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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coming Home

It's a four letter word
A place you go to heal your hurt
It's an altar, it's a shelter
One place you're always welcome
A pink flamingo, double wide
One bedroom in a high rise
A mansion on a hill
Where the memories always will
keep you company whenever you're alone

Well they say it's where the heart is
And i guess the hardest part is
when your heart is broken
and you're lost out in the great wide open
Looking for a map
Finding your way back
To where you belong
Oh well that's where I belong

HOME - the world tried to break me
I found a road to take me
HOME - there ain't nothing but a blue sky now
After all of my running
I'm finally coming...home

Whenever a memory of you appear, it was like me going home. A place where it is safe. I looked at my iMessage for a long long time. I thought I would be able to have the courage to just drop a hello. But somehow I just couldn't. I know I talked about a thing of when you feel like doing anything, just do it without regrets. But at a moment like this, I just couldn't possibly do anything at all. Maybe I am a coward. Even when you were talking to me sometimes, I wish I could just let go. So much conflict in myself. 

Today is just hell for me. The constant attacks of the sensation. I was holding back again and again. I asked myself, why do I need to trouble others when I can deal it myself. What are the outcome? Nothing could anyone do to make all the pain go away. I kept telling myself, Ricky, you could do this. Just have to hold on.  Sinking into Gwyneth Paltrow's Coming Home, I find a little strength in it. I love how the lyrics put itself. And When I took sometime off to rest and watch a movie Waters For Elephant. The last thing the Jacob says in the end was " I am coming Home"

I know somehow I tried to keep myself feeling neutral all the time. Somehow I know there is a soul out there would feel something out of it. But sometimes, I was too tired to hold on to that. I know when you read this you gonna like chopped me into pieces. But all I would say is you know me. I am the same Ricky you knew. I couldn't possibly want anything from you. I know you will always be there for me.I know maybe many would not understand why and how, but one day you will. One day...


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