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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Last Draw

At the ray of light that has come,
I open my eyes gently and feel the cold breeze that go through my skin.
I feel that the pondering of the heart stops.
The same voice touches me again.
I remember you say that "Don't leave me here alone."
Just close your eyes, the sun is going down.
I feel the warm of the shadows covering my body.
I know it will be gone soon.
You will be alright.
No more morning light.
No one can hurt you now. Everything will be soon gone. It will be alright.

A lullaby like going through the snowy night.
Come to the night, I felt the sense of living a whole life again.
But not within the realm I see now. I knew it was just somewhere near.
A place where no tears will stream down your face.
I know the loneliness will not go through tonight.
I know for the first time after a long time, I will be safe and sound.
Looking out the window, everything is on fire.
But there are no more scream. Just a quiet night out there after the sun sets.
No more morning light, I will be safe and sound again.
Just close your eyes and I will be alright.


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