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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Listening to Mariah Carey's Hero. Listening to how she put in her own words. Knowing the fact this song is to inspire everyone with a dream. Honestly, I am thinking of a certain someone today. The whole time in fact. I am not sure what happen but I am hoping that everything is well. Maybe you were tired or something. I am not sure at all. But honestly, I really am thinking what happen. Trying not to worry. Just praying that you are well.

The lyrics for this song was perfect. You were my hero that is all I can say. I just wish you were here again. Honestly, I miss you very much. Somehow I do not know where are you now, but I do miss talking to you. Miss you being that cute annoying little boy around. I don't know, every time when I think of you. I will smile and it brings me some peace no matter what I am going through. All I could say was I am helpless sometimes that I couldn't lessen your pain. I really wish I could just hold you close to give you the warmth and care you deserved.

I am moving on to a new place now in life. A point where I will start a new beginning. After months and months after all the pain I was having. I decided to start on the meds now myself. I know for a longer journey. I wish to see you smile day by day. I wish to see you happy with someone you love and kids around you. I held myself close and I know that was all I wanted. To honor my hero, I know I will not be afraid of what I am. There will be an answer if I reach in my soul and all the sorrow will melt away. And here I would say, good night and to have my rest as I know that was always a wish of you to see me well. But I just wanna say out loud. I miss you very much.


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