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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hardship In Love

After a long day dealing with the upcoming musical. I finally reach home and lying down getting ready for bed. I am surprise with the energy level I have today. Somehow I am still able sit here and blog with just 3 hours sleep  in 50 hours. I was just going through some blogs that I follow. And when I come across this. I find I have to share with all of you. Honestly I find it very beautiful.

There will be a big change in my life within these few months. Knowing clearly where my direction is. Had a good long talk with my cow. She is as angelic as she is. Listening to her annoying voice on my iTunes while writing this. How ironic that could get. Anyway, not to stray from my post, sometimes I look at a beauty side in life now and accepting the fact of able to get the things I do with just a little more faith in myself.

Honestly in the past, I would still end up in my bed at times like this. Feeling weak and all. But I choose not to let in with it this time round. Got up and make things out of the best I could do. Loving the fact what I was doing. The songs are in place. The tedious part of arrangement is mad. But I have two awesome protégé who make this even better. From Tango to Bosanova. Ballad to up tempo dance. Things are just crazily good. But having that faith in the things we love doing. I think I found a perfect way to know what I wanted in life make everything fall into place.

This leads me to the blog I read. Which caught me in so many places. The love of what we are passionate about. To a thing we do to the person we love. It was just purely the love we are able to make this change. I know by the power of love and having faith in those we love, it gives you a pure energy to make it all right. I know when my working mode is on, I am a little extreme. But in a good way I would say so. As what I would feel or how I feel, just come watch the musical. I believe everyone will leave with a surprise and a sense of touched to the heart. That I would promise.

Just to share what I read earlier with you guys. Like I use to quote.

Love is fair, Love has no jealousy, Love see no discrimination, Love do not put us in difference of age, sex, gender and religion. Love is kind and Love is patient.

With all the hardships and pain
laughs, long talks
sometimes we drive each other insane
but when it comes to loving you
I do
no one could ever compare
because no one is as support, caring, and true
with all my heart
I love you more and more
from start to end to end from start
our loves grows
with every breath we take
you are my love my hear my soul
no matter what the price
or risks I must take
or even what I have to sacrifice
you are my best friend
I will be here with you until the end.


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