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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Social Network 2.0

I do not know why this thing always get to my nerves. I really think sometimes I hate logging into Facebook to see so dumb stupid post that really insult our intelligences and yet people still share it. The most idiotic thing I have ever come across today was using the pricing of a Toyota Camry that is in Malaysia and in Dubai. For goodness sake people. I do not know what is wrong with the people.

The thing is I am not a pro government or any party here. Yes I do hate the fact that corruption and all. But using this to take down your opponent? God, I don't need another dumb ass to run this country. But do I have a better leader? NO! I mean people, get your brains working. To be a first world country and the sustainabily, to achieve a high income status country there are a lot more factors than this. Do you guys who share those news out think that seriously the opposition will able to bring down the pricing of the cars to what Dubai is doing? Common people, what is our economical income comes from? It is just hilarious. I was just talking to a friend complaining how the US government have their debate like kids! And here we are sharing something that doesn't make any sense.

I seriously doubt how many people would know what is our current country economy is running. As of the current data for Malaysia are as below

Malaysia's latest data (Feb'12) 
Inflation: 3.0% | Poverty: 2.5% | Unemployment: 3.0% | Forex reserves: US$134.1b | FDI: US$9.4b (2010), US$14.3b (Jan-Nov'11) | HDI: 76.1 | GDP growth (Y): 5.1% | GDP per capita (PPP): US$14,670 | GDP per capita (Nom): US$8,423 | GNI per capita (Atlas): US$7,900 | Credit rating (S&P): A | External/Public debt to GDP: 28.5%/53.8% | Total trade value: US$422.6b | Tourism: 24.71 mil | Urbanisation: 73% | Market Cap: US$438b | Competitiveness: 21st | DBR: 18th

I know many of you know what the data is all about. But many out there don't give a damn about this. But seriously just don't care is an attitude for us to hold? Should we just keep on expecting? We are not Dubai. Look at their reserve. Of course with that they could actually have a total number of 90 Airbus A380 on order. They don't need a full load to even start to care. 

I am really not sure what I will do this upcoming election. I do see the power of social network could get to a person and even bringing down a country. I am not blaming anyone but the education system and environment. We are a democratic country. Even before the conspiracy case of Anwar. Before judgement everyone says he will be guilty even before the trail. But what was the outcome? I literally rub that on my dad's face and I did try to talk sense to him. YES WE NEED A CHANGE! But it has to start with us. 

Many just don't realize that their actions just kinda slap themselves in their own face. I can also just don't bother about this issue and just move on to other post. But the fact is I do think as a citizen I would want a real change for my own country. This is my responsibility. I really do urge that let's stop all this hilarious jokes and stop make ourselves look like a fool. Take pride in our country. No matter who we wanted our leader to be, do it the right way. Take ourselves seriously. Make that change. Change what we want our country to be. Speak for yourself. Not follow blindly what others may say. No one should take pride of showing what a fool we are. We are ready to take the status of a develop country from a developing one. We are ready to have a stronger economy status. Change what we have to do. Start from ourselves.


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