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Monday, March 5, 2012

Somewhere Out There

I was thinking sometimes on the post I wanted to write today. Of all the topic I have been discussing with my friends, we were talking about finding that right person in life to share life with. But to have that right person is a journey. A long one. He was asking me how many out there that would see the way of love as simple as it is and not complicate it. What my answer is
As long as you keep on to what you stand for. I believe out there there will be a someone who is like you. You will have to just have faith and keep on going.
I know sometimes it is a tiring journey. I never deny that little fact. We are just normal human that has feelings. Sometimes after a sucky relationship. We tend to be tired. But all we need is friends who never judge and just be there when you needed it.  But I must say that sometimes at a hopeless realm when we are in, we just need to take a step back and have a breather.

No relationship comes easy. Like the conversation I had with my parents last night. I told them to find someone I love and that love me in return, it is not something we can just get it. Like wise for them, it wasn't a perfect love but it is just having faith in each other. Dad did ask me something.
Boy, since you are gay, do you think that settling down with a man and having kids is something easy to do? I am just concern. I just feel sometimes, you wanted to settle down in life but it is just so hard to see you happy with that special one. yada yada yada.....
I will not elaborate what he mumbles. But I just told him that even a straight couple like they are. It was never easy too bringing up kids and being there for them emotionally.( How I wish it was financially ) But the fact was they made it happen. I grew up in a family filled with pure love and care. I know everyone is different and so. But the fact is sometimes, no matter how wrong they could be, it is never their fault. We usually will forget something. They never need to take the risk of their life having us. But they didn't made it as a choice. I guess it is a phase of life we are going through.

I guess I am an old man. I am seriously thinking of settling down, have kids, have a beautiful family. I know it is hard. Especially in the environment we are living in. But it is just something we have to bare with it. My friend did ask me is it worth it to go through so much in life with what we already have now.

YES!!!!  What is life without having someone to share with and building the love we grow together. Did I even mention the name of my kids yet? Kathalynn Julia Hah and Brayden David Hah. Hahaha.. Now I may sound kinda desperate right? People ask me if I found a man in life then how would their surname gotta be? To me, it doesn't really matter what surname they have. I know that one day, I have a loving spouse and kids to share my life with. No matter what I am going through in life now, all the pain and everything. I know it is worth the fight for it. Somewhere out there. There will be someone right for everyone.


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