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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Prayer

I pray you'll be our eyes, 
and watch us where we go 
And help us to be wise, 
in times when we don't know 
Let this be our prayer, 
when we lose our way 
Lead us to the place, 
guide us with your grace 
To a place where we'll be safe. 
I pray we'll find your light 
And hold it in our heart
When stars go out each night 
Let this be our prayer 
When shadows fill our day 
Lead us to a place 
Guide us with your grace 
Give us faith so we'll be safe 

We ask that life be kind 
And watch us from above 
We hope each soul will find 
Another soul to love 
Let this be our prayer 
Let this be our prayer 
Just like every child 
Just like every child 
Need to find a place, 
guide us with your grace 
Give us faith so we'll be safe  

Thank you for all the warm wishes and prayers. I have fulfilled the journey through.
In so many ways I wish I could speak more about it. But I got no idea at all at this very moment.
I know very well this moment is a moment like every all others. 
Tiredness kicks in, feeling mellow and all. And a special thanks to Malcom who was there with me all the time. I really do appreciate you flew all the way from Auckland. I wouldn't wanna miss that chance to thank you. I am blessed to have a friend like you. I awaits your little devils and I hope all of you would come visit either when I am still in KL or back in Boston. 

I am now really tired and hungry at the same time. I guess I would be taking the whole day sleeping on flight. Heading back to hell in a little while more. I still anticipate to meet up with Cornflakes and get my Gongcha! I want a super large cup to go with it! And my Mckers. Dear Cornflakes!!!! I AM SERIOUS I WANT IT ALL TONIGHT! Forget about all the other nice meals we use to plan. I am as cheap as this. Mckers and Gongcha makes me happy. Love ya loads. Thanks for all the support given even you are so far away. And dinner on you! YAY!!!! (Someone slap me please.)
Waiting for my flight now and the only thing in my mind now is... Does QF flights has in-flight WiFi?? I remember I read it from Airbus homepage that they do. Praying praying praying!


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