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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Half Life

Cold rain drops on my face. As bad as all the wounds within
I stood here again at the same old labyrinth
The smiles fades away. Laughter dies off from the background
It was a long journey before we parted ways.

The pain was merely just words. All I see in your face was why couldn't I make it better for my son
I turn around and just deny myself to walk out from its gates
The cutting edge from the walls and the blood that flows
Nothing would able to make my heart stop bleeding

I somehow am being curse with this half life
A life where I only surface for a few moments for air
And sinking back down to the dark realms of my own world
The love was great but it was also great enough to see the creation of yours living a half life

You have the rights to fear oh my father
You gave me this life. I know how much it would be hurting to see a child living a life like this
From the womb of your beloved I grew to a broken half life
knowing all the tears within you that never show, I just wanna hide within the labyrinth

Is this even a maze? If it is ought to be a labyrinth,
Why am I never lost and always finding my way out
I will not say that it was pureness of memory but it was also insanity that brought me here?
Sitting here while the drops of rains that hides my tears. I ground myself again at the edge

The burning passion fades, yet only sorrow I see behind all those smiles
Is there a soul out there would just tell me that it is all temporary?
The tiredness kicks in and I sat on feeling every drop of rain and blood blending in
It is now seven years one month two weeks and three days.

A half life that I have lived within


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