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Friday, March 9, 2012

Timing Is Everything

when the stars line up
and you catch a good break
and people think your lucky
but you know it’s grace
it can happen so fast
or a little bit late
timing is everything

you know i’ve had close calls
when it could have been me
i was young when i learned just
how fragile life could be
i lost friends of mine
i guess it wasn’t my time
time is everything

and i could have been a child that got took home
and i would have been one more unfinished song
and when it seems a rhyme is hard to find
that’s when one comes along
just in time

when i remember that day
when our eyes first meet
you ran into the building to get out of the rain
cuz’ you were soaking wet
and as i held the door
you wanted to know my name
timing is everything

and i could have been another minute late
and you never would have crossed my path that day
and when it seems true love is hard to find
that’s when love comes along
just in time

well you can call it fate
or destiny
sometimes it really
seems like
it’s a mystery
cause you can be hurt by love
or healed by the same
timing is everything
and it can happen so fast
or a little bit late
timing is everything

There are many more that we see with our bare eyes. At times, all we just need to listen to our surrounding. Sometimes, you will see a greater light. I know somehow it was just purely spending the time with someone you care for. Listen to what they are going through and not judging them. I know I have these kinda friends around me. Maybe some may read the song above into some sorta love song. But If you really look deep down to that lyrics. It is much more than that. Timing is everything. Sometimes, we just have to know that many many chances in life passed us by. It is simply we jump into conclusion. 

But whenever we just stood by a friend or family, listen to what they feel. Not judging them on our own shoes. I realize how much bliss it will give us. I learned a new lesson today. Sometimes all we need to do is stop jump into what or how others may feel. We need to hear them and feel what they are feeling. Like wise for me today, all I was thinking is to be a good listener and just wish to see them smile. Honestly sometimes, I enjoyed it much more to just blog than spending time on Facebook. Sometimes, a random person will pop out of no where and showing hate and all. But I really wonder why sometimes we don't share some love instead? I know I was kinda firm saying that please don't show hate here. We are already living in a crazy mad man's world. I guess sometimes, I just need some space to create some love to share with others. 

Listening to the tone colour of the band, I sat aside and feel what I am wanting to feel. I find sometimes it is so hard for me to feel much recently. Maybe I was holding back and trying not to feel at all. Bur someone told me today, you put on a smile but at the back of your mind, it will somehow flows in. I am feeling as the music flows through me. I had a beautiful vision. But that is another story to come. Till my next post. 

By the way, the promo video for oz is coming out next week. I can't wait for everything to just fall into place. And to a loyal reader of my blog. I promise I will write about the story of oz for you. Thanks for inspiring me. Love you all loads.


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