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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


1:38pm Malaysia Time.

Lying here after reading a tweet. My heart was pumping up and down.
I couldn't stop thinking what went wrong. I don't know what happen.
At this very moment, I am lost and it was like my heart just stop.
I know you are somehow still alright. But just can't keep my mind calm.
I kept wondering what kinda accident you have got into.
I called and text. Should I keep calling? Should I ask for help?
That tweet was 37minutes ago. I still need you to be there for the musical.
I need you to be proud of me. I am really freaking out. But I couldn't move. I am helpless.
I wish I am well and healthy at this moment. I felt useless. I couldn't do anything at all if the worst happen.
Not just to you but to anyone I cared and love.

1:47pm Malaysia time.
"Ah, finally you are back."
A text received. It felt like all the colors has come back into the world.
I didn't even know what to do or how to react. I somehow knew it was due to the effects of certain meds.
I knew there ain't anything at all I would able to do. Looking at all the people around that is lying lifelessly.
It was like a lullaby. I close my eyes wishing it was just the sun set and knowing you will be alright.

Safe & Sound is playing in the background, I felt a soothing breeze touches my face. I know I should stop worrying and don't let the shadow that killed me overpower my only will. You will be alright. No one can hurt you now. The music kept me going from one place to another. I felt my body giving me a sense of strength. I knew the rest was all would lead me on. Breathing the air and feeling the soft wind touches my skin. One day, that day would come when I am able to see you again. When I look like a healthy and happy person. Once more, it will be a part of a journey. I have to go on. I have to.

Remembering a moment when I was at the Brooklyn Bridge, I look out at the river and have that wish. I will see that come true. I just want you to be there when that happen.


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