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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Goodbye

Here we are again, all alone.
Standing here with you, now I see.
We fought so hard, and there is just one thing to do

This is our good goodbye,
Coming around for sometime,
We gotta let go of the lies
We gotta move on with our lives
This is our good goodbye,
It's never a good goodbye

Here we are again, I just don't wanna face it.
Cause I know your heart, belongs with someone else.
We ran so far, and there is just one thing to do

I know I know we are both are not meant to be together
I know I know I guess I just love you more.

But this is our good goodbye.

After buying Diana DeGarmo new release on iTunes today. Listening to it make me realize sometimes, it is just me holding myself back and not letting myself go. There is something I really do feel tired I was holding on a certain reason which I never understand. I know it felt so right whenever you are around but the fact is the lies I told myself that it will be different.

I guess in many ways I just don't wanna hold on to something that wasn't mine to begin. It was all history repeats. I am so tired that it will always be that way. Letting go of myself that is. I knew somehow I had a little too much on my plate to just keep myself from not going on with what life has to offer.

I somehow should let go and see what I am really worth holding on to. I know I have a great family that supports whatever I do in life. I have friends who will always be there for me. And someone I love to support and be there for. I should have make the best with what is with me. Time to let go. For me to let go of myself for something that never meant to be.


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