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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Place Where I Stood

At a place of darkness again. I felt the walls moving in.
The moment where I thought I could breath just a little.
I feel all the colours in the world taken away.
I set in back at the same gates of the familiar labyrinth.

Should I smile and walk back in to it or should I just turn around?
But the body that I am in now walks towards the gates.
Wishing to say my last goodbyes but I knew it wasn't goodbye at all.
It was just another battle beginning of a long fought war.

Feeling the warm ruby blood flowing through me.
I embrace the sharp knife cuts me from within.
There were no emotions on it's surface.
But from within, I was crying out for a savoir.

I look at a moment in the past death.
Every life is worth celebrating. But when would I be celebrating mine?
I see a smiling face in the past that I now lost the interest to love.
With children that abandon her at a place where no one saw her pain.

How many more death should I witness in a lifetime
But a cupboard box that leads to a beautiful cradle fill of with dust.
Before I know, I was already in the labyrinth where all the fresh cuts on my body.
I look at the misty edge, Should I just fly off to the sky.

But I knew I was bound with the roots of the earthly bounds.
My eys closed and I see what have I lost in this long road taken
All of the pain is gone, but I know once I walk back down deeper,
I for in the end will be on the alter. Ready to be given back to him.

But will I be taken back? Or I should keep on staying on with a half life granted?
Knowing all the numbness starts to flow in. I just saw your face.
I look up and I just wish you would take me with your hands.
Cast me away to a land where I see no blood and pain.

The body has yet enough to embrace the darkness
When the rain drop on my face. I saw a dark park where you once stood.
I felt that everything has taken all the life away from me.
I made it go away. And looking at the world at a glimpse in the labyrinth itself.


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