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Friday, March 2, 2012

Anger From Insults

Sometimes I can't deny the fact that we live in the world of insults. For the first time I actually felt it in my entire life. I wish I could put down in words all that is happening now. But I know I can't do that. At points in life, I wish things would be straight forward and simple. Is it because I have this face that showing I do not take things seriously or I just don't mind how I am being treated?

First time, second time and it just kept continuing. I asked myself when should I put all this to a stop? I have build up my own reputation and empire in the industry. And now, people just don't care what you were. I do not know weather it's the culture here or just simply confrontation is that hard? I wish I had that courage to walked off just like what I did in the states. But I gave my word. I think at this moment. I have enough given to the extend I am just like rubbish. I am fine with this actually. I don't work here in Malaysia. I don't care how does the industry look at me. Singers earn from caller ringtones. This is really a joke. Who gets the credits?

Not that I am saying I need it. But just at least I am being acknowledge of my own talent. I think I just do not blend into how it is here in Malaysia. I am loving my country but sad to say, that no one will ever appreciate whatever you do. Even by saying so verbally, one action to just demoralize you in just one minute. Time wasted, effort wasted, and even the genuine care and concerns are wasted. But life goes on. I know I will. To me, I know where I stand and I know my value. Nothing and no one can bring me down. Don't get me wrong. This isn't ego. This is just something I understand and know what I am doing. Unless someone could come up to me and slap me down showing me what I am doing wasn't good enough.

Anyone could tell me whatever I do is not right or good enough. But in music, bring it on. Music is my life. More important than myself. Whoever wanna tear me down, show me you can. I welcome you!


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