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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reflection Of Darkness

The sun said good-bye, as in the wood I walk by,
Into the darkness alone I walk, even the shadows and my soul not there with me to talk,
The midnight shivering cold breeze, like the time for me has ever freeze,
I look into the sky and see even the stars falling apart,
The moon showed its presence but it too hid behind the clouds, and those clouds which I see, exchanged themselves with the dark,
I looked into the woods and said “Hello” in hope of some invisibles to be visible,
But even the echo of my sound changed their path as alone I walk,
I felt on my knees and crawled near the pond I see,
Even the feeling in my heart, like a drop they formed,
My eyes lid themselves, helped me to solace the feelings in the drop they formed,
But the drops were too strong as they left me apart,
In the pond they fell so hard, even the reflection shattered like a glass,
With my heart without its feeling, made me strong as I stand tall,
But in the end, It was still me left behind all the wounds.
Some light which was temporary, I know nothing would change what I feel,
Let it all flow, let it go. I will be seeing a light when it is ready for me. 
As now I will have to bare with all the reflections there is left.


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