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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Realm

Looking around in the darkness, the sensation arise with anger and fear. Being fallen into pieces and with time stop at the last finger struck. The beauty turns into a darkness. With the warm blood glowing with ruby shines. Feeling every single sensation that flows from within. I held my head high welcoming every single breath that is with me. Seeing everything passing through the winds. I look into the eyes of fear.

Holding up the anguish fire within and standing tall with no weapon. Love has abandon faith. Faith has abandon hope. The moment of holding a goodbye. But it will never come. I was holding on hope. Trying to reach out but no one hear me in the need of moment.

I fall into the realm where earth and sea combine. Trying to adapt to breath between this two elements.
It felt like drowning but yet I found myself comfortable in that realm. But I couldn't breath the air. I need to hold on but I was in the waters. The whole environment was dark and pitch black. I wanted to see but I just felt it was all peaceful. I was struggling but yet peaceful.

I turn into darkness where I only follow the glimpse of the earthly shadows.
But you were just not there any more.
Where am I?

Standing where two realms that never co exist together. Fire will never be peace with water. Earth will never combine with heaven. Ice will not live in the heat of the desert. But it felt right. At the place where I will never understand why am I in. It was frozen.


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