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Monday, March 12, 2012

Wizard Of Oz Comes To KL

Follow the yellow brick road, that will lead you to the magnificent Oz. The great wizard. Who is Oz? I wanted to dedicate this post to a loyal reader of mine. He did ask me to talk about Oz. 
I guess everyone will be familiar with this song. I know it is to me during my childhood years.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high,
There's a land that I've heard of
Once in a lullaby..."

Follow the yellow brick road over the rainbow and into Pentas 1 of KLPAC for an amazing new production of The Wizard of Oz!

Developed from the legendary MGM screenplay this production, completely re-conceived for the stage, contains all the much-loved songs from the Oscar winning movie score, all the favourite characters and iconic moments, plus a few surprises along the way.

Featuring a line-up of Malaysia's best stage and musical theatre talents including Stephanie Van Driesen, Peter Ong, Radhi Khalid, Zalina Lee, Tria Aziz, Mano Maniam, and Suhaili Micheline. Directed by Nell Ng and includes the creative dream team behind the success of 'Cabaret'. This is one show you will not want to miss!

Keep checking back here for more details. but be careful... a storm is coming to KL in April 2012! Beware the tornado. In this charming film based on the popular L. Frank Baum stories, Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz. Here she meets some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage. 
The scarecrow. He was the first person Dorothy met along the way to the Emerald City.
He doesn't have a brain. So Dorothy ask him along to to see the wizard to ask for a brain.
Along the way they came across the apple farm. Where they met the Tinman who doesn't have a heart.

And in the forest, they met the lion. Who doesn't have the nerve. Along  the lion join them to ask for courage!
Their off to see the wizard... the wonderful wizard of oz. 

Glinda, the good witch of the north. Did you know she travels in a bubble???
Isn't that magical.

Wicked witch of the west. She wants those ruby slippers on Dorothy's feet. It belongs to the Wicked  witch of the east.

I want those slippers!

This event is made entirely possible only through the generous support of Berjaya Corporation Berhad and Kenny Rogers Roasters, along with AmPrivate Banking, OCBC, Puncak Dana, Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah, M.A.C. Cosmetics, ZOOS Advertising, Joshua Chay, Lily Lee, and Jimmy Ang Art and Studio. Thank you for supporting Malaysian talents and theatre. This show would not happen without you! It will be one of the best musical ever happen in KL. For more details, please follow us on Pan Productions on Facebook and go click on our event. The Wizard of Oz comes to KL! Tickets are limited. Please get it as soon as possible once we are on sale this 24th. There are 7 shows off. Please do come support us.

TICKETS ON SALE 24 MARCH 2012 from KLPAC Box Office!


Here is our Trailer for the show. I hope you all will love it! I know I enjoyed it very very much.


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