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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music Is My Sanctuary

Your love is so strong and bright
it leaves me with a smile when I fall asleep at night,
when I am dreaming hours seem as minutes
because I cherish every moment with you in it,

Waking up to your voice “good morning”
sends my heart and soul high a soaring,
love is said to last only till death
but our love will prove stronger than our final breath,
what I am saying is I love you for heavens sake
and when we die our love begins again at heavens gate.

Starting this post with a stanza and I guess I will have to have a beautiful memory in this part of my life. Sometimes life is just beautiful as it is. Holding on to myself and telling myself everything is going to be alright. It wasn't there for me to hold in the beginning. I sometimes ask myself do I really wanted this in life? Yes, but I did not forgot what life is. Its rarely we get what we want. But don't get me wrong. It is nothing negative about this. Just have to take a step back and change perspective of it. Love is always beautiful. All I have to say is my courage isn't there to take what I wanted. But I know it is somehow the best for you at the moment. I rather we share what we have now than just get into that realms of confusion and hardship. Looking back the years I have been into and I am glad I choose this for now. 

I am listening to Adele's "Chasing Pavements" and it somehow reflects what I am going through. It is not something bad for me. The least I know that what I am heading all this while. I am not gonna elaborate this. Guess some parts of life choices are meant to be private. The heart beats where it has. I guess being what I am is good enough. Maybe many thinks I should be heading to the place where you guys want me to be. Honestly I wanted to. But its just the right thing happen at the wrong time. At times like this, I chosen to find peace in music where I feel safe and home always. 

Now moving on to "For Good" by Chris Coffer and Lea Michele just made me complete. It has ended I think. I start to see the sun. And openly I take this step to change. 

I Love You till the very end. You are just someone that really change me for good. I will never give up on you~ Just change another way to love you. Thankful to have you to love me back. 


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