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Sunday, February 19, 2012

On The Edge

Walking thought life in a timeline back to where it all began. I was lying to myself that I found the light tunnel within the labyrinth itself. It was just an illusion, it was just a dream. Awaken at the very same spot I fell, on the wet floor. Draining inside my own. I felt the moist of the air fill with sharp pains. I knew that it was just the time for me to start running again. I need to keep going. But where? Every place seems different. It was not dark any more. Lightly dimmed. I saw all the fresh flesh hanging on the verge of the bards on the walls. Feeling the breeze touching the scars. But I felt no pain. I felt non at all.

I kept on going. the walls are high. Seemingly nothing I could do to put it all down. At the verge of the vains that kept me on and on. I just somehow can't stop. Nothing could stop. I want it to just stop but it just won't and will not. I look around me and it was all broken souls. I needed a way. I needed a path. The skies are lightly dimmed but there ain't any path. I wonder where was I? I wasn't in the maze at all. Then where am I? Looking on the edge, I just saw more souls being taken by Him. I felt abandon. Why not me? I just am tired and don't I even deserve his love? I wonder are you lonely being up there alone? I wonder do you even see me after creating me. I even wonder do you ever love me?

I look at the edge for a very long time. I wanted to be taken but who will take me in? Path wasn't there any more. I am trying to breath as normal as I could. Knowing the beat is still there. I am still living. I wanted everything to be well. Or do I really want to? I do not know any more. The labyrinth wasn't a maze any more. I look back seeing the point I stood. I couldn't go on. And I did not even took any path. Felt being broken and shatter. But no words are able to speak of. I just don't want this any more. I abandon myself at the very last point. Looking out on the edge.


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