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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


At the opening of a closing. I am defeated at last.
Somehow the only thing that had me going was the heart that beats.
I learn it the hard way, and let it never let it go that far.
My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't whole to start with.
I am beaten up by faith, I am broken by hope.
The only weakness I have was in my eyes.
I saw pain and fear waiting to greet me.
But maybe there is another road I might just catch a glimpse them..
Looking at the blood flowing out with life. 
Closing the only way passway that you see me.
The only damage has been done. Thinking of all the love I will lose.
My conviction was blinded by your spotlight.
I can't fight no threat, as it was no use to go anywhere now.
This would be the last song I would write here as time comes to an end.
It was never easy to say goodbye for me. 
Closing up the whole chapter at the very end.

If I seem distant
Baby I am
Words are like scissors in your hands
And there is no script to follow
So I just close my eyes
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

I feel just like an actor
Up on the stage
I cant believe
What Im hearing myself say
And the porch light is my spotlight
So I play along with this life
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

Did you ever love me?
Does it even matter?
Did you even notice the whole world shatter?
I just want to hold you til you know Im sorry
But I just keep it all inside
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye

My heart feels like a circus
Its to much to take in
Its hard to lose love
But you were my best friend

So I walk this high wire
That way it wont hurt so much
When we say goodbye


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