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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sometimes it is just a a perspective how we see things or feel things. I know sometimes I get all emotional with my post but some of it wasn't really emotional at all. At point to point in life, we tend to grow with it. Just a better way for others to know what I am really writing about. I am a very annoying prick in real life who loves to irritate my friends around me. But on my perspective in life, even for one of my post about a "Good Goodbye" It wasn't really something emotional and sad. It was me having a proper closure of a past I use to have. Yes that song is kinda emotional and all. But in real life, I am not feeling sad nor anything.

It is some sort more of a celebration of freedom for me. I bound myself with a love that wasn't mine to hold. But I did talk about this to a friend a week ago. The only thing I was holding on to was myself. And the biggest part of me was not able to let go that past. Even I say it is a closure. Common people, we are earthly bound beings. We have our emotions and so on. But the fact is we are also learning in life. I would say our past, it is something that we will never able to let go. But treat it more of a memory that keeps us going being better and better. I know some people tend to hold on, some tend to just move on, some even tend to have rebound, or the most common one is ignoring the past. Everyone has the right to decide what they wanted in life. Especially in love, there is not right or wrong.

Even for myself, I am in love with someone who was a past and became my present and future. But what does that love have to be? A love that gives hope? Settling down with that person in life and so on? Or I should say that it is something on our own accord? Being in love is a gift. Being able to love is what we are made to be. So how does that perspective put in place? My answer is, be what you wanna be and love the way you can love. There isn't a right thing or a wrong thing to be. Life is a bitch but I could say we are bigger bitches than life. We can't always have the best, but what we can do is make the best out of what we have. Life would stay in a more beautiful perspective.

I know I was a pain in the ass at my earlier part of life. But looking back and seeing what I am now, I guess I would say I am good with what I have in life now. Even how I wanted to be and loving that person I have now. It is just a way of life that makes me complete. So, no complains. I am good.


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