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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heavenly Love

I was thinking what was the best name for a post like this. And I thought why not "Heavenly Love". Today after a long day, I finally called home after 2 weeks being back here in KL. Honestly I regret not calling sooner. I was spending so much time working and the time I thought of calling them was usually 3-4am. It was always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

I was really happy that the fact I spent almost 2 hours talking to them. I found that sometimes it isn't needed for us to like hide our problems and fear to them. The first think came out from her mouth was, 
Are you lonely? I feel that you are not complete. Something is hiding behind that laughter of yours.
I kept silent for a moment there. Somehow I know I couldn't hide anything. So yeah, I told her about what I felt. Honestly, it felt really good. We were like bitching around and talking serious issue in life.When talking about my love life. I touched about the facts that I was having now. It is really touching of her just say that "I am really happy to know my son grew so much. I am so proud to have you. You gave me an assurance that I brought you up in the right way" Then I kinda started to bitch around with her by saying, among so many of us. I am the only one you took 菜刀(Chopping Knive) and chasing through out the Kampung(Village). We laugh at the good old time. Like she said, those were beautiful good memories.

And we were also talking about how life has treated me. Talking about the point when I nearly broke down and given up. They were happy that I didn't give up at all. Suddenly, I felt that part emptiness was filled. In a hopeless place we are living in, this gave me the courage to hold on to the love I was having. They told me that no matter who that person is, no matter what am I going through now in life, they just wanted me happy. No matter whoever will end up to share my life with, they will welcome him with love like that have given me. And finally, she did admit that at point she thought I would give up in love after all I have been through. I told her that it was the most beautiful thing that happen to me. Despite the pain and all. But it made me see love does exist in life. Yeah, I don't deny that we both were badly hurt, but I do remember the beautiful moments we had. It was just too bad I wasn't mature enough to handle it that time. But it has really made me a better person that I am now. I know that many of my friends, some with a family like mine that accepts, and some with a much more traditional mindset. But One thing for sure I would say. The love that they can give is not being able to measured by time or anything we can name or put in words.

And before I hang up, they did promise to come to my musical! I am so trilled with it. I felt so complete that when they say they wouldn't miss it in the world even my younger brother's wedding is a week after. For the first time, I hear anticipation that they wanted to be part of my life. Especially in music. Honestly, all the loneliness in me is just a mere word now after having so much love. A heavenly love found on earth.


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