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Thursday, March 1, 2012


A great soul told me this -

One day, one time, one wish, one hope,
One love, one stop, one you, one me,
The time goes round and round
But we shall move through and through
Stepping out from the rain into the sun
Warm breeze sweeps through our souls
Returning us to paradise
One love, one kiss, one hug, one breath
Just one more time

Isn't it beautiful? I certainly do think so. I think at times when we were really busy and drifting off with the important people in life. All needed is some faith in them. Yes I did worry too much at times. Fearing of knowing that things will not be the same. But as time goes by, I felt that I really am blessed. At this hour, I know I should be sleeping instead of writing this after a long day of work. But I think I needed to write this. I am just very inspired with what this few verse stands for. 

Honestly things are very hectic and crazy. But sometimes, I think I have to embrace this part of being in this field of creation. Inspiration is something we couldn't just push. Sometimes we just forget that we need to just take a step a day. In many ways, coping with it at the right pace. At times like this, we usually tend to feel worn out of energy and loneliness loves to visit us. But honestly I sometimes ask myself, is solitary is a way for find answers? I still do not know. But I know having a little faith in love is the way I wanted. 

Is it too much I am asking? But what am I asking for? Sometimes, even others ask me what do I know about love? My answer is just I don't know. I know that being in love, you just feel hopelessly mellow, and just wanted to spend every single minute with in your life. A person to kiss good night to and wake up next to. Is that simple. And I wonder is that too much? By just sharing a life with? My point being said is how many people now still do believe in love? Maybe I am blessed. But it is somehow just painful to watch what is happening in and around us in life. People tend to mixed up desires and love, infatuation and love, and even sex and love. Love doesn't build up with all these elements. Some may say I am a dreamer. But Yes I am one. And I am not a coward to feel the pain too. That is love. 

I had my fair share in the past with all the crazy dramas, but why I still do believe in it? As I see the brighter side of it than just the painful part of it. Sometimes, we won't get what we want in life. We can't have the best in life. But what are we gonna make out of the best we have in life. I know mine. How about you?


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