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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Before Judgement

At 11:00pm local time. I sat in my hotel where my dad is sleeping soundly. I just got back from a gathering with my old friends at Hard Rock Cafe Sydney Habour. Somehow I am not anxious or worried. But just having a very calm emotions and waiting for time to come to me.

In many ways, I am feeling kinda mellow today. I am happy I get to see my old friends. Some who made effort flying in from Auckland. Thank you so much for making tonight a wonderful night. Thinking back the good old days huh. Listening to Lea Michele on my iPod now and I feel my whole body kinda am very calm tonight. Maybe I had made peace with it. I somehow am thankful dad is with me here.

At a moment back in time, somehow you never left my mind even for a minute. Wondering what will you be doing now at this moment. Somehow I look at my iPad wanted to text you but I didn't. Knowing that maybe you needed the rest after a long day. I am grateful that you are smiling somewhere.

Waiting for the hours to tick by, I know that I will be coming home directly after tomorrow's event. Looking at a city like this, I somehow wish you were here to share with me the most beautiful time of the year. It will be winter soon down under. My favourite time of the year. I know it doesn't snow in Sydney. But just somehow it is still a beautiful place to be. Beautiful street, beautiful people, beautiful culture. At one time in a long ago past. I was walking down the streets with a love one. Yes the beautiful memory lingers, I look and smile to myself.

It was a good life to be in. I am thankful for everything I have.


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