1, with Melbourne-Abu Dhabi to get its own superjumbo service at a later date.
Perth is also earmarked for the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in 2016 or 2017, but a firm date hasn't been locked in.

First Boeing 777X Tipped For 2018

The first Boeing 777X will trundle off the production line in 2018, a Boeing exec has revealed, as the company edges closer to commercial flights of the new long-range jets from 2020.
That debutante is likely to be the Boeing 777-9X, although the X will be dropped as the plane makes its journey from blueprint to blue skies, to become the 777-9.
It will be followed by the smaller but longer-range Boeing 777-8X, or 777-8 (note the nod to the naming conventions adopted for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner).
Bob Feldmann, Boeing's vice president for the 777X project, told The Seattle Times that the first 777X will roll off an early production line – one currently used to ramp up Boeing 787 production – in 2018.
Boeing is on track on finalise the 777X's design configuration later this year. "It’s an exciting time as we begin to define the world’s next great airplane" Feldman says.
The manufacturer has already notched up orders for 286 of the 777X jets, with the lion's share going to 777 stalwart Emirates in 35 of the 777-8s and 115 of the 777-9s.
Gulf neighbour and rival Etihad has inked a deal for 8 777-8s and 17 777-9s.
Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and ANA have all opted for the larger 777-9 alone with orders.

The X factor

The latest addition to Boeing's best-selling 777 family, the 777X is being spruiked as "the largest and most efficient twin-engine commercial jet in the world, with the lowest operating cost per seat of any commercial airplane."
The 777-9X is spec'd for 400 passengers in a three-class cabin layout with a peak range nudging past 15,185km (8,200 nautical miles).
The 777-8X will trim the seat count to 350 passengers but with a maximum range over 17,220km (9,300 nautical miles).
In both cases, improved design and new-generation engines will see the planes burn less fuel than today's 777s.

Long wings for the win

Part of that advanced design: sweeping wings made from carbon-fibre composites rather than metal, which span 235 feet (71.6 meters) to boost aerodynamic efficiency.
However, the tips of those wings will fold up when the 777X is on the ground to reduce the wingspan by some 7 metres (23 feet).
These 'swingtips', as Boeing calls them, are required to make the 777X fit into airport boarding gates and taxiways designed for the other members of the 777 family rather than demand expensive airport modifications.
(It's not exactly a new idea: Boeing patented it in 1995 for the original Boeing 777, and while no airline ever ticked this option box on their order, a full-scale model of the folding wingtip is on display at Boeing's Museum of Flight in Seattle.)

Inside the Boeing 777X

Boeing will also adapt key aspects of its 787 Dreamliner series to shape the passenger experience of the 777X.
The 777X will include a lower effective cabin altitude of 6,000 feet; oversized windows set higher into the cabin; and what Boeing promises will be "economy class seat widths up to 18 inches wide,"  although the choice of configurations and seat widths will in the end fall to airlines buying the big bird.
The rest of the creature comforts which Boeing has in mind for the 777X – which is slated to begin production in 2017, with first commercial flights from 2020 – are a mash-up of the Boeing 777 family interior with the 787's cabin innovations.
For starters the cabin altitude will be pegged at 6,000 feet and humidity levels boosted, with both traits being "comparable to the 787 Dreamliner" in order to reduce the effects of inflight fatigue and jetlag.
Also like the Dreamliner, the enlarged windows of the 777X  will be positioned higher on the fuselage so they're at eye level for a larger percentage of passengers, to allow more light into the cabin and a sense that there's an 'outside' out there from even the dreaded middle seats.

There should be lower cabin noise thanks to new engine nacelle design, better cabin insulation and even the installation of twice as many air nozzles which will funnel triple-filtered air at reduced velocity for less noise.
Boeing also says the 777X will introduce an "all-new interior design that allows airlines to customise their cabin architectures by class."
"This innovation includes an adaptable suite of parts that facilitates choices in overhead ceiling and stow bin configurations, allowing airlines to create the feeling of separate and distinct cabins that meet both airline and passenger needs."
Boeing suggests this as a possible high-tech 777X cabin, perhaps assuming that Tron Airlines is the launch customer...
Of course, no modern jet can get by without LED mood lighting, so that's a given right out of the box.
"The 777X will redefine the total passenger experience" promises Dennis Eng, Boeing's Director for 777X Interiors.
"All of the interior features we are exploring and designing into the new airplane are working together as a package to create an exciting new passenger experience." 

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