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Friday, March 16, 2012

Before, After, Now.

Before I was a loner
Always brooding in my own shelter
Thought love would never stop by ever
As I couldn’t find that special lover.
Then I met you one summer
For hours we sat and talked to each other
Like old friends we were, I remember
Funny that I could find a soul mate in a stranger.
I knew then I have found the perfect partner
Someone I could love and cherish forever
Now, my love has only grown deeper

After I was a lover
Always having a home to go back to
Thought love would never ever leave me ever
As I found you in my life.
One summer I was straying away from the side walks
Then Satan brought me together with a past
We were like strangers once more, I remember
Funny was I didn't think it would hurt me
I knew I was to lose you even you were perfect
Someone I could love and cherish forever
Now, my love has failed only deeper

Now I was blessed again.
Having my own shelter and a home
As I have all the love again.
After years being a loner and one winter
I found you in my life again.
Funny that we met in that weird way that you never knew me
But in many ways, I knew I was blessed, I remember.
Even life has it's own way 
I know now nothing I will do to not see you smile
Just cherish every moment that we may have.
Someone I could fall on and spread my wings to have you safe
Now that is a love that I will never dream of.


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