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Monday, March 5, 2012

Leaving Behind

Sitting here at the boarding hall, recalling when I was at the departure hall earlier. I am really ashamed of myself. Seeing almost everyone with their loved ones sending them off. I remembered an article Arakin San wrote when he was observing the people in Changi International Airport. It was a very touching and inspiring post. Back to me, I know that I am somehow a coward. Waited till the last minute that I announce in Facebook. But somehow I am still me, holding everything by my own. I wished that I could let in people easily. But I just couldn't bare with the goodbyes. I know it will just be a short trip off but I couldn't take that idea what if I didn't make it in the end. But I know the show goes on.

I somehow know this is not goodbye at all. I remembered what someone important in my life told me once.
I know you gonna be ok. You have to. You will always have to be pound me to be proud of me.
It somehow had became a source of my strength to move on in life. I know part of life is facing what we are going through. And goodbyes sometimes are inevitable.  But till that day comes.

I am now sitting here with a heavy heart. Waiting for my next connecting flight in Changi International Airport with Qantas. Thinking back of the things that I went through in just a short 2 months. I am like wow with all that had happened. With Bruno Mars's Who Is playing on my iPod. With the lyrics singing that all walks of life wanting someone perfect. But in the end of the day who is. It was really beautifully written in so many ways. But because of all the imperfection in you. It made you beautiful. Life is always a bitch.No one on earth will get the best in life. But we can make the best out of what we have.

But sometimes it takes two to clapped. I know that this is an important trip for me to take. Somehow it will have a big change in my life. But I know it is a long journey. Seeing what has life given me. I could say I am thankful. Having to have crossed path with two very close individual in life now to me after years. They both inspire me so much in life. I wanted to just  take a breath knowing I am blessed that God has been really kind to me to bring this two beautiful souls to me. Both in their own beautiful ways and taught me a great lesson in life.

I know somehow that is the physical pain which getting me down into this kinda emo mood again. But I know all this are worth the fight. Like I said in my last post. It is a long journey. But it is worth fighting for. No matter for who it is in life. Cause I know I am being loved in life.


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