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Friday, March 2, 2012

So Far Apart

If I could wrap my hand around,
why you won't hear me now,
you tend to break my heart.

Keep my eyes close long enough,
or maybe just wake up without a soul so fall apart

Every time I pick you up, you find the way to fall
don't you know a conversation doesn't mean ignore me.

Like a father leaving as a ghost,
and like a lover leaving when you need it most
And like a son you love, but can't quite reach any more.

If I could figure out what you want from me,
I'm always open, and you can count on me.
Give you room to breath in hope, that part of you that's so cold, we melted, we can be friends again.

Every time I feel I'm getting closer, things get worse,
But I know how the story goes because you're not the first.

And even though you think that you don't need me,and you don't miss me, now I know everything you should know.
Like a daughter, I pray,
Like a lover, I wait,
Like a mother I'll be here when you fall.

Yeah, I am feeling a little mellow with some old recordings. I am trying to see the bright side of things when everything just crumbles at you. I wanted something to make me feel right again. Maybe all these problems starts from where I am. I took the wrong decision by expecting. Yes I do feel hurt about what happen but sometimes, we can't control others to treat us. I wanted to turn to love at times like this. I know all the love which is ready for me to accept is always there. Stuck in this foreign bed looking at the people walking pass.  Knowing all the love one were with them. Yeah, I do wish someone that I love would be here with me but just me being me. I know I would want them doing other things that company me here. 

Talking about this, I know my world shifted when I receive a heart felt email from my Big 3. At the same time, it make me felt that I wanted to just pack my things and head back to Boston. I know at this very moment, I wouldn't able to do so. But having that faith by the time I finish all the work here I will be back there with you guys. 

And at this moment, You appear again in my mind. knowingly that it is not easy for me to even see you. I miss the time when having you next to me. Waking up and see your big smile. I know that even there ain't anything we are holding at the moment, but just happen to miss you this very moment. No matter what others may think it isn't important to me. Only we know what is for us. Thinking of you putting a big smile on my face.I miss you~


  1. As long as you know. I will always be there. You meant as much to me as I am to you. I will never doubt that you wont be there at all when I fall. You are really one soul to me that means the world to me. - Someone Near You

  2. Lebih la u! I didn't put names at all! Go work! I need my sleep! Dun disturb me!



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