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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I lay beside you, I can't sleep
And you don't even know about me
My back is turned a world away
And you don't even know
These tears are falling
And all my life, and all this time
My love for you has added up to this
It's unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

I've lost your thousand silent screams
I'm coming down this brutal mountain
I'm ready here to try again
Standing in the light from the darkness
And all my life and all my time
And all the hurting and all the working
It somehow made me stronger in the end
It's unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

And all my life and all this time
And all the prayin' and all the meeting
And all the beating, it somehow makes us better in the end
It's unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

It was a gift. It was beautiful. It was love. It was like echo in the rain. I will always here it.
I listen to the point where love begins. I never knew it was such a great place to be. In a way, I had a talk to a close friend not far from the past. Life has treated me well. But in also many ways, life had brought me through a little too fast. At the age of 28, I sometimes felt it was 40. I am not complaining much on what I am now as it has brought me into a way much I wanna be. Sometimes just seeing life it was really a great journey. It was unbroken. Everything that I went through makes me realize how fast life could do in such a short period. Closing my my eyes and breath in everything. Sometimes, I really realize what a jerk I use to be. Somehow I still don't really see the how could I move on from then. Many ways and many things lead me to a certain point of endangering myself. I wonder many times, why do I get myself into drug problems in the past? Why do I screw up everything when I have all to start with.

But this is life. I am glad so many great souls were with me to keep my spirit up. A life where things are just beautiful as it was even at some point I still wonder why. Like even now, I do ask that question why me? Why now? Why all has to be now. But no matter how much I asked, nothing will gonna change a single thing  now. So I just am going to make the best out of everything I have now. No matter what I am going through. It is still curable. I know one day soon. Things will be better.

I know now I miss you very much. But I couldn't just show it out. As the deeper it stays in my heart. I know one day all will be well and it will be better. I know my faith and hope are broken after knowing the news from the doctor. But what the hell with it. I have been fighting so long. Just need a little more faith. It will be well. I know it will.


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